29 thoughts on “PART 3: ‘Mental illness is my whole defense’: Smith schemes to build a psychiatric defense

  1. I live in Jacksonville 1mile from where this happen I wish we could have a public hanging for this peace of shit Die Die Die and burn in hell

  2. why was this POS not already locked up? why do we keep letting these vile sociopaths out to harm our children?
    Its time to rid our judicial system of lawyers and judges who refuse to protect our innocent kids.
    And her MOTHER should of been charged with neglect, who would EVER put their kids in a van with a strange man? Good grief

  3. If we didn't know what this thing has done to countless children, this would be funny. It has been behind bars before and knows there is every chance it will be recorded, but there it sits, whispering like a snake. But it's plan failed. I for one would pay money to watch it's execution. Watch it shit itself with fear.

  4. His mother here…knowing & hearing him admit to killing Cherish (even though he completely lied about everything leading up to him having her in the van) ..why is she (again) KNOWING he doesn’t have any of those serious psychotic/psychiatric illnesses, and hearing him say he needs that book so he can look up symptoms to try to get off charges due to “mental illness “..should she not face trouble for going along with this?!??
    I’m hoping she maybe tipped off authorities, or jail intercepted his plan and didn’t allow it in? 😳🤨
    We all know that sooo many people try the “mental illness “ defence in hopes of getting off (sadly, sometimes it has worked 😡) I just hope something happened to bring this shit to light! I haven’t watched verdict or sentencing yet, I just finished the mentally & emotionally exhausting trial and closing arguments by prosecutors, his lawyers had none, so I couldn’t figure out why. I’m almost finished this heart-wrenching, devastating & sick trial 💔😢. Trying to watch in order before sentencing and punishment phases at last. 💔😡😢

  5. Damn. For all the rumors about jail house treatment of pedophiles, another inmate told him about the DSM IV manual.

  6. His mother is a terrible terrible savage who bore a terrible monster not a bit of sorrow empathy for the child he killed. Planning plotting. No tears for the pain caused the child. Of course the mother of the child isacomplete moron too

  7. He's whispering away as if no one can hear — what a dumb a**. For being such an evil pedophile that's lied & connived his whole life it makes you wonder how he got away with it for so long. Notice how dramatic he is too. He is very hyped up & excited, actually shaking he's so worked up — because as he tells his mother what happened he gets to relive this vile and heinous act. What a sicko! And he thinks he can outsmart a board certified MD with a fake mental illness? Besides being a sociopath I believe he's a narcissist — he just has that arrogant attitude as he blames the mother & the victim for what he did. Even if the excuses he gives are true it still doesn't, nor will it ever, justify what he did. What's really sad, besides this horrific crime, is the knowledge that he's offended so many times until he's really caught. Because statistics show these sickos have gotten away with it for many many years until they're finally caught. Countless innocent victims that have to carry the pain for the rest of their lives because of these SOBs. But their arrogance is what finally gets them in the end. Because they've gotten away with it for so long they get sloppy. And that's what finally does him in.

  8. I cannot stand this guy at all. He makes me sick. Good Riddance! I do not understand how this slimy snake can live with what he has done.

  9. I think his mother was following authorities orders….he dint need that book or a t any particular way, he is clearly SICK…you can tell by the way he acted and all the thinking she had while he abducted the little girl. Mother's please be on the look, my daughter was like that growing up I had to be extremely cautious, she was very friendly and was not afraid of any kind of people, she used to run down the street to kiss a bum….I dint want to create prejudice on her so I just had to keep my eyes WIDE PEELED!!!

  10. He even lies to his own Mother. Disgusting! He knows the world doesn't believe anything he says. I think he's trying to tell her that he thinks he has "BPD" – Borderline Dissociative Disorder – aka Borderline Personality Disorder.

  11. I need to read up on mental illness so I can fake the symptoms. He wants to be in a cushy hospital vs. prison. He did that to Cherish and he still wants to "live the good life" and be home in five years? This POS is pure calculated evil. I say let him be out in general population of prison and let the other inmates take care of him. I don't want to pay one penny of his prison bills.

  12. Considering this SOB (literally & figuratively) said that he wanted a mental hospital or death row versus Prison, I wish he got Life without possibility of parole (+100 yrs in case some idiots change the laws that may provide another loophole for this scum to escape justice).
    Considering the complete failure of the DA office that repeatedly failed to follow their own signed document and rules of release & consequences, plus most of the judges, etc….. I think Florida should (in this instance) pay to keep in prison for life without poss parole.
    Why?? Not just so he can be raped and beaten (definitely what should happen) but also that it will introduce him to a fraction of what he did to countless victims. He finally would not have to fake DID. Because When/if he got sent to solitary and a 23 & 1 situation (only 1 hr of each day to shower or go walk around in a small cage) he may very well lose his mind.
    I’ve heard it’s absolutely maddening for the inmates. I can’t think of a better punishment (legal that is) for this incredibly vile POS.
    Death is too good and far too easy for this thing.

  13. Just realized why this was such a massive mistake on his part. He could have done this so that he could not be recorded and no one would have been privy to this bit of ‘true’ insight into this disturbed thing (not a human IMO).
    Not rocket science, but turns out the professionals that called him ‘intelligent’ were overstating things a bit.
    I’m sure many understand how, I just choose not to lay it out for the simple fact dumb criminals are the best asset the law has to catch and convict these bastards.

  14. This is my wish….
    Now that it’s all said and done, I hope he gets a copy of the DSM-IV (or DSM-V) and can finally get the slightest insight to what a sick and hopeless POS degenerate he was from his conception.
    His egg donor shares a great deal of responsibility for being there for him knowing what he’s done. He wouldn’t have asked her if he thought she wouldn’t help him, that much is clear. You can’t manipulate a willing accomplice, an enabler. She deserves some punishment as well. Same goes for the “professional” lawyers and judges that failed in their duty to uphold the law and protect innocent victims from harm.

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