84 thoughts on “Parenting Expert Tells Former Couple They Don’t Understand The Impact They’re Having On Their Kids

  1. She would walk all over a calm man, smh trying to fix this relationship is like polishing a Terd. She couldn't work with any man, she's definitely attractive though.

  2. Its nice that Dr.Phil was able to vocally tell them that the kids are really the victims here. Seeing leads to doing.

  3. The amount of these little episodes I watch while cleaning is insane. I should be on the show for how much I watch dr phil lol I love dr phil and everyone on this show makes me feel better and that my life isn't that bad 😂

  4. This guy is delusional. She needs to take her kids and plan their escape. Get the heck away from that psychopath. He is going to continue to be aggressive and obsessive. I would live in a homeless shelter before living under the same roof as him!!!

  5. This big idiot doesn't see his affair has caused all of these issues. He is trying to be the victim he is a narcissist he is going to kill her in a rage. He thinks he is entitled she is ready to be married to her so she should go along with it. I hope she does not go back with him. Any kind of men would move out and give her the home for the sake of the children he is in there for his game no other reason it's all about him

  6. Letting tempers flip out never solve anything. The authorities getting involved and asking him to leave mean theirs stuff hes not being transparent about. Hes explaining his accountability away.

  7. How is this guy going to face people after they see the real him? Wow! I wouldn't want to even work with this person

  8. They both need to sell up and go separate ways and still do the parent thing for the kids she needs to move out because it seems he want things on his terms

  9. Straight As narcissist I cheated on you for 5 years but you should still love me and still want to be with me how could you not want me.

  10. The children ought to be taken away if these two cannot act like responsible adults. They are ruining their children.

  11. This lady can be a parenting expert, but no matter how educated you are, this lady doesn’t know the difference of being in that position and studying it. She should know better that it’s easier said then done.

  12. Other points of view .: 1) I was fortunate as were the offspring of my. friends mostly born. around WW2. GB .7Our parents were neiher divorced or determined to a game of " one upmanshio' If one said no THAT was That was the answer .Periiod. 2) if during a time of a depleted country where very view were unscathed this " vuctimhiid rubbish ' was never heard …come on now . 3) as we grow understanding we are taught ( well we WERE) to accept both responsibilty & blame .4) these can be manipulatively utilized something we subconsciously absorb AND so iften use in order to be seen as more mature . 5) recently have been closely involved with a 8 year old who was placed within adult difficulties & watching from the perspective if some one who has studied these situations notice that rather than. those terrible scars most children use these events in two ways & the mpar important is they learn empathy , understanding & the out her is that BY assuming , often falsely , responsibility for " the mess " they are deliberately. making the older ones " Grow Up " Can remember many if the childhood discussions we had frim 8 to about 14 in which we sorted out & learnt from the trouble a affecting others & learnt how to avoid & help NOT by thea appaling reactions that are the resuits of a lack of discipline, teaching responsibility & over indulgence . Everyone. feels guilt whatever thwit age faced with an insoluble situation especialy one NOT if their making . Peole Suchnas theseb' experts " are unfortunately ' aDOPTS ' but lack maturity by not understanding. their childhood selves ……a-jh

  13. Until you are divorced and fully moved on and at peace, there should NOT be any dating. Neither parent should be dating. Put away your selfish impulses and take care of your children. Guide them through the divorce in a positive way, don’t look for a step parent already!!

  14. Until you are divorced and fully moved on and at peace, there should NOT be any dating. Neither parent should be dating. Put away your selfish impulses and take care of your children. Guide them through the divorce in a positive way, don’t look for a step parent already!!

  15. Her divorce lawyer didn't do his or her job. How come she dosen't get child support and alimony. She could have a good house if she had that

  16. And that's the worst. You have a narcissist partner and you don't leave as soon as you know……you end up behaving like a narcissist too.

  17. This guy is nuts! He can't even speak, he needs to go. She is doing this because she loves the drama. Without it she'd be bored and unhappy, so they destroy their children for sport! Sick and sad.

  18. Excuses. Man up. He will never be a complete person until he can see how he needs take responsibility for his actions and the way he turned out. If he wasn't blaming the wife or the drugs or the kids, he would be blaming his mother.

  19. He cannot and WILL NOT take responsibility for his own actions and behavior. The situation and his obsession is quite scary. You gotta feel bad and worried about these kids.

  20. He will never leave her alone. I think that in this case she may need to get a restraining order if she does move out. He’s a narcissist- clearly cannot and will not ever see how destructive and toxic he is.

  21. She seems very level headed, while he seems egotistical, narcissistic, arrogant, manipulative, abusive, toxic, I could go on all day. So. I believe her all day and he needs to seek help.

  22. If you had taught your kid better behavior, modeled better behavior, then this wouldn’t be happening. The fact that he can’t see this, is…appalling.

  23. He would look up and I would be gone. Moved out and be living my best life. Bye I dont want you or the marriage bye

  24. Dr Phil…narcissistic people don’t have empathy for anyone. Even their own children. They also never change. This lady needs to get away from him.

  25. He's just trying to show up because hes on tv, I bet they story and situation is diffrent back in the house, He's gonna kill her out of rage or lust

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