Paranoid Schizophrenia. 1950s Psychiatric Interviews

…and then afterwards, you went to the University, or was that before? no, that was before you took an art course… mm hmm [I made] a real mess of of my life at that time later you got a job in an office, or in a store Oh, that was only at Christmas season oh it’s only temporary work then? yes, that was just for temporary finance what did you like better the office work, or working as a sales lady? I didn’t like the office work at all, I liked the nursing …of course I’ve given quite a lot of thought and attention to it since then and I have found something even more satisfying than that what is it? Book of Revelations, I’ll tell you that you mean the Bible? yes. I believe in the return of Christ and salvation from mortality I don’t believe in mortality immortality you mean that we are not mortal? yes but people die usually… we die because because we do not keep the law the other day you told me about the government being concerned in some way, what’s all this? yes, because the government doesn’t keep the law the government is not in harmony with truth do you mean to say that the governments prevent people from fulfilling the law? yes they do …they’re known as martyrs the people? those people, yes, who are attacked by the government when they wish to be truthful about the law, and the fulfillment of it well, how would the government go about it? I consider Hitler was one martyr you mean he was crucified by… Wall Street by Wall Street? the war in other words was… Mammon why would people try to persecute Hitler? well, because he tried to tell them the objective of the law and he tried to harmonize…tried to establish the harmony and the kingdom of truth were you the only one who realized it? oh, heavens no the way you do? don’t they? many people don’t, but I don’t think I’m… I can’t think of the word now…I don’t think I’m a unique personality that thinks… the only one who thinks that Hitler was …right I think a great many people thought that, only they were afraid to say so and then of course some people are very weak, and they’ll open their ears to anyone who babbles to them and they perhaps do believe some of the trash they read in the newspapers very few…I don’t know of anyone else who thinks that man could be immortal Oh… you’re the only one well, yes, I see why it sounds strange because I admit even to myself, I had to study and think a great deal and all my life I was puzzled by certain things, and now I see why and she said you have used me as a fish long enough she has used you as a fish? you know she spoke like that! not to me, but she was talking to her partner who was recording everything, from every room even the cafeteria how can they do that? I don’t know, I don’t know if they have an electric wire outside… I don’t know how it is done they record everything you say? not that I say, not only what I say – of what she says herself and why is that being done? why do they do it? it seems to me that it has been done since before 1916 because it was carrying on in my home too the way everything carries on every day since I came to the hospital I realize it was done in every convent I went to I was 6, 7 years in the convent and people were recording there? and the people were making cases against the people of the convent then, especially on my case Helen who were the people? we don’t see them! but I heard a few days ago that they could take pictures of the king and queen right from the ocean with the television machines what kind of machine is it that they use, umm, a radioactive? a radioactive? yes well they have television machines, but you can’t take pictures unless you have the person right there well the way she looked outside, it seemed to me that they are able to see us inside the ones that are making her, forcing her to follow those orders oh, she is being forced by these people? yes, it’s not her fault you know? you showed me some sign that she’s using sometimes yes, and its the same signs Mrs. St. James too was using, and my sister in law too what are they like? either like this, and like this or, no matter – any place on the body wherever they they get at you, you see it could be there even, and they scratch their hair, their head like this, I’ve seen doctors also scratching… but it’s only the jet-black haired people that know what they, you see? they’re the only ones who know what reason they’re doing it for fair haired people don’t know it? well I don’t think they do because…they might know what it means but I’m sure they don’t know for what reason and… why is there this difference? also, they show their teeth Helen… and they stick their tongue out to, they go like this what is the difference between the fair haired and the black haired people? Why should there be that difference? well, I remember last year Mrs. St. James giving me the reason that I mentioned what is it? I hear there, that um… you know, um… the French jet-black haired people are a lot more smart to do anything…than any fair haired people, or any other nationalities she said “when you ask somebody to do something”, she said, “you never ask fair haired people to do something”, she said, “you always ask the jet-black haired people to do it” and so… I just laughed it off, I didn’t mind I’m so used to making a crack, that I don’t care then, later on when I found what she… I connected everything together, and I put everything that I had heard from her, I never said a word I put everything together that she had said, now, and then, and every time and I find everything fit together and then when I heard that I was going to get knocked in the head, I said to myself, well no wonder that’s the group of people who don’t want there to be any clever people in the world that are after them, they are after the people who are in their way, I would say

100 thoughts on “Paranoid Schizophrenia. 1950s Psychiatric Interviews

  1. These are not sick minded people.. everything they are saying is true. The Queen uses all kinds of gestures and everyone means something different.
    It's the close minded that back then didn't want to know the truth as truth. They just kept titleing people with illnesses. In reality those were smart people

  2. These people are far from schizophrenic, they are
    simply being truthful. Probably describing MK Ultra
    that the government was behind.

  3. La plupart des commentaires font froid dans le dos…chacun y va de son avis, sans aucune réelle compétence et porte un diagnostic après 5 mns d entretien. Le monde d aujourd hui, moi moi moi je sais.

  4. I don’t see how these people are Schizophrenia, they sound normal to me. The government listens and see our everyday moves.

  5. What the first lady said about the government is what's happening today. Doesn't sound crazy to me, just sounds like she's educated on what the government is really doing.

  6. Wow- it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around such suppression. If you’re not within the main stream thought… you’re paranoid schizophrenic? 😳 These poor women. I wish I could hug my great grandmother

  7. "Hitler was a martyr" "I'm immortal" WHAT. And you guys in the comments are saying she's smart, spitting truth. Wtf.

  8. wow the second woman knew how Google is spying on everyone, this is only coming out now. Your smart devices are always listening and your camera is always looking!!

  9. What the hell?
    These two women sound absolutely normal to me.
    The man, on the other hand, speaks and looks a little creepy.

  10. When I was about five years old (1979) I used to tell my brothers not to get undressed in front of the TV as people in America could see you naked lol. I have no idea where that thought came from.

  11. There is a very dangerous moment in this “interview” where the “interviewer” nearly treats the patient’s belief in eternal life as a symptom of her schizophrenia

  12. I do not find anything wrong or disturbing about these woman whatsoever.
    In fact they are quite intelligent & understood this truth long ago & by no means were alone. Unfortunately they were the martyrs…

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  14. I've got a few questions of my own for that doctor, I'll start by asking him why his eyes have those prominent dark rings around them…

  15. The Government and religion are playing together?! Oh, my God… I'm in Brazil and what she said makes sense to me. Maybe i'm a paranoid schizoid.

  16. The interviewer is not involved in the patient's world, he's outside of what's she talking. He tries to understand her situation as just asking. There are 2 sharp realities there; 1st, that of man and 2nd of woman. He should get in the woman's head as saying something not opposite of what's said by her in order for woman to feel closer to him.. the only way for him to understand better is this.. not as asking endless questions.

  17. Exactly what psychiatry was invented for. If you tell the truth and speak out against the government, you end up in a mental institute being pumped full of drugs until you are compliant. Apart from the first few lines talking about god, she seems far more awake than most people today, and we have access to the internet so this woman is very intelligent!!

  18. How can one be “normal” in an evil world. It is the abnormal ones who are really the sane ones because they try to make sense of this world.

  19. She looks so sad as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and has turned to the past. I don't think she likes Men very much, perhaps she had some awful experience with her Dad, must have been hard to be a woman alone in the fifties.

  20. I've been agitated and furious my entire life, I've almost experienced all sorts of ordeals and the aftermaths of my wrong decisions in life tarnished every little good thing that's left in me, and if I were the person who's being put in that 1950's Ptsychiatric Interview, I could have decapitated the interviewer🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    man, for me these women are gorgeous inside-out, despite of dealing with deteriorating disorders and hardship in life.

  21. No doctor she's not the only one that believes about Hitler and man can be imortal. What the hell is wrong with you? The government is weak and some men. Gee.

  22. While Autism was around during this time at the point it was considered a part of schizophrenia until the 70's where the connection between the two was debunked.

  23. I’d like to sample some audio from this video for a music project my friend and I are working on. Is there a way I can get in touch with the source for permission?

  24. She's delusional. Just because she's right about certain things that make her look ahead of her time doesn't mean she's more sane than the average person. This is a mental disorder, people. Stop the romanticize of it.

  25. I love the first lady's outfit – elegant and feminine but not too dressy. Such a pretty smile and laugh too – 2:57

    A shame about her weird political beliefs, but that was her mental illness.

  26. Shrinks are the first line of defence for weeding out those that are most intelligent and biggest threat to the social order of which we live that's why you get diagnosed with a mental disorders locked up treated crazy there's nothing wrong with these people they just lack the structure to progress past this point

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