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WINFREY: It’s a difficult show for me to do, but I’m doing it because I think it is very important that the message get very clear to everyone. This is a story like no other that you will ever hear. Many of the things that you will hear today are disgusting and they are graphic. I would appreciate it if you would not write me letters telling me that they should not be said because it is all too true. This small baby girl was born whole, but was not allowed to remain safe for very long because at the age of 2, Truddi Chase was brutally raped by her stepfather and was continually abused until she ran away at the age of 16, but her nightmare did not end there because as a result of some of the most horrific abuse – and we will not discuss all of it today – but the most horrific things you could ever in your consciousness imagine. Truddi Chase dealt with her pain by splitting into several different personalities. Eventually, all of those personalities – which has been documented – totalled 92 distinct people living within one mind. She calls them her troops. Truddi Chase underwent years of therapy and most of that therapy [Oprah starts crying] was videotaped because Truddi says that she wanted others to- someday- be able to understand that they are not alone in their views, and that is why we’re doing this show. The tape you are about to see has never been aired on television, and I want you to listen to Truddi and the others inside tell what they were told to never tell by the stepfather. TRUDDI CHASE: She’s not all that bad, but I get confused because, on the one hand, something inside me says, “You’re awful. You are a monster.” On the hand, I say, “But God, what did I do that was so bad except for the one thing that I know I did.” THERAPIST: How? Ms. CHASE: I’ll never get over that. I’ll never get over that. See, when I did it, I didn’t have any feelings about that at all. None whatsoever. None. I knew it was wrong and I went ahead and I did it anyway. WINFREY: Welcome Truddi Chase and the troops to the show. [APPLAUSE] Well, let’s start at the beginning, although I know the story and a lot of you, because of the movie last night and what will air tonight, are somewhat familiar with the story and perhaps a lot of you have read the book When Rabbit Howls. It all started when you were 2. Ms. CHASE: Two. It was so hard to dredge up those memories, you know. I guess when we started out with Dr. Phillips, each one of us would have little flicks, the troop members, and we had to share them with each other, and some of us had to dig pretty deep just to get even the tiniest flicks. The mind is so kind. WINFREY: It’s hard to believe that- and I know in the book, one of the questions asked is can child abuse do this much damage? Ms. CHASE: And more. WINFREY: And more. Ms. CHASE: Because our story, unfortunately, in a matter of speaking, is small in comparison to some of the ones that we’re hearing about from other people. Blows you away, doesn’t it? WINFREY: It is- there are no words to describe it, so we will try. We’ll try to use some words to describe it to help people to understand. When you were 2 years old, your mother divorced your real father. Ms. CHASE: She didn’t really divorce him. She just moved out to a farm that the man we called a stepfather, and from that day forward we lived with him. WINFREY: The first contact with the stepfather was? Ms. CHASE: Well, it was in the apartment of the father and the mother. I guess he was a friend of the father’s. He walked in one day and sat down at the kitchen table and put us on his lap, and it began. I can remember the taste of caramel candy in my mouth and him. That was fondling. WINFREY: So, he fondled you the very first- your first memory of him is that he was fondling you. Ms. CHASE: The first memory that sits in this mind. WINFREY: And so he had his shirt open and the hairs- Ms. CHASE: And the hand, he just kept- WINFREY: So, you were a little child sitting on his lap and you were playing with the hairs on his chest? Ms. CHASE: Yeah, and he just kept leaning back and the hand went down further and further. We couldn’t say that word for penis, I guess, until about two years into therapy. Couldn’t say the word. Couldn’t figure out why. You operate in the world and you don’t know that you don’t have any memory. I didn’t have any memory. I couldn’t remember the clothes I wore, couldn’t remember the teachers, couldn’t remember school, didn’t have a picture of the stepfather’s face. Dr. Phillips was back there in the green room showing pictures to one of your people, and I couldn’t look and I’m not going to look. WINFREY: Because you don’t want to see his face? Ms. CHASE: No. No. Not ever again. WINFREY: Because the man who did all the things that you will hear about and that many of you, hopefully, saw last night in the movie, that man is still alive and doing well in upstate New York some place. Ms. CHASE: Yeah. WINFREY: So, your very first recollection – and I’m saying it just to get to the story – of sexual intercourse was when? Ms. CHASE: Two in a field of tall grass, tall grass. It’s springtime, the ground is still wet, and the grass is over your head. I don’t have all of it; the others have parts of it. WINFREY: The other personalities? Ms. CHASE: Yeah, which is why multiplicity comes into place in the first place. WINFREY: Do you remember that though? Do you remember the day it happened the first time? Ms. CHASE: No. We had to- that’s what all the therapy was for. The memory was sitting right on the surface, but nobody could really beam in on it. It came, and we dealt with it, but you hear that rapid howling. It’s the sound all victims make in therapy, I guess. WINFREY: Your mother had to know this was going on. Ms. CHASE: That was the hardest part to deal with, yes. WINFREY: A 2-year-old child can’t be raped and a mother not know it. Ms. CHASE: No. There’s some kind of evidence. But she repressed so much as we found out later, tons of things, and maybe, in order to stay sane herself, she had to do that. Now, I don’t know if we’re giving her excuses or- WINFREY: Her mother’s now dead. Right? Ms. CHASE: Yeah. We heard about that right after the hard cover book tour. Dr. Phillips came in and told us that he had visited on the phone and in person with some members of the family. WINFREY: What would happen, Truddi, when you were alone in the house? Ms. CHASE: That was the hardest to deal with because various ones of us had no memory of ever being alone with him, ever, ever, ever. When it started to come out, I thought I would go mad. Multiplicity keeps you sane under the worst conditions, but I actually thought I was going crazy. WINFREY: That’s so interesting, and I say this with all respect because you think this is sane? Ms. CHASE: Yeah. This is sane. This is sanity. I am sane. We are sane. But if it has- WINFREY: See, I think the idea of having 92 different people living inside of you would make me a little crazy. Ms. CHASE: Believe it or not, it’s easy. It’s easier to deal with than the abuse was. WINFREY: Really? And so, we have heard – those of us who do talk shows and read about these kinds of things – that you can integrate all of the personalities. So, you have never wanted to be integrated? Ms. CHASE: We vehemently reject the idea, the option, and we know that we have it. WINFREY: Why? CHASE: Because each one of us went through some pretty deep garbage, and this is our opportunity, has been our opportunity for a while, to explore each other. There are a lot of things we could do out there in this world. WINFREY: Do you feel like you lost whoever you would have been that day you were raped at 2 years old? Ms. CHASE: Well, she is no more. No more. The day we found that out, then I really thought we would go mad. Something has to give. You can’t dump that much on a human being and not lose something. WINFREY: You recall an incident in When Rabbit Howls. You say, “One night, you overheard your mother and father talking which confirmed the fact that your mother knew what he was doing to you. WINFREY: And so, being robbed of your sense of security and protection from your stepfather, what did it make you all feel like to know that there was no safety with your mother either? Ms. CHASE: Lower than low. You know the expression, “A face only a mother could love?” Well, here was a kid only a mother could love, and she didn’t. She didn’t. She never hugged you. I think we were 13 before she really hugged us for the first time, and that was in front of a neighbor. See, weren’t supposed to talk about anything that went on inside the family.. I think she was trying to give that neighbor woman the impression that the house was normal. Well, if that’s normal, I don’t want any part of it. It was hard having a child of our own to look at her in a normal way. That was the thing we struggled so hard with. WINFREY: We’re talking about the absolute – I know no other word for it although I’ve used it already in the show – horror of child abuse. There’s not a child in this country who experiences it who does not somehow come out of it changed forever. It robs you of all your innocence. Some of us are luckier than others. For Truddi Chase, it caused her to split into what has been documented as multiple personalities. I was talking before about when I see my godchildren and children who are growing up in a “normal home,” the joy that I see in their faces I know comes from that feeling of safety. Ms. CHASE: Yes. WINFREY: “I’m going to be protected, no matter – and trust – no matter what,” but for you, even as a child, going to the bathroom wasn’t safe. There was nowhere to hide, was there? Ms. CHASE: No. That’s the most horrifying part of all, and I think you search your whole life afterward just for a safe place, somewhere where you can think your own thoughts. WINFREY: When did you realize you were not living alone with who you thought you were? Ms. CHASE: Heard a voice one day, a tiny little voice, a child’s voice – excuse me – calling out the name Annie hum, just calling the name. I said to myself, “My God, I know that I talk to myself, but I’m hearing this voice. What is this?” And then that stopped, thank God. But shortly after that, like you woke up one morning and in the bedroom, it was all gritty and gray and you looked around and they were all there, except the mind is so kind to you it gave you the impression of there being only seven. As we went on in therapy and you realized that the number was grow, grow, grow, growing. You said, “Boy, I must really be crazy. I’ve got to be a loony tune.” But there was Dr. Phillips, and thank God he said, “This is normal for you. You are normal within your frame of reference.” It was like a blessing. I don’t mean to shout. I’m sorry. I don’t. It was a blessing. “You are normal within your frame of reference.” Okay. I’m fine. WINFREY: The therapist who spent six years discovering the 92 lives that existed inside Truddi Chase is Dr. Robert Phillips, Jr. He has counseled survivors of sexual abuse as well as abusers over the past 20 years. We’re glad to have you join us. Haven’t seen you for- ROBERT PHILLIPS, Jr., Ph.D.: For a long time. WINFREY: Yeah. A long time; ’82. One of the questions that comes up in this book, When Rabbit Howls, Truddi’s book, can child abuse really do this much damage? Dr. PHILLIPS: It can do this much damage and more. I’ve worked with hundreds of adult men and women, and the tragedy in lives, the various kinds of emotional problems, the aftermath is just hor- rendous in so many people, but the thing is that people can be healed from this. WINFREY: Who splits and who doesn’t? I mean, why do some people split and other people grow up to be mass murderers? Dr. PHILLIPS: We’re not sure. We’re not sure. It seems to be something about the brain, something about the human mind which allows this very creative process to come in and to help defend a person. It usually is someone who is abused very very young, so before personality is formed. It goes on for a pretty long time. WINFREY: So you don’t set them up in your own personality? Dr. PHILLIPS: No. WINFREY: So, the chances of splitting are much greater, the younger you are and the more severe the abuse is? Dr. PHILLIPS: Yes. WINFREY: Because, say, if you were 9 or 10 years old, as I was, your personality’s already really set. Dr. PHILLIPS: It’s pretty set, and when you’re so young, everything is overwhelming. The whole world is overwhelming, and something like this just overloads. So, the person cannot stay there and take it. WINFREY: Well, Truddi’s been saying that the mind saves you from yourself. It really is – and a lot of people may not see this this way – but it’s almost like grace. It’s like the grace of God coming in to try to save you from yourself. Dr. PHILLIPS: It is. In fact, I really don’t like calling it a dysfunction because it’s a most functional way to help a child survive. WINFREY: You’re all nodding up there. Dr. PHILLIPS: A child does not die, but is able to survive and goes on, and many many people, who are multiple, function quite well. I’ve worked with a man who’s a lawyer. I’ve worked with people who are professionals, counselors, medical doctors. They are able to go on and live life.

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  1. Whose to say if it's REAL or Not!?? It happens to millions of people! Can anyone PROVE its phoney? More importantly, were you THERE?

  2. Thank you for doing this interview.
    We are also a polifragmented D.I.D. system, and just wanted to say that this interview is extremely important. Our community has been under attack by two bullies lately. One of with is Trisha Paytas. So I just wanted to let you know how much it means to have you come out with this interview right now. Thank you! Thank you sooo much!
    ~Tooth (Jasmine, Boss and Claw coconscious)

  3. Typically when people are abused they split. This isn't an uncommon thing.

    And why the heck does Oprah keep cutting her off? Ugh. ?

  4. She is so strong and self-aware. I am bewildered by her. I’m not sure where she is now, but I pray that God blessed her with peace and joy after all she had been through. She deserves a good life.

  5. I personally dont believe that disorder is valid but it seems like she developed a defense mechanism to return to that horrific time in her life…She sounds like a little girl when she answering questions because thats where it stored in the brain. She experienced a tradegy as a child .. All adults exhibit behaviors from how they were treated as a child.
    That's just my opinion..

  6. Until you yourself can stand in this woman's shoes…or have experienced sexual abuse..you can not judge or condemn….people are so cruel

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    I was numb watching this show, deeply sad. My mother came from the kitchen, asked me to turn up the volume. I tried not to cry. I saw deep suffering from trudi and deep compassion from oprah. profound.

    I found out the dark shadow of sexual abuse particularly incest hit our family years which I found out 5 years later. My mom and sister were both affected.

    Trudi is one of the reasons why if I ever ever met oprah I'd cry.

    I missed meeting her by 10 minutes when she was here in calgary.

    You're a diamond oprah.

  10. Yeah, 100000000% demonic possession. Only those FOOLED by the new-ish cult of atheism's belief system refuse to believe in what they don't see in material form with their pathetically weak natural senses.. These are the types that 500 years ago would refuse to believe in microscopic creatures, because their pathetic natural vision proves that they don't exist.

  11. Let the light shine!!
    Bless you dear lady, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Its heartbreaking. And you are admired for your courage.
    May you find peace and comfort knowing you're surrounded by people that DO Truly care.

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    Oprah cries, but goes on, even when she still has tears in her huge brown eyes.

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  16. This woman's story — and book — have haunted me for decades. I'll never forget it. It also gave me the best insight and understanding of how MPD/DID works. Unimaginable that the stepfather was able to go on about his life, leaving all those kids in pieces.



  19. I’m a 17 year old, a trauma victim living with 3 personalities that have been identified. This woman is so strong and gives me hope for my own future. Mental help wasn’t as advanced in her time as it is now. I want to hug her so badly and to tell her and her troops that she is one of the strongest people I’ve ever seen. Having this disorder isn’t easy— it’s hard to make friends when someone doesn’t know who is really talking. My thoughts and prayers are with this wonderful woman and all of her troops.

  20. I feel like with the developments of today, they wouldn't be personalities, they would probably be 92 LEGIONS of demons, which yes they do integrate into ones personality. The amount she had were probably so many that they felt like they were personalities. Yes there were definite splits, no doubts there, but the demons would attach themselves to the splits.

  21. And yet we have all these people pretending to have this disorder for youtube money because they were unpopular in high school.

  22. I wonder if it's something about the mind or the soul. I never internalized anything. Since a very early age, I put everything back on my parents. I used to think that maybe they were aliens. How can they not love their child? How can they cause so much damage on another human being? I am glad I saw it that way in my mind. I was never suicidal. But I did plan every night on how to escape. But never followed through. 50 years later, I can say I've healed and those are just memories. I don't know why some of us have to go through tough situations. Some worst than others. My heart goes out to those that are still coping or can't see a brighter future ahead of them. I hope they get the help they need.

  23. Demons are real ? and possession wasn’t made up for movies, it’s origins are much more real then they are made to seem. Prayers to get that she regains control of her body.

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  26. RIP Trudy (she passed in 2010 – accorinding to wiki) – sorry you had to endure such torture and hardship. Hope you were able to find a degree of happiness somewhere/somehow. God Bless.

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  32. My abusers murdered me. I couldn't understand y God wouldn't stop it. I know now that people are given free choice. My attackers used their free choice to harm me and many others. Personalities help shield the spirit. The 3 who hurt me the worst and split/all but murdered my mind suffered, horrendously before leaving this world. All 3 endured the worst kind of pain. I was sad that I wished death on one. He died w/ in a month. I wished dire recurring atrocious acts against his person. Later I asked him to forgive me. He said everything I wished on him occurred. The last one killed altogether who I would have been. My opinion of men as a whole turned to raw hatred. I said I only needed them to have babies. I wasn't gay so I needed them for that. Until I sought help and even still I split. BTW I had 19 attackers altogether.

  33. And since then many psychologist have disagreed that multiple personalities exist. The book that started the original claim "Sybil" has been proven to be a complete fraud, written to gain fame and riches. So many people with other psychological/personalities disorders or attention seeking have claimed to have all these personalities that do not exist.

  34. An incredible woman. Heartbreaking story. May she rest in peace. I suggest anyone wanting to learn more about this disorder watch the "Jeni Haynes 60 Minutes Australia" interview here on youtube. She also suffers from this and was violently tortured by her father. She tells a remarkable story and was able to bring to her father to justice with the help of her "alters". Astonishing woman.

  35. Hmm, so lets say you have a few mental disorders. You get caught on a bad day and take some schmucks advice to go see a psychologist. Several sessions latter guess what…now your a basket case. Happens more than people think. Just like you can get over the flu because your bodies immune system fights it, same with your mind. Just give it time. Believe me and save your insurance some money , these psyco-quacks can make things much worse.

  36. I am not one to cry a lot normally and this had me balling?. To see the depth of this woman’s brokenness was not only palpable but heartbreaking ?I weep because there are still people being affected by this today.

    We must put an end to child abuse of all kinds, as it’s impact leaves a shattering and indelible impression on ones heart mind and soul.

    We can recover, we can not only survive but thrive even in spite of it. Abuse victims don’t give up, you matter

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  39. Ok I understand the lady. My first time seeing this clip but I must say Oprah was doing a bid much with her crying. I'm sorry!

  40. Dear Truddi (I just read that you passed in 2010 so this is my message to you if you were still here and those suffering the same) I am SO SO SO sorry that this happened to you. It is NOT your fault! You were an innocent child at the mercy of this monster!!!! My heart cries for you. I pray one day the universe deals with him as people can't get away with such vulgar crimes. I pray one day you have belief in yourself and know that you are a beautiful soul and that somewhere inside of you you can find the strength to no longer be a prisoner of the vulgar crimes perpetrated against you. You are NOT this monster. Love, healing and strength to you. Believe in the beautiful person that you are. YOU are NOT what this monster did. That is NOT you. That is NOT your essence. I pray with time and help you can flourish to be the beautiful person you were meant to be had you not been the unfortunate victim of this sick perpetrator. I pray that you learn to love your beautiful self. Love and Blessings xxxooo

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