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Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional
online therapist, providing Mindfulness Therapy, primarily, for the treatment of anxiety, depression,
addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, and other emotional issues that you
may be struggling with. So, there are many online therapy sites available
now, some specializing in online therapy for addictions, others specializing in online
counseling for anxiety, and others for the online treatment of depression. Many of these online therapy sites primarily
provide information and resources, and some are basically directories of therapists who
are available to work online with you. So, with my online therapy website,,
I specialize in providing individual instruction in Mindfulness Therapy for the treatment of
anxiety, depression and addictions. This style of therapy is proving to be very
effective indeed especially for anxiety disorders. Unlike talk therapy and unlike medications,
Mindfulness Therapy really focuses on helping you transform the actual process itself that
creates your emotional suffering. Talk therapy traditionally only really treats
symptoms, and the same is true for medications, whether they are antidepressants or anti-anxiety
medications, they may provide a temporary relief from symptoms, but they do very little
to change the underlying process that causes the anxiety or depression. Mindfulness Therapy does address that underlying
cause. It helps you actually transform the habitual
reactive thinking that tends to fuel anxiety and depression. But is also teaches you how to change the
internal structure of your emotions. Whether that’s anxiety or depression or addiction,
all emotions have an internal structure and that structure primarily revolves around internal
imagery. You may not be aware of this imagery, but
when you bring mindfulness to it and begin to investigate the structure of your emotions
you will uncover this emotional imagery. It’s a very important factor in determining
the strength of your emotions. Once you begin to uncover the emotional imagery,
then you can begin to change that imagery consciously. You can restructure that internal imagery,
and when you change the imagery you will, indeed, change the emotion itself. You will decrease it’s intensity. So. working with imagery is a very important factor
in Mindfulness Therapy. If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness
Therapy and my online therapy website, do please visit my website and read the articles
that are posted there, watch more of the videos on the site and then CONTACT ME to ask any
questions you have about how to work with anxiety or depression, both through online
therapy and through employing the methods of Mindfulness Therapy that I teach. Most people can expect to see quite significant
improvements in their anxiety or depression after only 3 or 4 sessions of this online
mindfulness therapy. The reason why it’s so effective, of course,
is because we are addressing the underlying cause of your anxiety or depression or addiction. So, please visit my site and the email me
and let’s schedule a trial Skype therapy session. All the details are on my website and all
you need to do is contact me when you feel ready to schedule an online therapy session. Thank you!

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