Online Counseling Therapy Service for Anxiety, Depression & Addictions

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am
a professional psychotherapist. I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which I offer online
via Skype. This approach is very effective for the treatment of anxiety and the treatment
of depression and also provides an interesting alternative for addiction counseling. During these online therapy sessions, I will
work with you as an online therapist, teaching you better strategies for managing difficult
emotions. The primary cause of anxiety or depression
or addictions involves reactive thinking, patterns of habitual reactive thinking that
get activated either through thoughts or external stimuli and these reactive patterns of thinking
tend to proliferate and feed the underlying emotion. This is what we work on changing
during the online therapy sessions using Mindfulness Therapy as our tool. You will learn very quickly
how to better control your thinking and how to stop the process that feeds the underlying
emotions. Most people see quite dramatic changes within,
typically, 3 to 6 sessions. Each session, by-the-way is usually 60 to 90 minutes long,
and we can find a time that fits your schedule, if I have spaces available, and all you need
is a quiet place for your session, and Skype, and PayPal to make online payments after each
session. So, if you are interested in learning more
about the advantages of online therapy, please contact me. Visit my website,,
and email me to learn more about this online counseling therapy service. Thank you.

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