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Hello Every One. Today, we are going to learn
What is OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It’s normal to double-check something once in a while. For Eg. we always do check gas regulator, door knob,
electricity switch when we moving out. But OCD Patient do repeat such activities
multiple time rather than once/twice. Like in this example Patient have
thoughts his/her hands are contaminated. So Patient will do act on that particular thought.
and start washing hands. Again patient will have same thoughts that hands are still contaminated need to wash again. again patient do the same activity (washing hands). and repeating same process for multiple times. as like in another example. While moving out from house patient will make sure that door locked properly. But the thought will reoccur in brain that door is
not locked properly patient will do check again (door locked or not) and the same unwanted thoughts comes is brain And same process repeats multiple times. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Patient will have unwanted thoughts (Obsessive thought) patient will have anxiety due to such unwanted thoughts and to get rid of anxiety patient do act on it.(Compulsion) like,in first example( hand washing) person receive thought that “my hands are contaminated”and need to wash again. here patient receive (unwanted) thought & become anxious i.e obsesssion. and to get rid of obsession patient rinse hands multiple times,this activity is called compulsion. OCD affects 3% of population & equally affect both men & women exact etiology of OCD is unknown risk factor – heredity, environmental factors, alteration in serotonin(neurotransmitter) person”s daily life is affected by OCD too, due to spend most of the time to resolve obsession. OCD is curable. Need to proper medication. Like SSRI CBT Therapy
(trying to pull patient’s attention in another direction) . Thank You

20 thoughts on “OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Mental Illness & Issues – Hindi – Neeshu

  1. Sister is bar mental I'll Disablity me konse deseases include hi is video to apko both regard deta sister pls early se karo video

  2. ye to general symptoms hain… kai tarah k ocd hote hain.

    1. class me bethe huye bar bar baju wale ko dekhna bahut bar..baju wala bhi paresan ho jata hai.

    2. kisi ke samne khade huye bat krne par bar bar uske kisi body part me najar jana..samne wala apko bura insan smjhne lagta hai..

    ese ocd patient ko samaj se alag kr dete hain.

  3. I have been suffering from ocd from 15 years,tried all kind of medicines but no help,unable to tolerate medicines,please help me,

  4. mam mujhe hand wash jsa ya or jo bhi ocd ke examples diye apne vsa ni hota but mre mind me Kuch na Kuch ghumra hota h apne present ko lekr ya Apne future ko lekr Mra mind kbhi free ni rhta or m apne mind ko kbhi satisfy ni krpata mns mre mind me qstn h ki mne future me kya krna h m Uska answr Dhund Leta hu but Fhir bhi vo qstn repeat hota h or mind me continuously chlta rhta h jiske Karan m Apni present life ko ache se ni ji para or continuously Tnsn me rhta hu or depression me bhi ajata hu pllsssssssssss help me 😣😣

  5. सर मुझे ये प्रोब्लम है। मुझे हर समय कोई न कोई वहम रहता है।। हर समय दिमाग मे नेगेटिव विचार आते रहते हैं जैसे शुभ अशुभ वयक्ति, या चीज़ें तारीख या समय या दिन का वहम। जब भी में कोई काम करना शुरू करने लगता हूँ तो ये विचार मेरे आंखों के सामने आने लगते हैं।तब ये ओर भी तेज हो जाते हैं।और में वो काम कर ही नही पाता।

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