16 thoughts on “Nick Swardson didn’t want Saturday Night Live!

  1. Heck yeah, goodtimes, thanks Kevin! I dig everything about Swardson, same age and genre say too, but there was always just one little thing that bothered me about him, he always said 'like' a lot. Glad to hear him hardly saying it here, he just sounds smarter like he is.

  2. I loved “Reno 911”, but do not remember this guy…I do find the diarrhea talk tiresome; a sure sign of arrested development. Least favorite walk so far.

  3. Mr Nealon, are those the Hoka Challenger ATR 5’s?… love those kicks! Great trail running/hiking shoes. Keep up the great work!

  4. "Master Cleanse" has a creepy connotation to it, like your body is 1930's Germany and you blame your inferior fat cells for the bad economy.

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