New Year New Brain, with Christine Bailey

With the New Year upon us, this is a really good time to make New Year’s resolutions. And for many people, if you really want to get the most out of your year, then pay attention as well in keeping your brain sharp and healthy. Now, here’s some good tips to get the most out of your year with a healthy brain. First thing is, don’t be afraid of eating more fat in the diet, as long as it’s healthy fat, like Omega-3 fats found in oily fish, in flaxseed and chia seed. And also, the monounsaturated fats in olive oil. The reason is that your brain is actually 60% fat, so for it to function well, we need to get the right sort of fats. Another great tip is to eat more eggs. Eggs are rich in choline, and choline is a precursor for us, in order to make a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine, and that’s really good for improving our memory. So, get more eggs in your diet. Another great tip, is to include more lean meats. That doesn’t necessarily mean red meat, but lean meats, poultry and red meats, but also if you’re vegetarian: Lentils, beans and pulses are all rich in iron. And your brain, to keep alert and focused, needs plenty of iron. So, if you’re feeling a little bit fatigued, then it might be worth getting your iron levels checked, and maybe considering supplementing if you are low. For a lot of people, it’s not just about food though. Think about how much stress your brain and your body is under. Are there ways that you can destress, or include activities that help you wind down? If you are feeling quite anxious, or you’re finding it difficult to focus and concentrate, then why not try some green tea? Green tea contains an amino acid called L-Theanine, and this helps produce our calming neurotransmitter, called GABA. That’s really good if you want to focus and concentrate. And of course, always make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Sleep is a great rejuvenator for the brain. Without sleep, it will be very difficult to be thinking clearly and to be focusing and concentrating. And of course, remember exercise. Exercise is great for the brain. It actually can improve our mood. It improves things like Dopamine, which make us feel good, motivated. It improves circulation to the brain, it oxygenates the body. So, include some exercise: Twenty to thirty minutes a day is all you need to make a real difference. And then finally, make sure you’re hydrated, drinking plenty of water through the day. Because even a mild dehydration – just one to three percent – can make a real difference to our ability to think clearly. Now, if you are wanting to improve your focus and concentration, then why not consider also a natural food supplement? This is BrainZyme, and BrainZyme contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients known to help with focus and concentration, and with energising our body and our brain. So, if you really want to get the best out of your year, then focus first on keeping your brain sharp and your brain healthy.

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