Neil Pasricha on how to help someone with mental illness

(upbeat music) – We all have someone in our
lives who has mental illness. One in four Canadians has mental illness so a quarter of you
watching this right now are dealing with some form
of anxiety or depression or schizophrenia or whatever it is and I gotta say, my view is
that we are still learning. We all love people with mental illness and we have them in our lives. So what I say to you today is that the three most
important words you can remember to help someone who is
in need of your support are just these three words. Are you ready? Tell me more. That’s it, to say that
you must have two things. You need to have time and you need to have the
emotional energy to listen. If you don’t have those
then don’t offer it but if you do, saying to someone who’s processing anxious
thoughts or depressive thoughts, “Tell me more.” And actively listening to them, is one of the greatest gifts you can give. ‘Cause you let them process. You let them struggle. You let them navigate and you’re there as a
sounding board to listen. Just remember the three
most important words you can offer are “Tell me more.” And that’s often more than
anyone else will give them.

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