MY SCHOOL GOT SHUT DOWN! (mental health/exams cancelled/social distancing- an update)

what’s up guys welcome back it’s Sarina
here and wow we’ve got a lot to talk about unless you’ve been living under a
rock for the past few days you may have noticed that they’ve canceled GCSE and
a-level exams so my school closed today and it’s so sad especially for the year
12 and 13 s because it feels like they Sorry if there’s a glitch here, just give it a few seconds! x especially for the year twelves a lot of
them have you know Jordan September and stuff and then they’re just getting used
to like spending two years together before they leave school for university
or work experience or whatever it is and just as you know we’re kind of getting
into the year it’s cut off and we don’t know how long it will take until we’re
back at school whether it will be like a month or months and then one day
hopefully we will be back at school and it’s like we’ve missed out on a big
chunk of the year and then we’ve got to just carry on and be like oh hey guys
haven’t seen you in ages I’ve only spoken to you on skype or something
what’s up and then we carry on with the year and then we finished and we leave
and it’s so sad you know I mean it’s so sad because that’s where there’s really
meant to be the sense of unity and being together and having experiences together
in school and that’s what you signed up for and it’s just uncertainty – it’s not
like they’ve given us a particular date or kind of a deadline like on this day
you will see each other again it’s all a bit up in the air and unclear and no one
really knows what’s going on and I feel like that was just me ramble you know I
mean it that’s how I’m feeling right now it’s just already hectic and I don’t
really know what’s going on I hope you know what’s going on because I suddenly
do not know what’s going on and it’s very weird it’s just a weird time and
for year 13 and year 11s who’ve had their exams cancelled that it’s so weird
because what if you did really badly on your mocs I have a few friends who you
know a younger than me and doing their GCSEs and they’re just honestly in shock
because they were preparing for marks and not really trying to super hard or
they were trying but they thought they’d used the mocks it’s like a stepping
stone to kind of figure out where they went wrong so they could do better in
the real and suddenly they’re worried that their
MOX what’s going to define the next stage and you know determine how well
they’ve done and if they’ve known that they probably would have tried a lot
harder in their MOX so it’s very unfair for those people hopefully we’re not in
isolation for too long but in the end we’re in isolation for as long as we
need to be in isolation and I know it’s a lot harder for the people who are
really suffering economically from this but in the end I think everyone’s
struggling to some degree but obviously some people are far worse off because
they’re not even able to get food and their plates necessarily now I’m not
sure how many people are going to take this really seriously and not see their
friends at all and just stay home like I am from the people I’ve spoken to and my
friends they sound really excited about the thought of you know going on to
Google classroom and stuff and doing their lessons from home but I think
after a while especially if we’re at home for a while the novelty will wear
off and people will start to get kind of crazy which I know I will because I’m
quite a clingy person in the sense that I just I really love my friends and my
family and I love spending time with people and things like friendship are
just so so important to me especially if it’s a good friend and so I do go a
little bit stir-crazy if I am inside for too long with just my family and don’t
get me wrong I love my family and I’m really lucky to say that I have you know
a really supportive network of family members who respect me because I know
you know some people they don’t even have that but I do have to say that if
I’m stuck with my family in a house for you know even two weeks I’m gonna start
getting a little bit catty catty but I just I’m gonna get a bit a little bit
crazy I’m gonna get kind of lonely and restless and I’m gonna need to spend a
lot of time outdoors and just doing my own thing because after a while even if
you just you know love the people you’re with you know the little things they do
will start to get to you after a while there will be some really fun moments
like when you get to Skype your friends and staff or maybe you get to spend more
time with your family and it’s actually a really positive thing for some people
but I think overall for most people it’s not really natural unless you’re serious
introvert to kind of stay confined in your house for a really long period of
time without going out and having experiences and talking to different
people going to cafes and clubs or whatever it is like that’s not really
for most people a normal way of living and its natural like it’s a very
primitive thing we want to have human connections and stuff and so we’re only
when we’re only reaching out and talking in person to a bunch of specific people
and not really seeing our friends and stuff that can be quite detrimental for
our mental health I’m even starting to miss the people that I don’t even like
that much just because I’m not I wasn’t expecting it and I think it’s great that
so many of my friends are so enthusiastic about spending time at home
and having a bit of time for some self-care and just talking to their
friends on I don’t know Skype and things but for me I I mean this might just be
an unpopular opinion but I have an inkling it isn’t but for me I don’t want
to just talk to my friends and Skype or call them I want to see them in person
like it’s not the same I want to talk to people face-to-face and hang out and go
to your the cinema and the theater and you know I want to do things I don’t
want to just be cooped up at home a lot of my friends have said that they want
to go out and hang out with their friends at cafes and parks and stuff
wasn’t that the Prime Minister’s advice I don’t think I’m crazy yeah I genuinely
think that he said to not be going out and unnecessarily interacting with
people so I was so confusing people were telling me oh I can’t wait to hang out
with a B and C tomorrow for a few hours because I’m thinking it’s that the whole
point of self isolating and social distance thing is that you’re not meant
to talk to people that you know in person let me know what your thoughts
about this are in the comments because I really want to kind of know what’s going
on with you guys and what you think about this whole situation it would be
really insensitive for me to kind of say oh the coronavirus isn’t a big deal
because that’s not true at all I don’t think that way at all it is a big deal
and I’m affected by it my grandfather’s in Australia so
obviously I can’t see him in person but he and my grandmother have both had
cancer and he was very sick and he’s still doing a chemotherapy and he’s like
three-quarters of the rip of the way through
he’s decided with some advice from his doctors to stop continuing with the kind
of final stages of the chemotherapy because he’s worried that he’ll get the
corona virus and if he gets it he is one of those vulnerable people who will
probably die from it and that’s something that really concerns him
because if he’s going in for his chemotherapy treatment in tonight the
hospitals which are literally a breeding ground for the corona virus that’s where
you’re the most likely to get it he thought no I’m not gonna take that
chance and so obviously that’s something that concerns me and I just wanted to
put that out there to let you know that I am in no way disregarding the effects
of the corona virus because I’m seeing it in my own life I feel like this
corona virus could bring out the best or the worst sides of humanity and we could
either kind of you know be really grumpy and angry and be isolated from each
other and kind of be competitive like no I want the toilet paper you back off or
we could be supportive and contact our friends and let them know you know that
we love them and that will we miss them and we’ll see them again soon and just
stand by each other and help each other out if we need something and there are
some people self isolating right now who are probably so stressed about you know
their job and their career and how they’re going to make money that they
don’t have time to focus on a self-reflection or connecting with their
friends because they’re probably stressed out of their brains but if
you’re one of those privileged people who isn’t kind of economically –
affected by this you could use this as an opportunity to take care of yourself
and so that’s what I’m going to talk about now as some of the fun things that
you can do in your spare time as kind of like a bucket list so number one keep in
contact with your friends like don’t just like text they might talk to them I
don’t know on the phone or something or Skype them and just try and stay
connected to the outside world and not just the people who yourself isolating
with because otherwise you might go a little bit crazy and I think it’s really
important to remind yourself that there are other people out there in the world
who exists also if you’re self isolating with a bunch of family members and
you’ve got a lot of siblings or something try and make sure that at
least once a day you’re taking some time to yourself because otherwise you’ll end
up too during each other and if you just take
us up off to be in a room for a bit or go for a walk or something then you’re
just keeping yourself stayin and just not spending too much time with the same
people more than ever now is such an important time to be spending more time
in nature because that is really good for your mental health and if it’s
something you weren’t doing before you should really start doing it now because
it will just refresh you rather than just staying indoors in your house all
the time because you will go crazy another piece of advice is to keep
yourself really busy with work or something so if you’re like I mean
you’re writing a lot you know just keep doing that or if you’ve got schoolwork
or something or emails just find something really productive like make
sure you have a schedule written up have a structure to your day like you know
first I’m gonna do this work and then I’m gonna have some free time that I’m
gonna do this have a structure and a routine to follow so you feel like
you’ve got a sense of purpose and you’re not just you know slouching around the
house also in terms of the things you can do just to remind yourself that your
feelings are valid and if you’re feeling kind of sucky about this whole situation
and just really disappointed that’s okay your feelings are valid and you don’t
feel like you don’t need to feel like you need to be happy and you need to be
super appreciative and living your best life all the time because the truth is
this is not a kind of a normal situation and that’s okay you can acknowledge that
it’s it sucks it’s not a great situation it’s been a really weird couple of days
I mean the whole week’s been weird because the whole week all of my friends
were speculating as to when this school would shut and I was like I don’t know
maybe like Friday I thought it would be Friday and it ended up being Thursday so
it’s just been a really tense week and I think in general we like to know thing
is as humans you know we like to have a schedule and a deadline and know what’s
going on so in general uncertainty makes us
really uncomfortable I mean it certainly makes me uncomfortable because I don’t
look I don’t like not knowing exactly what’s going on so I’m trying to just
deal with the fact that I’m not gonna know everything all the time and that’s
just something I’m gonna have to accept but let me know what you guys think in
the comments I’m really looking forward to making some super fun videos so make
sure you’re subscribed for those because I’m gonna be doing a whole
change oh I don’t know if I like this hairstyle or not wait do I like it or do
I don’t like it it looks it looks like it’s off center wait am i crate it does
oh whatever I like it I’m here for you I really hope you’re all doing okay and I
will see you for my next video bye

4 thoughts on “MY SCHOOL GOT SHUT DOWN! (mental health/exams cancelled/social distancing- an update)

  1. Sorry if there's a glitch/pause for you right near the beginning, don't know what happened there! 😂
    Stay safe and see you soon for another video! x

  2. Well, regarding the coronavirus lockdown and self-isolation certainty / uncertainty, my mindset is that it is going to be in force until at least May the 1st. But they will be delivering the news to us using a dropper, because otherwise people would go desperate. Yes, this has happened because of the stupidity, incompetence of the EU and Western "leaders". They kept denying it because economy and money mattered more than anything. Plastic masks, face masks class FFP2 would have sufficed to avoid this pandemic, but they didn't want people to wear them because people would panic and that is "bad for the economy". These plastic facemasks like those you see in motorcycle helmets would allow anyone go to back to normal and get back to school and work because they do protect 100%. No saliva aerosol from anyone can get into your mouth, eye or nose so contagion is impossible, but for some evil reason they refuse to provide that.

    Russia has 4000 kms of border with China, 145 million people yet they have the lowest infection rate in the world, because they did react in time, closed borders and refused anyone from outside into the country. There has been only 1 fatal and it was an 80 year old woman with previous grave health conditions. China has already gone over it and they are back to normal because they did enforce very strict actions and everyone was wearing a mask by decree.

    With regards to the best of the worst of us, I am afraid it is showing the true nature of us, that we will snatch something from someone if there is not enough for all. Everybody can be nice when conditions are favorable, but that is not when you get to see the real nature.

    The advice would be to disconnect from the news because they will make us psychologically ill if not by the virus itself.
    Inside each of us there is a second "me", has a name too, "subconscious" so if we castigate our minds with sick news about number of dead people etc we ll also get sick.

  3. These hairdressing is a big yes, I like those two buns and the princess curl hair is very right too. The smile at 11:02 brilliant, dazzling

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