Mosh for Mental Health

– [Laura] Just to
get that like kind of icky feeling out of you sometimes you need
to scream about it and that’s where metal comes in. – [Rachelle] Seeing these bands
and listening to them play their heart out and
not really caring who they are, what
they are, what they do but all they’re doing right
at this moment is rocking out. It’s just, fun and and lively and it kind of brings
like life to you too. – [Announcer] Give it up
for Rachelle and Laura. (cheering) – So, as you know my name
is Rachelle Fernandez and then this is. – Laura O’Meara. – And we are the creators
of Mosh for Mental Health. – So the Mosh for
Mental Health is an annual event that we throw and we pick a charity
every year that focuses on mental health and
we throw them a benefit show. So all of our ticket
sales, all of our auction, all of our silent
auction raffles. All that money goes to
this charity that we pick and not only does
the money go there but we get to go and
have this concert and talk about mental
health with our peers and not be ashamed of it and
really just get out there that we are all going
through this together. – So just make sure
you guys just have fun, buy things, buy drinks, buy
shirts, buy raffles, buy the silent auction
starts at $15. Make sure you buy ’em, come on
guys and get this party going and I wanna see some
freaking moshing man. (cheering) – Really quickly do I have
any volunteers to go up? so I’m Rachelle Fernandez
and I’m a high school teacher at Santa Rita high
school, nine through 12. I teach theater, student
council and credit recovery. – I’m Laura O’Mira and I
work at the Drunken Chicken. – [Interviewer] And
how did you two meet? – Do you wanna take that? – We met in high
school, randomly
through a mutual friend. and just kind of hit it off and we’ve been friends
ever since, right and then we slowly like
got to know each other and then all of a
sudden we started dating two people in the same band
so, and then randomly enough my brother-in-law started
working at her high school so just randomly where
we got super intertwined. – All right, so without
further adieu PS9. ♪ So I’ve been myself ♪ When I’m wining all before. – Since I was a little kid I
would always go to the rock and I would always have
fun and see the shows and the battle of the
bands and I started becoming more and more part
of it with a group called Tucson Made Into
Metal and I started learning more about
networking and just kind of the ins and outs, knowing the people, the bands and that was kind of my startup and that’s honestly how we
started the Mosh Mental Health was, she was like oh I wanna
do this thing and I was like, yeah dude, ’cause
like mental health, it’s in everyone’s lives. – Thank you. – Mental health has
always affected me. I was diagnosed in high
anxiety and high depression probably when I was about 11
and it’s always affected me and for a long time I couldn’t
like leave my house by myself and I was actually at a
facility called Our Place and their goal is to help
people with mental illnesses get back into the working facility
and before you can do that it’s a good place just
to come and get like comfortable around people. It was just a great
community of people and I just wanted to do anything
that I could to help them and so I hit up
Rachelle and was like, hey I think we should
throw a benefit concert. – I’ve dealt with
mental health also like anxiety, depression and then I also have an
eating disorder which is binge and also I restrict. So I, it’s just
really important to me and then when a said that we,
I wanted to do this I was like yeah that’s such a dope idea. – And our first year we were
at the Rialto and we raised almost $2,000. – The show tonight all the
proceeds go to Tu Nidito. Tu Nidito is a nonprofit
organization in Tucson that provides support
to children and families impacted by death and
serious medical conditions. – Are you guys ready
for our next band. Let’s welcome the Abtra. (screaming) – It’s really nice for me
to be able to say like hey, you know you’re not alone and we want you to
feel like you can say what your mental illness
is without feeling like anyone’s gonna judge
you or attack you or you know, make you feel
like, oh it’s nothing you’re just a little sad or you know, you’re just thinking
too much you know and. – Or be shamed or feel
alienated or anything like that. – Yeah. – We’re hoping to do
it every single year and choose a different
beneficiary every year and hopefully next year
we’re hoping to get Congress and get into a bigger
facilities and more people and then get like more,
just more awareness and make it into a bigger show and really, really try to
help as many people as we can. – [Announcer] Thank
you guys so much.

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