More Than Brains – University of Phoenix – :60

(woman singing,
piano music) So my kids don’t
have to forage Got two jobs
to pay a mortgage And I’ve also
got a brain Life’s short,
talk is cheap I’ll be workin’
while you sleep Still don’t think
I’ve got a brain? You can try,
I’ll do it faster I was born
a multitasker I was raised
against the grain I took two bullets
in the chest Got three kids,
I never rest And I’ve also
got a brain You think a
resume’s enough Will step up when
things get tough Don’t you want
that kind of brain? A degree is
a degree You’re gonna want
someone like me But only if you
have a brain

100 thoughts on “More Than Brains – University of Phoenix – :60

  1. So she has to work 2 jobs and do night shifts while normal people are sleeping, just to pay the mortgage? Sounds like her degree didn't land her a very well-paying job.

  2. Creepy as hell.."I'll be working while you sleep."

    So you're a robot? You never sleep?

    Getting a "degree" from University of Phoenix isn't really a degree. It's just a "degree" in their terms, not to anyone else haha.

  3. "The measure of a university’s worth is how much weight a degree from there carries with prospective employers. A degree from the University of Phoenix carries the weight of a feather. This is because this university has earned a reputation for ridiculously easy coursework, allowing them to pass out diplomas like napkins.

    The University of Phoenix has classes with “learning teams”, essentially groups of students working together to finish assignments. This makes it all too easy for some students to breeze their way through coursework, relying on the work of others. This is added on to an accelerated education process where a class is crammed into a short amount of time. Even professors have complained that they are unable to teach everything they should in the amount of time they are given with a class. The University of Phoenix is not the place for somebody looking for an academic challenge."

  4. This is just bad all around. And incredibly annoying. "So my kids don't have to forage"? "Forage"? Really? Terrible, lazy choice of words. Early man foraged. Her kids aren't going to forage. And it's overly dramatic. And what is going on in that opening scene? A group of misbehaving kids in some kind of hospital where this woman works? Or is that her house? That second guy…what's that about? She sings that life is short and talk is cheap as a man with an annoyed look on his face and a newspaper in his hand slams an office door in our face. Again annoyingly offensive and nonsensical. You'll be working while I sleep? Sure about that? Sounds arrogant and it's a weak correlation to the product being sold. The whole commercial comes off as judgemental and makes vague unsupportable assumptions about the viewer. The guy took two bullets to the chest? Ok so what. Is that supposed to be shocking? How does it tie in to getting an education? It doesn't. People have terrible things happen to them in life and move on, yes, but as it's framed here it fails to connect. Don't I want what kind of brain? A "will step up when things get tough" kind of brain? That's just bad writing. It doesn't make sense. If you were talking about your ability to persevere in the midst of a tough situation you'd probably say that it's part of your character or temperament. And as another comment here pointed out…the girl in the last scene only appears obnoxious, nothing more. As if she's better than the security guard because to her he only deserves a lift of the finger, not a look in the eye or even one word. The biggest problem is that the commercial is trying to fit their ideas into the lyrics of an old recognizable song from an iconic movie to get attention on their product. It doesn't fit. Even as they twist the original lyrics it still fails. They'd have been better off keeping the original lyrics and creating an ironic distance to convey a basic message about the value of knowledge.

  5. If you had a brain, you'd be asking yourself what ITT and UoP have in common, and why 50,000 students have jumped ship in the last year alone.

    Hint: Google it.

  6. The tone females use in their "singing" nowadays only appeals to young ppl because it's the tone of trash and ALL young ppl are trash nowadays. It's not ur fault, it's the musicians' fault.

  7. If you have three kids, do you really have a brain? IMO, it's like three big reasons why you don't have a brain.

  8. the girl at :52…RUDE. if the kind security guard tells you to get up and leave don't give him the rude hold on finger and not even look at him. Good commercial with a bad example at the end

  9. "you can try ill do it faster" WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT being born a multitasker dosn't improve your speed on a single task either

  10. It's a commercial and it seems it served it's purpose. It got your attention and the attention of millions more with the catchy tune. I can imagine how many people looked into UOF after seeing this 20 times.

  11. Its so funny this commercial song offended so many people in the comments. lmao toughen up pussies you can join Phoenix too…I did

  12. WHY WHY why does EVERY commercial now seem to have some annoying whiny-sounding millennial doing the singing and/or voice over??! They all sound the same with this obnoxious tone. She sounds like the girl from that ridiculous Panera bread commercial

  13. Annoying pretentious millennial garbage. Every commercial lately is some cry baby annoying bullshit. Life's tough, you aren't that great, welcome to reality.

  14. If you had a real brain you'd become a welder or plumber.Spending 30k to get a job that makes 12 bucks an hour is something the scarecrow would never do!

  15. Some of y'all are being ridiculous. If y'all don't like the commercial, DON'T COME HERE AND WATCH IT! It is NOT that hard!!!

  16. Hate the song. Too whiney. The woman singing it is blaming her poor life choices on the world. But the visual part is much more deep and beautiful.

  17. This the point of this video is not to pay a fortune to UNIV of Phoneix and go to community college. Cause the only people who come out ahead are Univ of Phoenix. Do yourself a favor and quit paying outrageous costs to these diploma mills. Everyone I know in the tech industry doesn't have a degree.

  18. this university is for profit, they take the pursuit of knowledge and mock it, if we all only had brains..
    life is short, talk is cheap, student loans, sure are steep, what you sow is what you'll reap, if we all only had brains..
    we'd stop being slaves for corporations, we'd stand up to the monetary system, break out of this invisible prison, if we all only had brains..
    we'd teach our children how to garden, to trade and to bargain, to love thy neighbor, just the same, if we all only had brains…
    no economic crash , could ever take what we have, if we'd all self sustain, if we all only had brains..
    A degree is a degree, but that knowledge should be free, it only betters you and me, if we all only had brains..🎶🎶🎶🎶

  19. I just like the song,according to people the University of Phoenix sucks even though the name sounds cool.

  20. stevie ray genoch on thanks! love Stephen hawking and Edward snowden still want to right songs for Donald trump…. if he likes kanyea then it wont be hard I like konyea too! lol

  21. the ending made me laugh nobody would want a sleepless low level degree with constant stress unless you work at mcdonalds

  22. i don't understand why people can't keep their opinions to themselves if they're not kind towards the commercial. i personally love the commercial and think it's inspirational and meaningful.

  23. I absolutely love this commercial as it reminds me of what I went through to receive my bachelors and masters from UOP while working full time raising two sons after my husband died. Evidently, there are those who lead perfect lives who like to critiize everything. I am proud of what I have accomplished.

  24. Every time this plays before a video I close the browser window. This is the worst Ad I have ever heard….

  25. As much as I HATE this commercial, I can't help but laugh at how AWFUL her voice is (not to mention how poorly done this commercial is).  This ad is good comic relief, for sure–it's unintentionally hilarious!  If I didn't know better, I'd think this was an SNL or Mad TV skit.

  26. I am a 88 years old university student, in Mechanical Engineering, I just graduated in Associate Degree in Art, and now I am pretending to become the oldest graduated in the Engineering field, my problem is that I suffer a disabilities concern math called Dyscalculia or Acalculia , disorder I have due a head trauma, I have been researching in the web looking for a cure, so far I haven't found any, all I can found is that there is not cure, but that with the proper practicing I overcome my disabilities, to me is an obsession to be an inspiration to my family and everybody that never is to late to get a University Diploma, that the best business you can have is a career, money come and money goes, but your knowledge is for ever. I am looking for help.
    Michael Anguelo

  27. An exceptional commercial. Disregard the smart-ass comments.

    Want to learn about trolls?

  28. At least hire a singer that stays in tune. Regardless, in the real word a degree from here puts you at the bottom of the pile.

  29. This is a plea to anyone who decides to go to this school….don’t do it!!! There are tons of brick and mortar schools that offer online programs at less cost. Don’t pay for a piece of paper that end up at the bottom of hiring managers stacks or in the garbage. It’s actually a negative on your resume. If you’re a person that’s already duped HR that have this degree…congrats!! But most will get looked over.

  30. UOPX is where all the retarded illegals and boarderline autistic schizophrenics go. It is anti education and uses horrible methods to get where they are. Please for the love of God do not enroll there. If you want arizona schools that are competent. Go UofA and ASU

  31. I first heard this back in elementary a day before my “big test”. It came into my head all those tough middle school years, too. And now, as a 9th grader, this song is still coming into my head and inspiring me to keep going.

  32. Chiming in here on behalf of my friend Amanda Infanger who completed this program and is balling out of control IN CENTRAL VALLEY CA .. who does that. #werise

  33. All of y’all so salty over a commercial to make u go to school like are you guys are mad that u don’t have a degree 😂

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