Moms Share How They Survived Mental Illness

– I have a daughter who’s three, and by the time she’s having kids, I want the world to be
completely different for her. – So, should we go? Yay, let’s go. Whoo. So many moms go through a postnatal mood or anxiety disorder alone and don’t know where to turn and don’t know where to look for help. And they know something’s wrong, but they just lack the resources. – When you’re going through
postpartum depression, that’s one of the most
isolating experiences that you can have. And I think, knowing that other people are going through it with you
is so incredibly important to being able to just keep breathing and get out of bed everyday. – It wasn’t until I
started talking about it and just having people I barely knew say, “Oh yeah, I had that.” And then being able to
talk, that I just realized I wasn’t crazy, that I
hadn’t done anything wrong. Unless you’ve walked
through that darkness, you just don’t get it. – This is so common. They say one in seven moms go through this but you wouldn’t know it. And we talk about
motherhood and giving birth as if it’s this wonderful
joyous thing, and it is. But it can be very, very
difficult for a lot of moms. – My recovery didn’t start
until I met other moms who were going through
and had been through the same experience as me. So every year, this is a great opportunity for other moms to come to a place where they’re gonna find their community and have that moment of recovery that I was so lucky to have. – [Voiceover] It’s worth
it to get through it and connect with other people. – There’s nothing more important than knowing that you
are not the only person going through this. – It takes a team. We need every mother who has ever had maternal mental illness and every person who has ever loved someone
with a maternal mental illness to join our team. If we don’t all come together, we’ll never be able to get to the day when every mom knows what’s wrong, knows where to go, gets help quickly, and recovers quickly. If you are listening to this right now, and you are a mom who is struggling, please know that you are
loved and understood. We know how you feel. We know all the doubts that
you have about yourself. We know what it’s like to feel like you are a failure as a mother, worried that you’ll never get better. We’re also fortunate to have come out on the other side, so we know that you can and will get through this. And we want you to know we will be here for you all along the way.

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  1. Is it just me or did Buzzfeed upload an archery video which isn't in their upload list but in there Chanel front page, and it it viewable in the UK?!?

  2. Oh hey, other countries have a lower risk of postpartum depression? Surely, it isn't due to the vast differences in healthcare and maternity leave.

  3. Wouldn't make more sense to hold the walk before sunrise, so that you reach the top around dawn?

    Or, you know, talk to the dad. It was a partnership before, what changed?

  4. I thought I was about to watch a group of moms who started watching the tv show community and learning something from it

  5. Yeah these women are evil….children are the only ones that suffer when their PARENTS make excuses and say that they are "depressed"….depression is somthing that people who are abused by their parents get…you don't just GET depressed…just another excuse for these women to be assholes to their children….

  6. You know what the scary part is? To many US citizens it is not wrong or problematic to describe the US, Canada and Brazil as 'all over the world'.

  7. I was actually tearing up during this video… then my closet door started cLOSING BY ITSELF AND I RAN UP TO IT ONLY TO FIND A BAG OF MY OLD CLOTHES BEING PULLED DOWN BY THE FORCE OF GRAVITY


  9. the last vid buzz feed posted (regular people lean archery) said it the editor didn't make the video available in my country

  10. Of course they are all white moms. They are the only people who have the time to do this sort of thing. Even in Brazil there was a white mom. Think about it

  11. Serious question. What is with woman and mental illness? That is all you hear about and they make up like 80 of psychology visits.

  12. lol they are sad they have to spend the rest of their lives dealing with kids

  13. I don't personally know anyone and I'm not affected by ppd but I still want to support these mothers even though I'm 16😝 but the closest one to me is London, Ontario😔 I was really hoping that they would have one in Toronto but they dont

  14. I mean the US is the most important country in the world so it's ok to say only a couple of states equates to the world 🙂

  15. like how they are like, 'all around the world' mention Canada then list a bunch of places in America. Okay then.

  16. tbh i dont care that they used the term all over the world wrong, but i do care about the fact that they are getting help and feeling better!

  17. "All over the world" states only americans country, only two of which not being a state of the US… Guess what America, there is more than America in this world… This is why the world hates you.

  18. I love how for the countries other than the U.S. they just put the actual country instead of a specific place😂

  19. it is a good idea to show how pregnancy effects more than just your physical appearance and alters the mind a little to attempt to prepare if not force you to be a mom. But there can be other effects as well things we all know exist but no one really thinks about because as most regular people think, "oh your just upset because of this you will get over it" Yet there can be lasting psychological issues as well. the hormonal changes for those with mental illness to start with can create a living hell that you may never recover from not including the temporary depression from having the child. then the alteration of the brain and way of thinking can cause issues years later when the child moves out creating another case of depression i think it is known as the empty nest syndrome. Now if only we can push more mental health awareness for more than just women but for all forms of mental health problems that people seem to think doesn't exist or doesn't even know is out there.

  20. "Celebrated in places all over the world like America, Canada, America, America, Brazil, America, America and America! .. lots more too!!!"

  21. Right, so let me get this straight.. Naming a few states, Canada, Brazil and then saying Many more is all over the world?

  22. I am a mum of 3 from the uk and I suffer from bpd and I struggle daily and my mental Illness isn't really understood here

  23. I'm 14 and I'm on a mental health ward, possibly going to be diagnosed with ptsd, depression, anxiety and eating dysfunction

  24. "it takes place all over the world in places such as * lists almost exclusively American states * um and many more"

  25. Why is everyone complaining about buzzfeed mentioning Brazil, Canada, and the us as the whole world but ignoring the message of the video

  26. I like how they specify all the places it is held in America. But they don't specify where in Canada… we have provinces too you know.😂

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