Mental Health Recovery Inspiration

I wish I were as strong as I will be tomorrow,
because today I am fighting a battle that will bring strength to the next day. I fight for myself and have found I have failed,
but I have learned what doesn’t work. I have learned what slipped past the fingers
of my mind. I wish I were the person I will have needed
to be today, because the me that comes tomorrow is the me that I aspire. I am not victory. I am not failure. I am sad, and I am torn down to the pieces
of my heart. I live inside the sick feeling in my belly. I feel guilt for the actions of my illness. I shame away from my reflection in the mirror. Today I am not strong. Today I have seen in my own eyes the resentment
towards the life that I breathe. I am undeserving. All my yesterdays were “wrong”. All my attempts to try again have been for
not. I read beautiful quotes and expressions that
inspire. I know of those who have risen from the dust. I may sit inside that sick feeling in my belly,
but I know somehow that there is a way out. I learned something today. In the sickness of my mind that torments me
more than any other foe. I learned,, tomorrow will come. As I drudge through each day the one thing
that is sure, is that tomorrow will come. I make a choice today, of who I want to be
tomorrow. I will take my failures and form them into
lessons. I will become the way out that brings daylight
to the darkness that seeps in from where the earth slips out of sight. I will be the me I needed today. I will collect my yesterdays with all their
mistakes. I take all these bruised and broken days and
turn them into light. Where the brilliant masterpiece at the ends
of the earth peeks over the horizon and overtakes the sky. I will be daylight. I will turn my days gone by into the beauty
in the sunrise. Today I know, like no other day before, that
I have the strength to survive, and the will to become more. I won’t give up today. Tomorrow is what I’ve been waiting for. If you enjoyed this video. Thumbs up! Comment! Subscribe! And I’ll see you next time.

21 thoughts on “Mental Health Recovery Inspiration

  1. The first thing you said sounded like a song I know by the Yardbirds.Β  "Will I be older?Β  Come tomorrow maybe a soldier.Β  Come tomorrow may I be bolder than today?"

  2. I though this video was awsome it has really inspired me to keep going and it has helped me to remember that I'm not a failure I may need a little help but that's OK I can just be better next time thanks Melissa your the best .

  3. Sorry to comment twice, but I've watched this about six times already. this truly helps me. Thank you for you're inspirational words

  4. If you believe in a life after this, you wil not ask Why but say thank you for what i have learned, if you believe its just this one life you say Was this what i deserved? We learn things too grow as a person even the worse things make us grow, even making videos like this make you grow and help ppl so thnx again for a very beautiful one.

  5. Hi, I am a teen who does spoken word poetry and competitive speaking. I also do Forensics at our school. I think is an amazing poem and was wondering if you would mind me using it for my piece this year. It is very revealing as well as relatable. if you have any questions feel free to pm me

  6. I recently posted a video about my experience living with bipolar disorder.

    Feel free to check out my video on my channel! ☺️

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