Mental Health Q&A – Episode 1 – What is it like to be a Mental Health Nurse?

I meet different people with different educational backgrounds some very educated people and looked after them and actually reminded them to every wash which is something that takes you back when you’re working with someone and thinking they’re in architecture is a professional but today they can’t even remember the event but first every single day there is a moment in my day when I feel like I’m doing something important and and I come home from work and and without exception every single day there is something that i think i’ve made a difference I’ve done something important sometimes those moments might be more than one a day sometimes it might just be something small in a day depending on what I’m doing but that’s the reason that i’m still in a job you don’t just go in and it’s just another day you go in and often you don’t know what you’re going to be doing you don’t know quite how you’re going to manage some of the challenges but you do I think fundamentally it’s it’s a privilege to be a mentor to help nurse the the opportunity to work with people the families that carries people are going through really difficult times and work with them and i guesstimate give a sense of hope optimism that things can get better and actually see them get better being a mentor and nose are being very very decided to for me because it gives me a deep understanding of how and why people tend to be deciding way that does not conform with the societal norm for me it’s the best job that I could do because it focuses on China understand people’s experiences and be with them it really difficult times and it’s a privilege I feel to your part of somebody’s life that heart of it all it’s just working with the patient’s day-to-day and enabling recovery and and that has been a consistent and need of mind to be able to always be able to do something which I i really think it’s helping support patients to recover so they can carry on and live their lives and have minimal interruptions from some of the more distressing parts of mental health it’s demanding at times but when you see people get better it can be really rewarding it’s very very very interesting and are particularly for me it’s really really insightful because meant i held understanding mental disorder i use me are very good insight into how human beings behave in real times and then what sort of things could happen to make people not behave in the way to size do you expect you will meet people who will astound you with their ability to keep going and keep making those small steps and what we do is mental health nurses we’re just there alongside with them for the journey you worked really closely when your mental health nurse with other professionals and other disciplines so I’m constantly learning there’s something to learn all the time I’ve been able to have been able to really develop my career and my role I’ve done different things I’ve worked in the prison I’ve worked in inpatient settings so it’s a very very droll and I don’t feel like I’ve done anywhere near all of it yet so it feels like there’s more to do I’m not sure to stay in a role if I felt that there wasn’t more to do but in mental health nursing there is so much to do easily careers worth a bit of a cheesy story but my first couple of weeks at work I remember leaving work after a late shift so you know fairly late in the evening and walking out the hospital gates and just go I love my job I love my job and it was because something small that happened that shift I’ve managed to make a connection with somebody and I and as as trite as it may sound you do get those moments of genuinely believing that you’ve made a difference a positive difference in somebody’s life and its students everyday you meant people that have graduated in different degree with different levels of degrees every day and then the same situation and people that are not educated at all in the same situation and different from different countries as well and so just realized that anything can happen to anybody at anytime so there’s no need really to stigmatize mental health as we can all be there and some people’s lives changed just overnight

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  1. Nursing in Mental Health seems really rewarding. I'm just worried about the fees and living on student loans. I'm so excited now. Thank you for this video. Much appreciated.

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