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Hi, welcome to Mental Health Matters. I’m
Shannon Eliot. Today I’m pleased to be joined by Adrian Bernard to discuss the concept of
hearing voices — the good, the bad, and what most people don’t know. Hearing and communicating with voices has
brought Adrian a deep understanding of what it means to suffer — and experience profound
happiness. For the last three years, he has worked as a mental health advocate in Santa
Cruz County. He currently works as a peer support worker at Second Story Respite House
and is also involved with statewide stigma reduction projects and the National Alliance
on Mental Illness. Adrian dreams of the days when all people have a community with which
to grow. Welcome, Adrian. Thank you so much for joining me today.>>Thank you for having me.>>Tell me about your experiences with hearing
voices. When was the first time you heard them and what was it like?>>I remember the first time I heard them when
I was sitting quietly in a room, and I could feel them and sense them just on the other
side of reality, I guess. They were just murmuring and words that were not too clear. I heard
them again when I was 25. After they had left, I started self-medicating in high school and
at 25 and they came back when I was in the midst of another breakdown/breakthrough moment.
And it was loud and intense and painful and then I asked them to go away after getting
some clarity and they pretty much went away. And then they came back during my last breakdown
at 29 or so. I think it was 10 or 11 years ago that I had real issues, and they have
been here ever since.>>How did they change between the time you
first heard them and when you had your bigger breakdown at 29?>>When I first heard them they were just barley
there. And the second time I heard them, they were intense and angry and family. They were
family members. I even had my own voice that I could speak through to them and it changed
when I was 29. I couldn’t handle it at the moment. I asked them to leave, I asked them
nicely however I did and when I was 29 and falling apart they came in a very loud way.
I drove to Mexico I came back on a spur of the moment both there and back, and then they
came in various forms. There were more supportive, a majority of them were supportive and there
were many different groups that were speaking to me.>>So what do the good ones and supportive
ones sound like and what do the bad ones sound like?>>The good ones, for the most part they are
always good. The good ones pretty much protect me from the bad ones if they can. And they
let the bad ones have their day too because you got to have the balance. They tell me
good things about myself. They help me make decisions. They are such an integrated part
of my life so deeply that now I have an instant counsel for which to work and the bad ones…I
have one that is pretty much the trickster. He’ll taunt and harass and tell me how much
he hates me and wants me destroyed and hates everything I stand for if I stand for anything.
And then there are other ones that are different kinds of groups that speak to me in different
ways.>>So what’s the ratio of the good voices to
the bad voices? Is it only that one trickster voice or are there multiple negative ones?>>There’s about three. There the one that
is really negative. I think of him as my brother, my blood brother I call him. There is also
one that is a former friend and he’s been around. He’s not around as much but when I’m
going through ordeals he’s there. And also there are also groups that have a darker edge
to them, which kind of tolerate how I project to the world as opposed to the trickster one
who tries to get me into situations that are not good for me. Even then he always respects
and he loves, but the spirits I call them spirits. He loves me with his hate, so I kind
of balance and say, “Ok, I can go with that alone.”>>So how do you manage that trickster voice?
That sounds a bit overwhelming at times.>>You know, since I consider him my actual
brother, it helps me to have more patience and tolerance, and as far as accepting him,
I love him and I’ve learned that if I’m sharing love with spirits. I don’t call them so much
as voices so much — I call them spirits — but if I’m sharing my connection with them and
however that manifests, if it’s energy that hurts me or is good for me, I find that what
I give out is good energy, and at some level whatever comes back at me comes back as good
energy too even though it comes veiled in darkness sometimes.>>Does the trickster spirit give you lessons
through his activities and through what he’s telling you?>>I haven’t thought of that, but sometimes
he has such an irreverence, and so I think the greatest gift that he gives me is being
able to express the things that I’m not comfortable expressing, so I live vicariously through
him. And so he holds a truth of living that I don’t resonate with so much so I honor his
irreverence when he says something totally outlandish about me or about anybody. I go,
“I don’t know how you do it.” And so it’s just that dialogue and then open it up in
that way.>>So other people who experience what you’re
experiencing may choose to silence the spirits through various means. Why do you choose to
embrace them rather than silencing them?>>Well, I want to make them a strength. For
one, they are good to me, I think, for the most part, and they give sound counsel. And
we get along. But to silence them is silencing parts of myself that need to be expressed
and if it’s not even parts of myself then it’s something bigger than myself and that
needs to be expressed. So it’s always about trying to connect to all realities versus
trying to shun any parts of what comes in. I wrestle with my own personality often enough
as a result of those energies coming in.>>So even a painful reality or the painful
perspective is still worth having as opposed to not having it at all.>>Yeah it is.>>How is your decision not to silence your
spirits received by your friends and family at first?>>At first? I don’t think it was a conscious
decision for me to say…. They’re amazed, I’ll say. And my mom and my brother. On one
hand, my mother is amazed that I’ve gone through all this and still be able to be upbeat and
positive. But then family, it’s how they accept it because I accept it. And I’m able to put
enough of a positive reflection on it that they have a substantial buy in as well. They
appreciate what the voices are. They appreciate hearing about them. It becomes more intriguing
if I can express what that reality is to me and to them and how they interact and really
that’s the opportunity we have with hearing voices, it’s people and spirits. You know
we can really look at things differently if we’re saying well, what is this and how do
we get into at root of what’s going on in our lives and anyone’s life?>>So it sounds like your friends and family
have been supportive and curious and that has really helped.>>My former doctor even calls them angels,
and defends them when people say bad things.>>How does all that mental processing weigh
on you? You have the good spirits on one hand, then you have the trickster spirit, and then
you have a group of other bad ones that occasional come into the fray. That sounds really exhausting
and overwhelming. How do you deal with that?>>And remembering now, I forget about the
more negative ones that do. At the ground level they’re here more, and so they do tear
me down pretty regularly. They say the worst possible things at the worst possible times,
but that’s an opportunity for me to struggle with that, too. So it’s really a balance of
finding and seeing myself in different ways, and that processing of how do I see myself
as both hero and monster and really looking at what that does that mean to me, and how
does it weigh on me. It can be tiring at times, but it can also be very rewarding, and I wouldn’t
want to change it, I wouldn’t want any of them to go away at all because they complete
a picture in my mind and how I process the world.>>How much do you think you have grown since
you heard your first spirit up until now and weighing all the pros and cons of that?>>Do you mean when I was 25 or 29 or 14?>>Whatever you consider the beginning of your
transformation.>>I think the second time I heard them was
at 25 was a time of really looking and seeing family and what that meant to me and the second
time when different spirits came back. And that trickster spirit was there when I was
25, he was the one that first came to me. Well, the evolution has been incredible. They
have been pushing me in the direction of a way to advocacy. And even though I’ve resisted
all along knowing that this is the direction I’d be going –that constantly for the past
11 or 10 years been saying nope you have work to do — so that they are a part of my reality
now and the evolution has been incredible, partially because they build me up and they
tell good things about myself even if they tear me down sometimes. I mean, that’s the
growing pains of living in this situation has been productive.>>Why have you resisted their push for you
to become an advocate and become more active in the advocacy world?>>I’ve always resisted it. I knew since watching
Malcolm X when I was 19 and first going through breakdowns seeing the transformation and metamorphoses
he went through and beyond. It was a jarring instant in my life and I can’t go back there
now because it’s not related too much, but it left such an impact on me that I always
knew I would be moving in this direction.>>You’ve spoken a lot about the auditory qualities
of these spirits. Do you sense the spirits to have any physical qualities?>>I dream of them sometimes, and actually
I have close friends to the right of me, like I can feel them now. They are out there and
I can feel them. So it’s auditory but I also feel their presence, depending on the groups
and how they are. When I was going through it at the most intense about 11 years ago,
they were very present, and still are. Just about a month and a half ago I was dreaming
of them, and one person came into my dream and I woke up, recognized him, and I fell
back asleep. And then another person came to my dream. I gave this look of they’re with
me and they’re kind. That was the first time I had seen them so clearly in my dreamscape.
But I do see them when I’m here.>>So they are with you both in waking and
dreaming states all the time?>>Yes.>>Are there times when the spirits are more
numerous and or more frequent than normal? And what do you think causes that?
>>They’re always here. The only question is how intense are my thoughts wrapped around
what they are saying. And so it’s a matter of intensity. Lately they have been fewer
in number and not as loud a stage to play on, in my mind. So it’s easy to say when I’m
stressed that they are here more present. But I find that when I’m stressed my thoughts
are more intense, and they aren’t necessarily louder, but the things they are saying are
more impactful. Like I was driving home after a particularly good day and I hadn’t heard
the beautiful people singing their beautiful song in a long time. I was driving home and
then I hear them singing again, and I wasn’t even aware that it was them. I thought they
were just singing something like “we built this city,” and the beautiful people would
sing the same song over and over again for hours when they were here and they started
singing again. And I said, “Oh, it’s the beautiful people. Welcome back,” I said in my mind when
I was driving home. And then they sang for a little while longer and then they left.
But that was after a good day. So my mood is depended on them a lot I guess.>>And if you had an especially bad day, what
might that look like?>>Oh well, there’s the trickster spirit now
saying, you know, he’s kind of screaming right now. And so when I’m having a bad day, I’m
more open to hurtful feelings in myself. And if I’m having a bad day, it’s usually that
I hear more on this level, the ground level, where I hear them more frequently. On the
ground level when I hear them and when I’m in a vulnerable space, and more hurt can come
in, because they are saying things that are meant to derail me and make me feel unstable
and unbalanced.>>So building on that, how important is peer
support in your life?>>It’s incredible, even two-and-a-half months,
three months ago, I was falling apart for various reasons in my life and too much stress.
I was having surgery and all kinds of stuff and relationships with people. I was falling
apart. And I got very low on medications and I was just falling and so for the first time
instead of going further down. I was drawn back by friends, co-workers, and family members,
and they said, “No, you can’t do this.” I’m too involved in life to take the time of nine
months or however long it would have been, but I was tempted to go there and join the
spirit world again for however long it would have lasted. But I just didn’t have the time
to do it.>>So you’re very active in supporting and
mentoring others who hear voices. Tell me about your work with that and what that looks
like.>>It’s interesting because I’m fortunate to
have good spirits, and a lot of people have bad, negative voices or spirits. I tend to
talk them about how to embrace it and how to talk to them and treat them with respect
and basically shift the perspective from one of shunning and being afraid of to one of
how can we transform these spirits and voices into something that is good for people. And
that’s kind of where I go with that — just creating a new identity within that landscape.
That’s kind of what I try to do, and I don’t know if that is detailed enough.>>So you say that your spirits are mostly
good with the exception of that strong negative trickster voice to counterbalance that. For
the folks you work with, might the proportion or ratio be the opposite? Maybe they have
the one good voice, but then have a much more negative group of voices that are stronger
and more numerous?>>It varies, yeah. And the reason why I say
I have mostly good voices and spirits is because I forget the ones on this level, and they’re
constant, so it’s not necessarily that I pair with their majority. I just forget them because
in the moment I connect to them. I connect to the higher parts of that energy. Like even right now I can hear them and I
can feel my body kind of drifting. And I can hear them kind of welcoming me, and you. They
are welcoming all of us here. Let me see what they are saying. They’re saying, “Dang it,
don’t say that. Moving it…doesn’t…care if it’s wonderful.” They say, “Don’t say that
moving it doesn’t care if it’s wonderful.” And so as I understand it as they’re saying
that it’s not really about making a sales pitch or making something that… just to
be as real as we can with each another and not to sensationalize each other or not to
make things so much for the show, you know. And how do we just connect as people, and
that’s kind of what they are saying now. And it’s interesting.>>Do you find that you have to interpret what
they are saying, because what you just told me, it’s a little bit fragmented. You know,
it’s not perfect English grammar so how do you work with that?>>With what they said? And to me? I think
that in this moment it’s different. When I talk to them, it’s streamlined. But in this
moment, I’m trying to on the one hand stay connected to them and stay connected here.
That’s the balancing act, to be of both worlds. And that’s one of the biggest challenges I
have is to not going to them too much and not being immersed in this too much. So it
came out a little bit choppy because I couldn’t quite — I usually listen to them and they
have complete sentences and they talk. I was translating them, I guess.>>It’s no secret that such a condition is
stigmatized in society quite often and that there is discrimination that goes along with
it. What do you wish that the general population knew about someone who hears voices or engages
with spirits?>>You know my mind goes to: there’s not such
a difference. You know the internal thoughts that a lot of people have, a lot of people
wonder about that. How does that relate to it? And I would say that these are parts of
ourselves that need to be expressed and that it’s not so different from what people experience
in their own internal thoughts, and even beyond that. And I think on some level I think these
experiences that we go through, whether good or bad, are really the places that society
is. We’re kind of in this role of really working through the darkness and working through the
intense states of joy as well. And it’s people of this as I see it who go through what I
go through I guess, and what we all go through. That it’s a part of us healing the hurts of
the world and in that healing we have to take on our own pain. And so how does that transformation
take place and how do we grow from it? So I think that people in this situation, and
my situation, and our situation are really doing a lot of healing even though it seems
like we’re doing a lot of being destroyed because we’re not being destroyed. We can’t
be destroyed. We’ll continue to grow as a community and see how it plays out.>>What do you think is society’s biggest misperception
of folks who hear spirits? It’s often thought that folks who might hear voices are inherently
more violent or inherently scarier to the general population. What do you think about
that?>>Yeah, I have not seen that. I have not seen
violence. I mean I see more people being scared than being scary. And I have been in
that situation. I have not seen people in
the throes of hearing voices and spirits constantly being destructive to another person. I’ve
seen them being more open and welcoming, and trying to let people in even when spirits
are saying you can’t come in. But there’s always an openness that people don’t see in
society. And it’s a dance to get past that struggle that someone goes through where they
can’t open and how do we create bridges so that people can come back from this place?
And I think that people don’t understand that is it possible to reach us. It’s just a matter
of being present and calm and stable and knowing that this is not hell. This is not destruction.
It can actually be quite resilient and strong and with openness and love. It’s incredible.>>When you hear of other people maybe making
negative comments about you in public or about people who hear spirits or voices in general,
how does that make you feel?>>On the one hand, I accept it and say, “Ok,
this is someone’s world view and this is where they’re coming from. They don’t see the other
sides that we see and that we know are here.” So I can accept that kind of ignorance. And
I hope that’s not too strong of words, but really that lack of knowledge of what it is.
And so the information that society gets is somewhat tainted because it’s not the real
perception. It’s a grandstand of something that isn’t.>>So how does it make you feel when people
in the public might say something negative about you or something negative about the
group of people who hear spirits or voices, sort of categorically as a class?>>For me, it’s about a lack of understanding.
So on the one hand, I’m frustrated and disappointed that people buy in so quickly to a negative
stereotype or a negative image that doesn’t accurately portray how we experience the world.
So I can accept their worldview and I can accept how they see things. I can accept how
they understand things because it comes from a place of ignorance and not knowing. And
I don’t say that in a negative way. And I also think that aside from the lack of knowing
is the greater message that’s getting set and that’s the thing that I struggle most
with. How does the bigger picture, what we’re creating in the moment and in society and
however it’s being brought to our attention — brought to the light, whatever it may be
— that the overall message is what troubles me, that we’re moving in a direction that
continues to stigmatize and continues to dehumanize on some level. And so that’s where I draw
the biggest problem, instead of feeling personally against somebody that is saying something
that doesn’t make sense. Ok, that doesn’t make sense, but that doesn’t make much more
sense. And so it’s how do we change that because once we work there, then this kind of works
itself out.>>It gets to the heart of the bigger issue.>>Yes.>>So piggybacking on the message point, the
media is actually playing a very big role in perpetuating stereotypes, probably more
than the average ignorant person. What are your thoughts on that and how do you feel
when you read media pieces, hear media pieces, or watch media pieces that are perpetuating
that false link — either stereotypes or the false links between hearing voices and violence?>>I don’t read or watch the news. I don’t
read the paper. I try to stay as clear of it as possible so that I’m keeping my own
thoughts to myself. But when I hear of conversations from people, I struggle with it. And I know
the Associated Press is starting to change the language a little bit so we’re moving
in a direction of less destructive attitudes and thoughts. I know that was just a few months
ago that they decided to really work on some of the language that they were using, so I’m
grateful with that — that sounds great — but when I hear friends tell me how bad it is,
it hurts. It’s not good. It frustrates me. It saddens me. Because we’re all taking that
on — the people that are persecuting and the people that are experiencing it. It’s
just an ugly process. But it’s also a beautiful process because it gets us to where we need
to be.>>To wrap us up, what would you tell family
members or friends if they want to support someone who hears spirits or voices?>>If it were me on the other side, I would
be inquisitive. I’d ask questions. I would get to know what they mean to the person that’s
experiencing them. And I would not only work to understand them, but also understand if
it were me, my part of the process as a part of a family member as someone that is on the
outside, if I were on the outside, to understand that there is a connection. I ‘d want the
family members to look at it like an opportunity, that it’s a chance for growth. It’s a chance
for finding a new relationship with things that are not so normal.>>So basically a team effort.>>Yes.>>Well, thank you so much for joining me today,
Adrian. It’s been a real treat. Best of luck in your work.>>Thank you. It’s been a pleasure being here.>>To learn more about Second Story Respite
House, visit To read the article in which Adrian was featured,
visit The Hearing Voices Network USA offers support groups for voice
hearers and trainings for leaders of support groups. Learn more at
Intervoice is an international community focusing on solutions that improve the lives of people
who hear voices, particularly those who are distressed by the experience. Learn more at Thank you so much for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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  3. this guay explains it very good, when i first told my doctor at the mental house they start to think i was retarded, that was telling them lots of crap just to take free from work.. they just injected me whit very high doses of risperdal but the voices dont go away,. im so pissed off cos they think im an drug addict, and its my guilty conscience that are talking to me and every one hear voices… there used to be a time when i cold think and dream whitout listening to all this conversation about all the stupid things i do all the time..

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  12. Voices can sometimes come from inner dissociated parts of the self, lookup Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), or they can come from external spirits. Lookup telepathic hypnosis and spirit possession. Dissociated inner parts can be re-integrated and externals can be removed. There is no reason to live with voices when solutions are available.

  13. What is wrong with people, Schizophrenia is a MENTAL ILLNESS, they're not talking to the dead! If you have the proof it is a neurological issue then it's proof it's a nueroligical issue! If people allow those who are bent on feeding sufferers of Schizophrenia they're own deluded ideas of "psychic bull*shit powers" then they're putting the sufferers in danger of exacerbating they're problem. WTF is right about getting people who suffer delusional, psychotic, traumatic and paranoid mind sets to believe that they're nightmare state is a real spiritual experience thing and not an illness that has a negative knock on effect with the family and loved ones who see the illness slowly destroy there sanity! Finding peace through the beliefs in Christ, God etc is a billion times more productive than believing these idiots who think they're in touch with "spirits"! The best way to help sufferers of mental illness is simply….medication, let the Doctors who have STUDIED years in the field of psychiatry (making them professionals in the subject and treatment thereof) help the afflicted and stop filling there heads with your deluded "new age, occult" sh#te!!!!!!! If you'd like to discuss this further ask these "spirits" for my telephone number and give me a call, what's that, they can't do a simple thing like that, oh well clearly it's proven crap then. How can these idiots function normally being involved with that occult boll#cks? It baffles me.

  14. I'm so glad this interview is still here. This is an excellent example of what a Targeted Individual experiences. Adrian liked Malcom X. That's enough to get put on "the list". The angels and the trickster is "good cop bad cop". Loving these horrible lying voices is Stockholm Syndrome. Since the Targeted Individual program is run by Quantum Computer AI, there IS a REAL spiritual component. The first phase is often times over spiritualizing something that is mostly advanced technology that is unfathomable until you get educated on it. And, you can learn about your shadow self by taking this verbal abuse to heart. Some targeted individuals become more empathetic and repentant and apologetic. The voices are fantastic at music. They can serenade you with ANY genre'. People, "The Matrix Deciphered" transcript is FREE on line!!! By Dr. Robert Duncan. READ IT!!! It explains ALOT!!! Adrian, you are coping way better than you think you are.

  15. Adrian, I too have experienced voices in my ears and thoughts that are not mine. I learned in the Christian Holy Bible that there is an invisible war on Earth involving evil demonic spirits/fallen angels; who can speak into our ears all manner of thoughts. Even the Lord Jesus Christ heard the voice of Satan the devil and demons voices when He was here on Earth. The Lord helped me in this battle and can help anyone else who will believe God. I saw you are in California. There are 2 Christian Pastors there who can help you, if you will be believe God. Pastor Chip Ingram in Los Gatos. He also has information on YouTube. Go to Chip Ingram/ the Invisible war series. Also near Los Angeles is Pastor John MacArthur. He also has videos on YouTube about spiritual warfare. Also please listen to my story on YouTube at Hearing Voices: Real Help and Understanding
    Praying for you all, with compassion, Carol

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