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Looking back I’ve always felt different. As a child my father was very violent and I was bullied at school because of the way I looked. I started therapy and for a brief while I made progress but inside I felt miserable and self-medicated with drink and drugs. When psychosis happens you lose touch with reality. Once I felt so powerful that I jumped out of a hotel window and broke my back. I was sectioned and put into hospital where I stayed for two years. When I was well enough I was moved into supported housing in the community. I had a rehabilitation team who helped me recover. I went back to basics learning how to wash myself go out and do daily chores. Now I’m fully independent. My life feels full. In truth I will always be vulnerable to mental health problems but I’m not defined by them. If you’re suffering then seek help. With time and support you will recover.

6 thoughts on “Mental Health: Laura’s Story | NHS

  1. Mental health it is over estimated in my opinion… We spent more millions than treating cancer and diabetes..

  2. mental health kills lives .so many people die wanting to heard yet is health to ask for help .I have had mental health and honestly get the help someone some where will miss people to die wanting help with mental

  3. After working many years in our NHS now that I need help I am not being helped at all and for ten years daily have had to live with a GP telling me that I can die any day with a very cruel disease. If this is happening to me then theres no hope for others .

  4. Mental health is one of the most important aspects of overall health. However, it is sad to watch people undermining their mental condition and leaning towards death.

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