Mental Health & Human Services Program at UMA

Welcome! My name is Frank Ellis and I am the coordinator
for the UMA Mental Health and Human Services program. This is a program that has been in existence
for a number of years, so we have, certainly, a track record within the state for producing
very good, high-quality students who come out and get good jobs. We have a faculty that is very robust with
a great deal of diversity in terms of both their academic training, as well as their
professional development at work. So we’ve got a range of people that you can
draw upon. And the last, but probably most important
group is the students that come here. We have a lot of students that come in who
have already worked in the field in some capacity, so they’re knowledgable. Some folks do come in basically straight out
of high school, through possibly an associate’s program at a community college. So we’ve got a lot of people with varying
degrees of interest and background. And that student body really is one of the
things that can be a strong, diverse kind of experience for students. So that we could have people sitting in the
same room where they are with people who are maybe twenty to thirty years older than them,
or younger than them. So if you are thinking that this is an opportunity
for you, or a possibility for you, think about this program as one of those stepping stones
that will give you the credentials necessary to keep yourself going as you continue for
more graduate education. And so it is a very useful degree that will
be able to translate into opportunities for further education down the road.

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