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this video is all of a mental health support that I’ve had an incredibly useful it is something that I would say most people anywhere on the planet have access to it is incredibly simple it probably isn’t gonna cost you very much money and over the last couple years of talking about mental health exploring mental health and building and maintaining recovery this is one of the most useful sports that I’ve come across and it is a rock I say even even I’m a bit underwhelmed and I knew what I was gonna say but as underwhelming as this rock may be here’s why it’s useful when it comes to mental health when you’re pursuing mental health goals pick goals that rocks can’t do better than you often when we’re pursuing mental health goals and I’m talking about any mental health and mental illness issue here when we pursue our goals we pursue things like experiencing less anxiety experiencing less depression feeling less guilt not making any mistakes try to feel less paranoid we want to obsess less we don’t want to be so uncertain about our relationships we want to engage in compulsion less we want to take things out of our lives I think it’s really important to remember that you’re a human and we’re humans we’re not rocks rocks don’t experience things humans do experience things so it was really useful for me to recognize that for years when I struggled with mental illness I was essentially trying to be a rock I was trying to experience less within reality because I’m a human it’s more more effective if I pursue goals that are around creating things and building things rocks will always be able to feel less anxiety than you they will make fewer mistakes than you rocks will never be as easily as distracted as you are when you’re trying to meditate you will never worry as little as a rock worries and you will never be able to suppress your cravings as well as a rock does and no rock will ever laughs as much as you do so if you pursue goals like those even the most basic pebble lying in a ditch somewhere cupboard and mud is gonna beat you set goals that are about creating and putting things into your future rather than trying to take away things from your future that you’re afraid of it’s ultimately when we’re pursuing goals that rocks can do better than us we’re trying to take things away from the future and the future doesn’t like it when you try to take things away from it if you wanted to experience less anxiety at work when you’re giving presentations you’ll never be better than Iraq rocks never feel anxiety they can be up there in front of a million people I feel nothing but if you want to focus on developing your skills to give better presentations then you can be much better than Iraq if your goal is to get rid of intrusive thoughts and voices and false memories in your head then you will never be better than this rock I swear it has never had a false memory in its life but if you want to practice accepting your internal experience and making healthy decisions that are aligned with your values and your goals then you can very easily beat this rocket rocks can avoid everything you hate but they can’t do anything that you love you want to feel less uncertainty in a relationship you’re not gonna beat Iraq but if you want to build a healthy relationship then you can beat the rock you want to feel less remorse you’ll never beat the rock I mean this rock who knows it probably fell off the mountain and fell on somebody’s head crushed a squirrel doesn’t care but if you want to move forward with your life and do amazing things for your community then you can do a lot better than this rock picking goals that rocks can’t do better than you is relevant not just your mental health cause I’d say it’s really relevant to any goals you’re picking in your life particularly physical fitness goals as well if you’re heading out to try to lose weight you’re never gonna be better than a rock I mean this rock is from Ontario Canada it used to be part of the tallest mountain range in the world just look at those before and after pictures but if your goal is to build strength or endurance or flexibility well then you can beat this rock because it’s just gonna wasting away until it’s nothing so when it comes to setting goals in life go and get a rock bring it home with you put it down in front of you and ask yourself are you setting goals that that rock can do better than you or are you setting goals that are human and creative and about building the things you want to see in your life

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  1. That's a cool but unique comparison… Lol. Hope you are doing well Mark! Happy to see you =) I've been reading your ebook and its helping me alot. Thank you!!!
    I was wondering if you are still gonna do the brain school thing?

  2. Lately it's been coming to me that the mind is a tool, if I follow the mind I will end up in a rabbit trail with OCD. If I let the spirit lead and the mind is just a tool and be in the spirit, it's much better. That way, it can be turned off more when it's not needed to solve a problem and an OCD thought is just a thought in the tool, but the spirit is not the mind.

  3. A good comparison and very true. Rocks are cool and all, but I am better than a rock, lol! Btw an e-book? Is that the internet addiction one or another one? I recall you were writing a new book, did it release yet?

  4. This analogy is amazing! I swear if I win the lotto I'm going to go out and buy you a car, that's how much you have helped me in my life πŸ˜‚

  5. This is so "simple" and still so point on all the way. Thank you again Mark πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ And Happy Back To The Future Day πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi Mark πŸ™‚ I need advice. I bought some wigs from a store but some of them didn't come in nets like the others. The store told me it was because when customers tried on the wigs sometimes the nets get misplaced, torn etc. which made sense. But then I started wondering if maybe the wigs were returned wigs by previous customers. I rang the store and asked and they said they didn't sell returned wigs. But then they did say something else and I didn't pay attention properly. I wondered, what if they was going to say something important like maybe they did sell returned wigs some weeks ago when I bought the wigs. So I rang the store again to ask but again I didn't pay attention to what was said properly. So I rang a third time but there was no signal so the sales assistant may have not heard when I said i bought the wigs some weeks ago as opposed to recently. They all said they don't sell returned wigs but what if they did some weeks? Is it unhealthy to ring a fourth time?

  7. Dear Mark,

    I have several questions regarding obsessive thoughts that I have. When I get some sugar I will think "diabetes", when its rain I will think "depression weather"etc etc. It makes me sad and anxious. How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance! Ps. How do I get the E-book from you? Thank you!

  8. the more impossible it feels to do erp the better the chances of recovering ? like if i feel hopless i can use that as fuel to push through and do erp and face it all ?

  9. Thank you mark for everything truly. When I am in the darkest place and so isolated from the world your videos being back to earth and give me hope and not alone

  10. One huge issue I just discovered is that my goal to be constantly engaged in activity, yet doing nothing (in the buddhist sense) is very hard to achieve.

    I can meditate well by now. But when there is a lot to do throughout the day I'm constantly tense, always hoping for the end of the action so I can have a nap.
    Usually my headache vanishes into thin air within about 2 minutes, when I finish the activity and get onto the sofa.

    The goal is to have your sofa in your head while doing the stuff during the day. A sofa replacing the high tension wire.

    I bet this is a common thing amongs OCD-lers. It just occured to me for the first time expressis verbis.

  11. I've watched quiet a few videos of yours, I have to say you really are something else. You speak so clearly, you make my brain relax as soon as I start watching you. I have OCD, ADHD and major depression disorder (all diagnosed). And lately my OCD has been through the roof. I haven't left my house in 2 weeks, my OCD is about constantly fearing I'll hurt someone or say something bad, but you're right, a rock can't feel that pressure, but it can't feel what it's like to achieve either. Thanks for uploading (:

  12. question i no longer have obsessive or intrusive thoughts but i have the urges i feel urges as if i will harm someone instead of having thoughts about it how do i shake this feeling ? what do i do ? thoughts are gone but the feeling is there

    Mark, drinking two glasses of water first thing in the morning has helped me cope better with OCD. You may have to drink for a couple of days to start feeling the benefits…

  14. Mark. What is your opinion on overcoming many anxiety disorders simultaneously? Currently I'm tackling both OCD and social anxiety (Yes, they are two different things FYI) and maybe it is too much for me right now? What is your take on this, should I do them in order?

  15. I know now why I haven't started a study program I wanted to study..
    Because I have acted on a """value"" (note the inverted commas that denote sarcasm) named "certainty" and the entailed fear. It's not really a value of course. But violating it brings about existential fear.
    So my inner voice says : Yes I really need to feel certain, because otherwise I can't relax. But my value would say : You don't know what happens tomorrow, you want to live with uncertainty and with risk.
    I have problems determining whether or not the need for certainty is ocd or if it is healthy and a true value to some extent.
    The extent in turn I cannot measure.

  16. Hey Mark! I had another video suggestion for you. I think it would be a good idea to make a video specified to "normal" people about building great mental health! It's amazing how without a diagnoses people think mental illness is this disease they just won't get because it's genetic and is primary on malfunctions with the brain. But to give examples of typical daily unhealthy practices would be good! Unfortunately, as we know "Normal" because don't generally click on a video when they see the word "OCD" because they think it does not apply to them :/

  17. So started to want to do yoga and I did it for about 3 days and then I fell behind. Maybe I thought I needed to be a zen master as you say. Maybe it wasn't good because I was using it only as relaxation and not because I wan't to be flexible or beat scoliosis and have better fitness which I also want. I kept feeling like it was hard and I should quit because it was wearing me out. Maybe I should think of the things that aren't like rocks.
    Less curves.
    better health
    better breathing
    better sleep?

  18. So Mark, if someone has social anxiety, he should not focus on getting rid of that anxiety, instead he should focus on developing better social skills so that he would do better in social situations? did i get this right? is it a good example?

  19. hello mark I need your help for recovery how would I access you I am from India here is no specialist for ocd please help me

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