Mental Disorders I Have – panic disorder , sad , add

your watching eric light i hope you enjoy
the show hey guys what is going on so todays video is going to be about basically Mental
Disorders om kinda stuff like anxiety and depression and everything and it seems like
there is a lot of people who come out on youtube and the internet and everything saying they
have these mental disorders and stuff so i decided that i wanted to make a video about
basically letting you guys in on some issues that i deal with so actually that explains
ah one of them as you guys all know i have horrible anxiety i actually was diecnosed
with panic disorder because i get panic attacks all the time and stuff and i have anxiety
its called panic disorder without agoraphobia i think it is called and basically from me
and my experience is i panic over almost anything i panic over social situations sometimes i
panic over things that are kinda like dumb and like delusional because like a lot of
people i know il like panic over something and people are like thats dumb to panic over
and like 3 hours later il look back at what i was panicing over and just be like that
was really dumb i panicked over dumbest things ever like i took like a vitamin i thought
the vitamin was going like mess me up or something like do some crazy stuff to me and that was
pritty i was a vitamin so that was pritty pritty out there i had to stop recording for
a bit because i have this like overwhelming anxiety over the fact that they could be listening
to me making a video and i just felt ocward about that like i felt like they would be
jugging me or just i just couldn’t not make a video with them listening like they dont
know i make videos or anything i dont want them to know i kinda keep my distance away
away from that and ya its hella annoying when they walk in because i have to stop video
weight for them to do what ever the hell they do and ya thats pritty much my anxiety cuz
i have a full blown panic disordered my anxiety is pritty bad its gotten better over the years
since i learned to face a lot of my fears and deal with it vary well iv bin to therapy
and everything but thats one of my mental disorders i guess and another thing i was
dyecnosed with was when i was really young was add attention deficit disorder basically
i just cant pay attention to things and my mind wonders all the time and i dont know
if you guys realized i have add sometimes in my videos il be like talking about one
topic and i just switch over to something and i have to put myself back into the topic
i normally cut those up like il be making this video right now and i guarantee you il
start talking about something completely different but i edit that out so you dont see that but
i have add my mind wonders all the time im constantly thinking about the most random
things in the world like freaking dragons and and pokemon and and but cracks so there
you go another thing that i have sad witch is seasonal affective disorder basically durring
the winter time i get really low energy and and sad and my anxiety gets worse and i find
that a actually get vary like cynical and what i mean by that is like i just get vary
hate filled with everything i just get so angry at the world and just everything and
i just get this really down i dont feel like doing anything its really hard for me to get
out of bed and everything and that happens between like november november to around march
i think it happens in the winter and in the summer im like freaking fine im like freaking
fine durring the summer but durring the winter its when that really kicks in i think there
is a stigma attached to people who have disorders and stuff its just because a lot of people
and just ignorent and they dont understand what its like to have these things and and
they say vary rude and ignorent things if you really push yourself and work really hard
you can accomplish things and no matter what you have so ya thats my video the specialchannel
for you special little soles your watching eric light so enjoy the show

45 thoughts on “Mental Disorders I Have – panic disorder , sad , add

  1. Awesome video I some of the Same things you to . My social anxiety was so bad I used to get  panic attacks at school. My social anxiety makes me socially awkward. I feel sad and depressed in the winter Maybe I had sad too. But u just keep being you

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I have ptsd, depression eating disorders and severe anxiety. We all have our labels and our problems but panic attacks suck. Sounds to me like you have them daily that's how I am. Over nothing it ruins relationships and job opportunities. Along with social anxiety its hard enough finding a job. For me it gets to the point where I black out along with not eaying restricting calories ect but I shake really hard and it goes into suicidal tendency and self harm. But generally I'm a bubbly happy person. Panic attacks are terrible people don't really understand unless they have them often. I'm trying to get better and not let fear run my life, life is too short. Thank you for sharing I really love your videos Eric ♡

  3. I have anxiety disorder too, I have to take medication for it, what sucks is if I forget to take it I get worried and the worry can lead to an epileptic attack. I also have autism, which basically means I see things in a different way than others. If someone is shouting I immediately think they are shouting at me. It also means I take things literally so if someone says chuck the remote over, I will literally chuck it. I agree with you saying that people can say mean things, if they knew how a panic attack felt, I'm sure they would back off.

  4. I have chronic depression, PTSD and anxiety so I feel your pain. l wasn't officially diagnosed with chronic depression until I was eighteen. It was the result of most likely serotonin imbalance, my epilepsy, bullying and low self-esteem. I had just gotten so good at hiding my depression that it never arose until I almost killed myself before I started college. I have anxiety which is wrapped around a lot with school work actually. I get very anxious about a lot of things. I have PTSD which is just hell. I rarely get flashbacks to the things that happened to me anymore but they are still there. It effected my anxiety and made it worse thus resulting in the occasional panic attack. I have grown to control my panic attacks when they occur so it seems that everything is normal. As expected with PTSD, my depression worsened to the degree that I literally shut down for a month where I barely did any schoolwork, barely saw friends, kept to myself, went to bed between 4-6 in the morning, was late to class, people never knew where I was, etc.

    Thanks for making this video. I think it will help a lot of people.

  5. @AltFreak25 yes I do, I have loads of other disorders as well. The epilepsy part is probably the most annoying part of my disorders, since it means I can't drive, can't stay at parties too long because of the strobe lights (but that's ok, I'm quite anti-social 🙂 ) I can't go on rides that spin around, and what's worse is that I have benign occipital epilepsy which only 0.2% – 0.9% of epileptic people have it.

    Thank you Eric Light, I try not to let me get it down 😊

  6. I do have anxiety and mostly prefer to be alone. I like the "emo/scene" style a lot but I don't like to draw attention to myself and I probably couldn't deal with all of the judging and whatnot. 

  7. I have Anit-Social/Socially awkward problems, and I get really anxious when I know people are watching ._. I know how you feel e.e

  8. i have add, adhd, post-traumatic stress disorder, manic episodes, specific phobias and panic disorder. And I have to take medication for add and adhd  so that i can stay calm while i'm at school and get actual work done. I used to have really bad panic attacks when i was little and it kind of made me limit myself from stuff and if i saw any form of insect or spider i woul immediately scream or cry or run away and people would say i overreacted to stuff and i would think i acted completely rationally. So i kind of have like very few friends and i've had the same group of friends since 5th nd 6th  grade whichis like 10 people. When i was in 6th grade i was kicked out of class because i stood up and walked around the class for no reason and the teacher was just like "if you can't sit down then you need to leave the class and walk around out there" Sp i've had a really bad  school life nd childhood living with these

  9. Last time,i was at a club for talents,and there was like 20 persons and we did stupid stuff for the show (dance,sing 80's songs..)
    and,one guy always said "Hey,ur name ? This is not how we do,you should do like that." or "You are in the wrong position you should be next to name" and like everybody was so fake,everything was wrong. I cried in the room next to my mom,she said 'You have a serious problem.' and a bunch of teenagers came next to me and told me with a fake smile 'What's wrong ?'. I have a serious fear of people. Fact : One guy told me,one day,that i was a strange goth,and that i was dangerous. He was at the club for talents.

  10. Panicking over something irrational is pretty normal for anxiety disorders. It doesn't mean it's delusional. 
    With delusions you completely believe something bad(or not necessarily bad) is going to happen. With anxiety you might strongly(or not so strongly) feel as if something bad might happen, but at the back(or very back) of your mind you know nothing bad is going to happen. It's just hard to tell when you are panicking.

  11. i have a playlist on me channel helping people defeating anxiety etc. it's from a survivor's point of view instead of a doctor's (who's never suffered intense anxiety themselves). if u have time u can check out those videos 😛 my approach isn't to push things too hard. instead, i tell people to lay back and take baby steps and it defeats anxiety better and in the end those baby steps really do add up and we can accomplish things that way as well 😛 

  12. I have panic attacks, depression, anxiety, bipolar and people just do not understand what it is like unless they experience it themselves so I know how you feel Eric it is very difficult and frustrating.

  13. No judging, but I constantly worry/panic over what to get at restaurants. It is really weird. Does anyone else get that? Sometimes I get so pressured I just end up in tears.

  14. Omg I know exactly what you're talking about when you said you freaked out over a vitamin, i did the same thing only with ibuprofen that I took for a headache..

  15. i panicked over my step mom saying that i don't need to buy my own food. the way it looks sounds dumb but i got use to always buying my own stuff then she suddenly takes my stuff and buys it for me. or i panic over someone walking close to me and keeps staring at me. things like that.

  16. i have panic disorder without agoraphobia too and have also had full blown panic attacks over the stupidest stuff. the weather changing, food or medicines going to kill me, what if gravity stopped working, what if i never poo again, we are all meatsacks, everyone has their own life and thoughts, the list goes on. so much stupid but you gotta be incredibly brave and strong to deal with this amount of stupid on a daily basis

  17. I have anxiety and ADD as well. I'll just think of anything random and my mind wonders a lot. But I actually love winter though. I hate summer tbh.

  18. i have add and autism so i kind of have difficulties communicating with people and actually paying attention to what they are saying. I kind of have these moment where i panic too, like i cant work in groups and i get so awfully nervous when doing stuff with my class and i have no idea why. i try to be positive about my disorders, because i mean theres good sides of them too, but it doesnt always work. honestly, you inspire me alot.

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