May is Mental Health Awareness Month | Talks at Google

actually at Google once and Bill Duane was
introducing me. And he said, Sharon is an OG. So I said, what’s that? And he said, Original Gangster. I said, oh, OK. ANDY PUDDICOMBE: And
I’d been sent away to go and teach meditation in
a meditation center in Moscow, of all places. It was as far away as
they could send me. [LAUGHTER] SHILPA SHETTY KUNDRA: Namaste. Wow. I’m on Google. Yay. You’re all “yogalers.” How wonderful is that? So all of you actually do yoga? [LAUGHTER] That’s terrible. MATTHEW WALKER: Thank you. Well, it’s a delight and
privilege to be here. And I would like to
start with testicles. ANDY PUDDICOMBE: It start’s
with just patting your head, if you can. OK. And you know where
this is going. I’d just like you to
start kind of rubbing. Start to notice
how everything’s– I’m already starting to
see a bit of this going on. SHARON SALZBERG: And I
looked around the airplane and I thought, maybe
these are my people. Here we are, maybe forever. CELESTE HEADLEE: Most of
us have a pretty hard time accepting that we’re not
great conversationalists. Generally we seem to think– if the conversation goes bad,
we blame the other person. And in fact, that’s
not just my opinion. There’s a lot of
really good research that shows that we actually rate
our conversational skills much higher than they actually are. KATI MORTON: People talk a
lot about mental health now. And nobody really
defines what that means. If you were to think
about– if I just asked you, does anybody know the
difference between mental health and mental illness,
we might not know. Right? And that’s OK. No judgments. GRAY COOK: One of the first ways
I talk to patients or athletes is, is this the hardware
or software problem? Sometimes your structure,
the structure of your body, is the reason you can’t get
that next thing out of movement. SPEAKER 8: Everybody. SHILPA SHETTY KUNDRA:
time, a little louder. SHILPA SHETTY KUNDRA:
But recently we’ve discovered that you not only
need sleep after learning, you also need sleep
before learning. ANDY PUDDICOMBE: Now to
add to that, I’d like you to just very slowly,
quietly, under your breath, just start whispering your
zip code, just to yourself. KELSEY CROWE: Then when you
hit your 40s, oh, my god. Everybody’s hitting
some kind of bottom. And then the bottom is falling
out from under the bottom. JUDITH WRIGHT: And
how many of you could admit that perhaps you’ve
had a mindless moment somewhere in your life? Could I see? All right, I wanted to check. How many of you are
so out of it right now you can’t raise your hand? I’m just going to see how many
people want to play with that. How many of you would really
like even more consciousness, more mindfulness? Let me see that. OK, great. SOPHIE BOSTOCK: And
what I’d like you to do is when you see a statement
on the screen which is true for you most of the
time, I’d like you to sit down. OK? So firstly, I rely on the
alarm clock to wake up. So most of you. SHILPA SHETTY KUNDRA: It’ll
just open up, you know? Inhale all the positivity. [EXHALES] SHAWN STEVENSON: We’ve
got to learn to just adjust and streamline
some of the things that we’re going to
do on a daily basis, whether it’s consuming
alcohol or even something like caffeine. BILL DUANE: How can we help? How can we support? How can we be of service for
you to find a practice that works for you so that you can
do this thing that we know will bring benefit for you,
in this case for this company, and then for the people who
you meet and in the world?

9 thoughts on “May is Mental Health Awareness Month | Talks at Google

  1. poverty ignored for decades yet… mental health support cuz government / corporation / church cares. riiiiiiiight.

  2. Are you Mental health aware?
    There’s Over 200 mental health conditions out there.
    It's not a physical disability It's psychological.
    It's hard to see the signs because Mental health is invisible, From Psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia,
    Depression, anxiety, eating disorders like bulimia.
    Bipolar, personality disorders and body dysmorphia,
    Feeling sad and confused, then in a state of euphoria.
    There's counselling, medication, C.b.t,
    The side effects from the meds leave you feeling like a zombie. Silently battling demons, smiling through the pain,
    Putting on a mask, there's an image to maintain.
    Biggest smile in the room, bottling it all up inside,
    Acting like everything in your life is fine.
    Panic attacks so bad, it's like your going to explode,
    Intense pressure, trying your best not to implode.
    Life and soul of the party, silently struggling on,
    Never truly feeling like you really belong.
    How do I know that? I am guilty of doing the same,
    Not reaching out, Not wanting to complain.
    Thoughts of wanting to jump in front of a train,
    Therapists ask “how do you feel?” I can't even explain.
    Feeling Happy one minute, then like I’m going insane,
    Trying t o stop these horrible thoughts running through my brain. Media, trolls, society all as bad as each other,
    It's not hard for us to just be kind to one another.
    It’s hard to live with mental health so just be kind,
    You never really know another person's state of mind.
    There's help and support out there for all mental health,
    Reach out to someone you are not by yourself.
    If you're worried about someone or you need support yourself, Speak to your doctor, look after your mental health.

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