Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling | Viterbo University

Let’s change our world through mental
health services, through professional integrity, through evidence-based
practice. You’re ready to become a clinical mental health counselor and
promote health and wellness across the lifespan. Let’s change our world through
Viterbo University’s Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. I think I
discovered over time I was a counselor. I liked connecting with people and so I
was waiting for an opportunity I guess to be a counselor. When someone finds out
something very integral to who they are and maybe why they do things, that’s
when we’re starting to be able to discover what the change might be. In my
role, I try to help support any of the members who are struggling behaviorally
and/or emotionally in their families and also really focus on training the staff.
I chose to be a counselor because I just have a passion for helping others. We
provide the foundation for being able to work anywhere on the continuum with
health and wellness – chronic persistent mental illness and then we try to also
look at what are the growing areas of need
so we have three different areas and one is child and adolescent. One is substance
abuse counseling. And one is integrative health. I definitely appreciate the
structure of the program in the sense that classes are on Thursdays and
weekends. It helps with working life and balancing home and work. I would describe
the program as something that is very flexible and really can be tailored to
what somebody is looking for. I felt that all the professors I had were really
willing to go that extra mile to make sure I got what I needed to be the best
clinician. Counseling is this amazing thing of it’s a science but it’s the art
of being with people. So it’s a science on knowing all of the different things
that can contribute to challenges but it’s the art of knowing how to be with a
person. The video recording assignments that was where we
had put into action the things that we were learning but it was easy and we
were coached through it. 90 percent of all of the instructors teaching in the
program are licensed and providing services in the field of mental health
counseling. They bring an extra dimension in they know the real world life and
that helps really prepare those students in those, in those arenas. This program
definitely has given me the opportunities to go beyond anything I
imagined for myself and really take into account my own professional dreams and
be able to explore more what I want to do with myself in the future. I
definitely felt the program prepared me for just about everything that I faced
in some capacity so I feel like I’ve grown tremendously in my ability to like
plan programs and then execute them. The program is phenomenal. Viterbo just
gives me that feel of home and it feels like it fits and it feels right. What I
appreciate most about my master’s program journey was the fact that I
was able to truly change the course of my life. I never thought that I would be
able to be sitting where I am right now as the owner of a therapy clinic going
to work every day loving it. You’re ready to become a clinical mental
health counselor and promote health and wellness across the lifespan.
Viterbo University’s Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Let’s
change our world.

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