Marizo expresses her worries for Kobe who wants to drive his father’s motorcycle | MMK

– Somebody call for help! – The poor kid!
– Oh, my god! Oh, my god! We need to call for help. [PASSERSBY TALKING] Call for an ambulance, hurry! [PASSERSBY TALKING] Hurry, please! [PASSERSBY TALKING] [PORTENTIOUS MUSIC] Sit down, Mom. [SIGHS] There was a boy who
got into a motorcycle accident. He was seriously injured. He shouldn’t have
gone riding without a helmet. He’s actually the same age
as Kobe. They’re not strict about
wearing helmets here, Mom. In big cities, yes. Kobe, the laws
are implemented for your own safety, not to get the cops
off your back. Because laws are put in
place for the good everyone. Minors should not be
allowed to drive. The same goes for motorcycle
riders without helmets and those who fail to bring
their driver’s licenses. It’s as simple as that. I do feel sorry for the kid, but he only has himself
to blame. Mom, I’ll be turning 18
next year. That means I can get
a driving license. – Kobe!
– Don’t worry, Marizo. I’ll teach our son here
how to drive properly. – Dad?
– Got that, Kobe? Stop worrying, Mom! I won’t end up in an accident
like that boy. Besides, Dad’s right.
I’ll be extra careful. Kobe, please listen to me. You can’t drive yet! Kobe grew up an obedient
and disciplined child, so we had no problem giving
him anything he asked for. Except him wanting to drive
a motorcycle, that is – I never understood
why he that so badly. Mom. Dad. I’ll be over
at my classmate’s house. I need to make a presentation
for our project but my laptop’s not working. This time, of all times. – Can I go?
– Sure. Can I…use the motorcycle? What for? Kobe, we already
talked about that. Let him. I know he’s
a conscientious driver. But he doesn’t have a license! – I’ll be careful, Mom!
– No! I already said no,
and that’s that. Come on, Mom. I’ve been a good student, I’ve also been a part of
the student council. I’ve done nothing but
do everything you say, and you still don’t trust me! When will you
even trust me, Mom? I’m not a baby anymore, so stop treating me like one! Kobe… …are you still mad? It’s true… …I don’t want you
to grow up so fast. If you and Brian could
stay young forever, that would be great. That way, you’ll always
stay by my side. But growing up is part of life. If I seem to be too strict
on you… …it’s only because I don’t
want you to be in harm’s way. It isn’t because
I don’t trust you… …it’s because
I’m your mother. You know what… …your dad and I could never
be any happier every time you bring home
a medal or a certificate
of recognition. We’re so very proud of you… …because we know
you’ll go places. But no matter where
life leads you… …just remember that
I’ll always be here for you. I’m sorry, Mom. I’m really sorry. By the way, we’re going
to Tacloban tomorrow. We’ll find you a new laptop. – And just like that…
– Thank you, Mom! You won’t have to borrow
from your classmate anymore. – Right?
– Yes, Mom! Should we buy you
deodorant, too? I love you, dear.

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