Marga, nailigtas sa bingit ng kamatayan | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Marga! – Marga!
– What are you doing here?! – Marga!
– Don’t come any closer, Dad! What are you doing here? You called them? You tattletale! Marga, dear, please, let’s talk. Why, Dad? Mom? What do we have to talk about? Stop overreacting! Marga. Marga, please,
whatever it is, I can fix it. I’ll fix it for you,
please, baby. Just come here,
please, please, please. Please. I don’t know
what you’re talking about. I’m just having fun! Marga! Why don’t you try it, so you can get your mind
off your problems? – Look.
– Marga! – Marga!
– I’m flying! All I want… …is to be happy. The company, the car shop… Those are the only things
you care about, because all your attention
is focused on Tita Romina and Cassie,
and not me. What about me?
Am I really important to you?! Do you really love me?! Because you don’t know
what’s been happening to me! You don’t even care to ask. That’s not true, dear. – That’s not true.
– But it is, Mom! What hurts me more
is you don’t realize it! So what if they
don’t prioritize you? That they don’t have time
for you? What the hell are you saying?! What do you want to hear, Marga? That they don’t care about you? Shut up!
What’s wrong with you?! Do you really want
my daughter to die?! Daniela, enough! You always say that they
don’t care about you, but they’re here, aren’t they? Marga, I went through a lot
of suffering in my life, but I’ve always believed
that nothing lasts forever! You can still make things right. Please, you have to believe me. – Marga.
– Think about your Lolo Dad! Let’s go home, Marga.
Let’s go home. Marga, please, trust me, Lolo Dad would
never want this to happen. – We all love you very much!
– Let’s go home. Marga, let’s go home.
Come on. We love you very much! Your Lolo Dad loves you so much. He wouldn’t want you
to get hurt. Marga, please. Marga! Marga, please, don’t let go! Daddy! Marga, don’t let go! Marga! Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Let’s check on her again later. Marga, dear… I didn’t know you were
going through so much. I wasn’t really
planning on jumping. I’m sorry I went overboard. I was just trying
to have some fun. I know the real reason
you did that, dear. It was because
you’re upset with us. You didn’t even have
the time to ask me how I was… …or if I was okay. You don’t even know
what’s going on in my life. You only see me
whenever I make mistakes. Marga, if your mom and I
had been too busy… It’s because we were
doing everything for you. That’s not true. You were only doing that
to prove yourself. You were only doing that
to prove to everyone that you can support us
on your own. And you, Mommy… You were only doing those things to prove to everyone that
you’re better than Tita Romina. I’m already sick of it! I mean, I had to be drunk… …and be in an accident
before you could notice me. Marga… Marga– I just want to rest now.

100 thoughts on “Marga, nailigtas sa bingit ng kamatayan | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

  1. "nakikita niyo lang ako pag nagkakamali ako"
    "Gusto ko lang naman….. maging masaya"
    "You don't even care to ask". I feel you, marga.💔

  2. Comfort niyo ako😭😭😭
    Ilang beses na pumapasok sa isip ko ang suicide😭
    Gusto ko nang mawala
    Gusto ko nang mamatay😭
    Wala naman nakaka intindi sa nararamdaman ko ngayon😪

  3. Grabe 'yong character dito ni Andrea. Ang hirap iinternalize ng mga ganitong depressing na roles. Imagine, kailangan maging matured ang pag-iisip ng gaganap sa ganitong roles kasi kailangan nilang intindihin kung bakit gano'n 'yong inaasta ng role nila, and Andrea did well on portraying and expressing her role. Habang pinapanuod ko 'to, hindi ko nakikita si Andrea. Si Cassie talaga 'yong nakikita ko. 'Yong vulnerable na Cassie na hindi madalas makita ng lahat. Grabe, kudos to Andrea at sa mga writers. Hindi ko alam kung hands down ba ako or hands up. Hahahaha.

  4. Oh my favorite corrupter is calling you soI’m sad because I am that’s my real team because a download a game of the

  5. I feel you marga, i have the same way that you feel here, but i still hiding it because i don't want my parent to be come dissapointed to me i don't want them to feel that i not appreciate there efforts

  6. Nakikita niyo ako pag nagkakamali ako 😭 i feel you 😫 mahal ka lang nila pag nawala ka pero kapag andyan iniichupwera ka lang 😭

  7. Woah…………why is no one talking about kristof expression when marga almost fell on the building…………😑😑😑

  8. I just wanted to kill Romina because she's joining a fight of other people can she mind her own business does she want marga to die for her family to be happy 😠😠😠😡😡😡😡

  9. Marga is a good girl it’s just Daniela telling her lies and putting bad influence in margay life and brain I honestly don’t know why Daniela is like that

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