Mak90 – Shot in the head documentary

[music plays] We in the emergency room they got
a various different rooms where everybody’s got shot or got hurt or whatever they whatever there detail mite have been. I see somebody on in the room before me. Over yonder right in like 12 o’clock
in front of me he flopping on a gurney. I’m telling him blood hold on blood because I don’t
know if he got shot with me. I know he was there, but he’s only person I know
that was there. So I’m telling him hold on blood, hold on homey.
Don’t die on me homie I’m still here with you. I’m still here with you homey hold on,
hold on my nigga. After that doctors came in they restrained me held
me down, next thing I know they put the curtains over there were blood was at [music plays] I was a I was w was a vegetable I
had to learn how to talk read write everything you know how to how to live
with one side of my body it went through my left side which shut down my right side “music plays” my name is Mak90 this is my journey breaking news breaking news
shattered by gunfire the man was shot right over there by that police car so what we
know is it happened around nine o’clock the victim was taken to the hospital we’ve
learned he’s an extremely critical condition police are treating this as a
homicide scene but it can go either way police say its unclear if the shooter
targeted the two victims before driving off. Start off by telling us you know were calling this a miracle is that accurate? Well from what the doctors are
saying now it is essentially a miracle if what they were saying about the
trajectory of the bullet is accurate. What their saying is that the bullet entered here and came out here. The ordinary person as opposed to the person
who is high on drugs or the person who is psychotic and crazy. This person these
persons don’t have the don’t have the brain telling them your shot fall over
and so they don’t. [music plays] “music stops” I took the first two. You know what i mean I’m a young homey at the time you know. “music plays” Tina’s is poppin know what I mean and the bam right across the street. bullets flying everywhere know what im saying really chopping it with blood and a the homey hit in shit the other homie hit but he kind of
bool so you know this homie he ain’t bool. so I’m like blood what the fuck I go down
and get to aiding and shit you know blood a nigga kinda fucked up blood got a big-ass hole in the middle this
motherfucking head blood you know with nothing coming about that motherfucking though blood that’s what it was fucking me up the back to the motherfucking hoodie though
blood was all fuckin soggy and shit. blood I’m bool you know I’m at my homeboy’s
side blood. I ‘m trying to make sure my homeboy is bool why is you motherfuckers blood
pushing up on me blood you understand me blood cuff a nigga up blood
damn near beat a nigga up type shit. I’m hollering and screaming telling
these motherfuckers my homeboy blood. call 9 motherfucking 1 1 1 ambalance
somebody fast. My nigga here tho blood thats all that matter. First bullet went through my leg close to my nuts and came out the buttcheek. Turned to the left took the other one right here. Bullet came out right here. Turned around and took the other one. That night Tina’s was popping you know what I’m saying
I’m a young nigga like 19 you know I mean I can’t even get inside Tina’s that’s a 21
and up bar you know I’m saying you know but I’m outside posted with the big
homies and shit you know we doing our thang [music playis] It’s like this blood got shot in the head blood. Blood got shot in the head blood and on everything how many niggas walk away from a gunshot to the head? Not many nigga could probably only count on his
fingers how many niggas done walked away from blood getting shot in the head blood. Easily blood could’ve been a B.I.P homey. We just was at a funeral of a homey blood
the homey got shot in the side blood somewhere blood and IB.I.P blood
gone blood. And niggas is loving blood to death. if blood would’ve got killed blood that night blood
when blood got shot in the head niggas would’ve been remembering blood like
saying something on the set blood the homey Mak90 blood and praising blood and
loving blood on everything in blood remembrance blood but blood wasn’t ready to go nigga.
Blood still here nigga. And for a nigga to be on some backwards foul
any type bomedy shit blood with a homey like that blood is bomedy to me blood. Gangsta Rabb 56th and Roswell on the set u got damn right nigga five six nigga five six and Roswell nigga real shit when I was younger I used to think that shit if I’m about to die I could just
pray to God and I’ll go to heaven. It don’t happen like that you don’t got
that you don’t get that chance. You don’t get that chance to pray. [music plays]

7 thoughts on “Mak90 – Shot in the head documentary

  1. Professional documentary production. Stay vested, keep real riders invested, stay ready where ever you're stepping, never know when a hater done crept in lying wait for the moment of you slipping, his team get to clipping the pistol grips and that's the end of your life….damn.
    I stay out of shady locations with shady characters, that's the only way to stay safe, bullets can come from anyway, if they spray a everything gets penetrated. Stay moving don't hang in open an assassin could be scoping.

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