Maintaining Employment: Successful Strategies for Individuals with Mental Illness

[MUSIC] Some of the major
job maintenance type of skills that I think are
the backbone of successfully maintaining employment for
individuals with mental illness would be the big four resiliency
skills that we talk about. So that would be
setting smart goals, so SMART being the acronym. So Specific, Measurable,
Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. So actually doing that
deliberate process of setting a goal for
themselves at work and being able to
track their progress and their
accomplishment of those steps through their employment. So that would be one skill. Second skill would
be visualization and really taking that
time too visualize what it is that success will
look like for them that day or that week or in that
employment position. It allows perspective
and it allows the ability to step back from
being bombarded by the expectations
of the employment and to really be able to
anticipate being successful, and that’s really important. Positive self-talk
is very similar. So being able to instead
of getting caught up in kind of the things that
we do where we’re behind and we haven’t done this
and we haven’t done this and we haven’t done this,
just really switching that and saying, this is what
I have accomplished, and these are the things
that I have crossed off my list of things to do today. And that can be, again, very
good at calming and kind of fending off some of that
stress that you feel at work and creating that
space to be successful. And then deep breathing,
which is something that we all should do, would
be another really practical strategy that people have
reported really, really successful. So taking that time and doing
that centering, breathing, and being able to kind of
take that back to basics, and doing that very mindful
activity for a really small part of the
day, and then allowing them to move forward
again with their tasks that they have to do. [MUSIC]

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