#Lockdown | Man in the Mirror | Psychotic Brothers Films

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech: I request you all I request you with my hands joined Where ever you people are right now in the country stay there As per the circumstances The lockdown in the country will be held for 21 days listen to me for once, I didn’t do the lockdown Let me complete what I am saying Let the Quarantine get over, I promise I will do your show What kind of a person are you ? Why ain’t you listening to me Okey you wait and watch, I am not going to pay your money back. get lost Hey bro ! whatsup ? How are you ? Nothing much just chilling at home, what are you upto ? I am jerking off It’s not funny, not at all. There is nothing much to do at home I am not allowed to go down. Who is there at home ? Why are you calling people at home ? You shouldn’t call, who is at home ? I told you there is nobody at home I am alone Okey I thought there was someone …… what happened ? Why did you say that ? Your voice is cracking …. hello there is no network It’s been a while since I kissed you hugged you please come The lockdown has screwed me up I am sick of it okey listen Can I come to your place ? to your parking lot we can make out in the parking lot …. Ajay are you okey ? Ajay wakep up, Ajay ! Ajay ! Why didn’t you answer my call ? I am trying to call you from a very long time Your security doesn’t let anybody pass what have you done to yourself ? Are you taking your medicines? How many days did you skip? it’s been 15 days You are drinking alchohol on top of that you are also skipping your meds Alchohol I was not the one drinking It was him who was drinking Alchohol Cigarette lots of noise sounds and horror movie he was disturbing my privacy Ajay Nobody lives in your house It’s nothing but your imagination what There is nobody here I have seen him I keep seeing him around He is everywhere but you can’t see him because when you come he hides himself He is cunning He is playing games He is over there I don’t see anybody Ajay Please take your medicines on time Please take care of your self please. A doctor Diagnosed her with Dissociative Identity Disorder Its what we all used to know as multiple personality disorder This is Joe Fryer got a chance to meet her …… Ajay, there is nobody here. Please take care of yourself Ajay, this is nothing but your imagination There is nobody here Listen, take your medicines and have this on time You will feel better

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