Local hospital starts treating mental illnesses using VR gadgets

now virtual reality technology is
Germany used for entertainment or educational contents but it’s use is
spreading to the medical sector here in South Korea a local hospital in fact has
started running a therapy program featuring VR gadgets to treat patients
with various mental disorders Jo Sungmin reports this man wearing a VR set has
been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder using the skier he is
simulating conversations with strangers to try and get used to meeting other
people in the real world this is one of the programs launched recently on a
trial basis by a local hospital to help people with mental disorders or phobias
get over their fears they still might feel anxious but since they know it’s
only practiced they are not as stressed as would be meeting real people
therapists can assess how afraid the patients are using real-time data such
as their heart rate and the number of times they make virtual eye contact
using the collected data each patient is assigned to personalized VR programs for
the social skills they need to improve most the software developer says using
the VR programs along with existing therapies will vastly improve the
quality and results of treatment this program does not require much time or
space users can do it whenever and wherever they’d like and they can repeat
the process over and over in conjunction with other treatments the hospital is
currently testing the VR therapy sessions on 100 patients and depending
on the results they will add the program officially starting next March chose
Ameen Arirang news

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