Live Q&A with nednednerB – Ep. 1

um well a few people might might trickle in
and if anyone has any questions you’re curious to ask this is a live Q&A that’s
the purported theme thanks for joining I’m going to dream mode dream mood sorry
I’ll get back to this how old was I when I first started having symptoms well about 14 or 15 was when I first noticed
I was having symptoms of some sort and I looked up I looked up online because I
was a kid that had the Internet every kid has the Internet today but I was one
of the early kids that had the Internet and I was looking up on the internet I
found people describing themselves describing their own situation they had
schizophrenia and they were talking about their experiences and I related to
that and I self-identified before I went to the psych ward for the first time
which was 17 so 17 was when I first was really acutely psychotic and I everyone
else was noticing I noticed and some my mother says there were warning signs
from when I was about 15 or so that things started to change for me and I
started sort of getting into a darker place psychologically the day WTF our
pated commented and said ask the question about early earlier diagnosis
and in grade 11 I was diagnosed with chronic pain the doctor called it pain
amplification syndrome and I noticed chronic pain issues back in grade five I
remember a school teacher came and put his hand on my on my shoulder after gym
class and after gym class off to the exertion he patted me on the shoulder
and I went out and he told me that I had a low pain threshold
so that was a present before the about 17 like I said when at the end of grade
12 and this in the summer after that I buy by the September after I graduated
from grade 12 I was in the hospital and hallucinating and full-bore delusions
and all that thanks for the questions those are good questions the arrests took a long time to get it
recognized for what it was for sure does take time to get things recognized I I
started looking for medical help regarding my pain issues I looked I
thought from a young age because I had family members that had chronic pain so
I recognized it I guess hi the artist next door welcome thanks
for joining in does anybody have another question I
think I answered those two you think your channel is excellent in
there thank you thanks for the comment welcome to my first live stream I’m glad
people learn from my videos that’s the comments that I receive on my videos
year after year month after month week after week are so heartwarming people
thanking me for teaching them something showing them something they didn’t know
I know that uh not everyone talks openly about mental health issues I don’t even
talk openly about all my mental health issues with everyone I talk more openly
to my youtube channel and people that I’m friends with it’s an archive yeah
for sure thank you I will keep it up yeah that’s a trouble troubling
situation when somebody has an addiction problem and the the social services
industry and the homelessness outreach industry talk about patients or clients
that are not fit for treatment and if someone is having really intense
substance use and they that they can’t go straight into a normal psych ward
because they would go into withdrawals perhaps and that would be dangerous
it’s the withdrawals from some drugs are like a form of psychosis and it’s like
it would be a huge thing to handle to just cut people off drugs because I
couldn’t keep doing the drugs than in the psych ward but treating people who
are in the community who are addicted to various substances but still need
ongoing psychiatric help or psychological assessment for various
services various treatment paradigms and I think it I think there there’s
probably room for the whole role in social services and medical industry
where someone who who works with people who are addicted to substances help them
to get psychiatric assistance and like framework for treatment because that is
essential it’s other like otherwise it just leaves them so the clue that you
mentioned you use the word deserve and I know some people do have real judgement
about people on drugs on substances but that’s going back in time a little bit
mental health issues work would be viewed just as with just as much disdain
from people saying oh they’re crazy just leave them in the loony bin don’t
support them don’t give them houses don’t give them welfare money don’t give
them that so think there’s those sorts of stigmas are
even harder on someone with mental health issues and who is homeless sores
on substances and not able to just fit in to the to a system into it to
treatment plan it’s a hard it’s a hard move but it needs to be supported that
moved towards living with substance use reduction and still getting the help
psychiatrically that they need for the for real mental health issues that are
that are distinct from all the other issues with the substances and social
position and everything can I say that
the chat is you got 420 and firehorse about living
in a very conservative area all I can suggest is the people in that area that
are caring for those with mental health issues advocate for changing the social
views Trant reducing a stigma I don’t know what else to suggest for that I’ll
go back to this question I artists next door do you feel like having the channel
is helpful for you yes I do think it’s helpful for me you mentioned the word
archive I do appreciate being able to put my
thoughts out there and look back and look back in my history and see where
and what I thought various things that were at some point at some points I
thought my videos were much more meaningful or quality than they were and
then I look back at and later and it’s really amateurish and also sometimes my
state of mind is not very solid or steady and I thought it was sometimes
I’ve deleted videos and other times I’ve changed the descriptions to reflect that
I was in a weird state when I made those videos but that it has been good
sometimes I’ll look back at some of those old videos and I’ll remember
things that I wouldn’t have without that diary or record or archive and yeah so I
do feel the channel it’s helpful for me and I like communicating so I like
sharing things the comments the fact that the comments I get that people
appreciating my stories and learning and finding value from them that is also
helpful to me because I like helping people
what WTF are pay did I was actually asking if there was another neuro
divergence that was considered before schizophrenia um no not for me okay that’s what’s happening sadly we have
conservative reason I think I won’t delete any more videos ever again I hope
I won’t people that want to understand about it yet we’ll be watching them for
years yeah I bet hmm thanks thanks guys you know everybody engages in different
ways whether through comments or likes are just watching and learning
it’s obviously uh everybody gets something different about different out
from YouTube and different individual channels and sometimes comments are
really wild to me and I don’t know where they came from and sometimes comments or
there’s a lot of thanks so it’s good fifteen minutes running strong mm-hmm
OOP shit so I I shouldn’t have swore this is not meant for 18 years and older
I need a teenager might be watching I shouldn’t have sworn
maybe I’ll blink it out or be able to later I make this video more low-quality every
time I take the stand cool yeah a lot of people do comment
about watching this content people who have family members or partners who are having mental health issues and they
find a lot of benefit from things from learning about sometimes sometimes when
somebody is more thick in symptoms and maybe less likely to have insight at the
moment I think people that know them want to find out more so they find value
from me because I am verbose so oh they can’t imagine how it will end up all
right well does anybody have any other
questions I think I might be almost done this today I have some other things to
do today and I’m glad to have done this and talked to all of you just keep
reading I will thanks for the reassurance whoa I’m in a dream again these are
funny filters what’s this doc you heart blind documentary-style dawn normal 4:29 firehorse I can only suggest being
as supportive as you can right being as supportive as you can all the time and not trying to fix but you also can’t
like you can’t just it’s hard to just watch someone say things and when
they’re manic and like I guess when when they are when when your personal and the
person is calmer and in a clear state of mind probably the things you say to be
supportive are more impactful then then resisting or fighting or changing or
trying to work at their perspective when they’re in the in the high mania zone
the high mania zone is it’s too frightening it might be better just to
get out of there that but like you know it’s hard because it’s just hard for
sure so good luck with that good luck hi DK you asked do you think social
anxiety and schizophrenia go hand-in-hand for many yes for me sometimes sometimes
when I have when I have a jolting anxiety trigger the anxiety can go from
here to here really quick and I noticed that especially since I quit smoking
tobacco I quit smoking tobacco in 2012 and after that I started having a lot
more social anxiety apparently going for a break every five minutes to have
another puff kept me regulated in a certain way so I noticed more anxiety
after I quit tobacco than I ever noticed before but they used to give me at a van
a long time ago in 2002-2003 when I was in the hospital and so anxiety has gone
together with it for me well everyone you’re welcome everyone I
will keep doing my videos I will keep working at it
and I’ll do a live Q&A pupsession like this again surely it was fun I like
doing questions and feedback right off the top of my head I might mumble over
my sentences a couple times but I know that thinking on the fly is often
productive so thanks everyone your questions are really great at provoking
my thought and response and I wouldn’t have had those responses without your
questions so that’s great okay I’m gonna cancel this now bye everyone gonna stop streaming okay

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