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your girl Dutchy and in today’s video I am talking mental illness with a special guest! Hello! My name is Pug (Alex) and i’m with Dutchy
today! And what sort of videos do you make on your
channel? Shit videos. Yep, nice. He does like a bit of everything, he does
whatever he wants and he’s funny sooo, if you’re into that sort of thing then definitely
check out his channel, i’ll put the link in the description box, yeah let’s get into today’s
topic of conversation which is mental illness. We’re going to start off by asking Dutchy
if she herself has a mental illness? No, I do not have a mental illness however,
if I did, I feel like it would be a lot easier for me to talk about it than for you to talk
about it being a male. Yes. Do you agree? Yes. Um so that is like a major thing we’ll talk
about today like it is, the stigma around men having a mental illness is crazy like
people just don’t think it happens and actually in fact the suicide rate for males is much
higher than women so, that’s something that needs to be changed I think! I think so. Do you feel like if you had a mental illness
that you could go to someone and you could talk to someone about it or not? Personally, I reckon I could, okay, but you’re
the minority. Yeah I’m the minority, I reckon I could. Other people definitely not. Yep for sure. So, I did a little bit of research before
doing this video and came across a really common um misconception in regards to mental
health and that was that a lot of people don’t think that mental health is on a spectrum,
which is totally is like you could have someone who is mentally unwell but they are still
able to function and go to work and act fine when they’re not on the inside but then you
have people who are literally hauled up in bed all day, can’t get out, don’t want to
do anything just don’t want to because they are so depressed but the other person just
because they get up and they go to work and they still function, um, like that’s not to
say that they’re not depressed but there’s definitely different levels of it um and I
think that’s really important to sort of consider. You’ve actually chosen a really good topic
for today. Um, I had a friend in high school who killed
herself in year 7. Very hard time, still kinda gets to me today
if I really let it, um, I remember spending that year 7 period to about year 9 just as
you said, hauled up in bed, just wondering how I could have helped and everything I wanted
to go on a path of like being a counsellor for a while but then I was like, kinda kinda
sounding bad here but I didn’t want to deal with other people’s problems. Yeah totally, it’s not for everyone! It’s really hard- it’d be a really hard profession
as well I think. Ah yeah you’ve gotta take sort of work home
with you as well. Yeah. You’ve gotta sleep with that on your mind. It’s not something that you can just leave
at the office and just go home like it’s other people’s lives you’re dealing with so um yeah
no that would be really tough! So you’ve obviously had that side of the spectrum,
thank you for sharing that because that was quite deep. I sort of experienced the other side of the
spectrum so I had, I, when I was a lot younger I dunno, I just went through a stage where,
I wouldn’t say I was like depressed and stuff but like I dunno I went through a time where
I didn’t, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to get out of bed but I literally just wasn’t
really happy and I felt myself faking it like a lot of the time so my parents got a bit
worried about me and they took me to a psychologist. I honestly only ever went once and then after
that I just thought Megan what the heck are you doing like you are fine, like I had one
session and then realised like what the heck and I sort of just snapped out of it so I
was on the other side of the spectrum where I was still functioning, getting out of bed
and doing things but I wasn’t in a healthy mindset and I dunno, I did overcome it and
that’s another thing like there is a huge myth that once you have a mental illness you’re
stuck with it for your entire life which obviously isn’t true like you are the face of overcoming
that like. You can overcome anything and I know that
some things are a lot harder to overcome than others but honestly with the right people
around you and seeking proper help, you can do this, you can get through it. Do you reckon you can be born with a mental
health issue or do you reckon it develops a little bit early on in life? Obviously, some people are born with personality
disorders such as schizophrenia and adhd and all those sorts of disorders but I feel like
a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety, i’m pretty sure anxiety develops. Yeah that’s definitely one that develops. Yeah. SO yeah there are some that you are born with
and some that you are definitely not born with. Do you have anyone that has a mental disorder
in your family or like friend group? In highschool, going through, someone I knew
who was quite close to me suffered from yeah a mental illness and it was really hard to
see that person struggle through that but I was basically put in the position of trying
to make this person feel better um when they didn’t want to seek professional help so they
came to me for a long time which was fine but it did sort of take a toll on me as well
but I learnt how to deal with that in my own way. It was difficult but – you obviously helped
the person – yeah. Did you feel a bit better about yourself for
doing that? Yeah and ever since, that’s part of the reason
that i’m studying psychology because I love helping people. So it’s kinda set you on a pathway? Yeah. Yeah there’s nothing I like more than helping
others out. It doesn’t even have to be like that serious
but just like day to day life. Just love helping people. Are you still friends? Yeah yep. Very close still. I have a couple of people in my life too who
do suffer from varying degrees of anxiety as well. Someone in my family suffered from really
bad anxiety at one point in her life, not anymore. Have you ever had an anxiety attack? Yeah. So what’s it like? Not fun. Yeah i’ve heard that. Not a fun time. Yeah. Ever had like a bad dream? Yeah. It’s basically a bad dream, while you’re awake. Yeah that’s crazy. But like, not just a bad dream, but like a
bad bad dream. Yep okay, like a nightmare. A nightmare in real life! So is yours, was yours to the degree that
like you couldn’t breathe and stuff or was it? Yeah full on. Essentially, like a panic attack. It’s not fun. And like I don’t know if I can class this
as anxiety but my anxiety is literally when I go to like Westfield and there’s too many
people around. My anxiety was when you knocked on the door! Yeah. My anxiety was – aw shit we’re actually doing
this video. Yeah see I have no, I don’t have that. Like and i’m so, I can just do it and I don’t
have any anxiety surrounding that but if I go to like a supermarket or westfield and
there’s so many people around it’s not so much anxiety but i’m just like go home! No, i’m literally, I just hate when there’s
people around it just makes me mad! So you’re a bit like claustrophobic?? Noo and i’m not claustrophobic either I don’t
know what it is but i’m just like go home! I think a lot of people are like that I don’t
think it’s like an anxiety sort of thing or it might be a little bit of anxiety but i’m
not quite sure. Alright so as we’ve mentioned previously like,
depression in males is seriously not spoken about and if there are more males committing
suicide than females then it’s obviously like a huge matter that we need to sort of start
talking about more and like make it okay to approach others to tell them that they’re
not okay. Talk to anyone, it doesn’t even have to be,
you don’t have to seek professional help but just like make it okay for men to talk because
we’re all human. They need to talk, like they need to seek
help. Yeah in saying that there are some different
organisations helping out which has been great. You’ve got like the classical like beyond
blue and all those places. the places people wouldn’t normally want to
go to but they’re obviously there to to help. last year and this year I think Grilld participated
in a campaign which was raising awareness for yeah mens’ mental health and that was
just you painted one nail on one hand but I can’t remember if it was left hand or right
hand but on your left hand. and yeah that was raising awareness and grilld like participated
in that and you got I think you signed up and if you donated money towards it and things
like that you got free meals and things out of that. So that really like if that really would have
got the ball rolling like if you just saw someone that you knew with one finger nail
painted you would probably ask them why and they would tell you about it and thats sort
of how it spreads. I think it was in an AFL match they had like
their nail painted and its like why has that guy got his nail painted blue and I was like
wait why does the whole team have their nail painted blue. well its good to see that people are starting
to come out a bit more and start spreading like here this is what we can talk about and
its good to see the direction its all going in you just kind of hope that those people
that are seeing this take in in and kind of put it back out there. Yep definitely. Not just males that need to speak up even
like females they can cope with emotions pretty well males not so much. Younger children too. younger children like the whole the whole
spectrum lets tie it back into the start the whole spectrum kinda needs to realise alright
there is stuff out there that we can go and do lets go and do that and then see what happen. Alright guys thank you so much for watching
episode two of topics of taboo with my special guest today I hope you guys got sort of some
insight into talking about mental illness and everything if you are going through something
then definitely do seek help whether its kids helpline beyond blue I’ll put a couple of
numbers and websites down below if you are going through a struggle and you need to seek
some help its important guys your lives are important so. Alright so if you want to see more of Alex
then comment down below cos we live so close to each other so we can do so many more collabs
we’re doing another video on his channel. This is gonna be such a content change. So definitely head over to his channel now
I’ll put the link to his video in the description box too. And thank you obviously for having me. No worries it was good. All day. Yeah it was good. Go sub make his day. Just one subscriber will make my day. Honestly how good is it. Yeah. Nice. Feels pretty good. Alright guys I’ll see you in my next vid on
Friday Bye.


  1. So relatable as someone with depression and anxiety I don’t let it stop from getting up every morning and getting on with it
    I do still have my shit days but we all have them
    People can go several weeks with not hearing from me simply as I’m just not in the mood for being social / making conversation

    I do also have some amazing days which makes you forget all about the depression

    I also sleep a lot which is a) I enjoy sleep
    b) can be seen as depression

    Depression is so miss understood
    No we don’t constantly want to end our lives ( I did go through a period of that) depression is a funny thing as we do so well to hide it from the outside world

    Anxiety is another matter all together
    I learn how to manage my anxiety on an every day level
    But social events are still a challenge for me and I need a week to let my mind process and work through it
    Anxiety is not all about anxiety attacks
    I rarely get them but for example I’m terrified of being late / running late and that’s because I like to have quiet time at where ever I am heading to focus on whatever it is I am doing
    Also when getting ready to go out to events I always get ready like 2 hrs before which people think is crazy but if I don’t I can’t settle

  2. This stuff is hard to talk about for sure. I've also had anxiety attacks before and they suck. It was really interesting to hear you guys discuss this subject. Great video! 🙂

  3. Everyone should be friends or partner each other for this stuff..sharing..sharing..sharing and sharing..talking3 n talking..caring3 n caring.. if we against each others it would not recovery even worse.this comments side for us who are have an anxiety now.

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