Let’s talk about mental health in the workplace – This is Rupert

I’ve had bouts of mental bad health at
different times over the years things like depression anxiety stress I think It
took me a long time to to recognize it and actually do
something about it it’s not something that’s there all the
time it comes around I’ve got used to it coming around every couple of years it’s
something I recognized kind of have a mechanism now to deal with but it took
me a long time to actually even think what it was and then actually talk to a
doctor professionals support people friends about it I know the signs I’m
really familiar with the signs of when it’s not going well or and as it comes
around periodically sometimes there’s lots of I do around making conscious
decisions around things like exercise really really helps really really helps
me not you’re not drinking too much making sure I get good sleep you can
manage things with diet a bit being really self conscious about it at work
you know stressful situations not avoiding them but just knowing that
sometimes they you know if I was feeling in a put in poor shape something could
trigger you know almost a physical reaction with me just knowing knowing
and understanding they the triggers and the sign sometimes doesn’t mean it
doesn’t happen but you just understand it and you can process it open up and
talk to people whoever they might be who is good for you to talk to friends
families sometimes actually go see a professional go and see someone who
actually is you have no connection with that’s um
I did do once without opening up you’re not necessarily gonna be able to get to
the right place

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