Let’s Talk About Lia Marie Johnson

welcome back and in today’s video let’s
talk about Lia Maries Johnson and this is a little bit of an update from
previous video that we did back in May 23rd of 2019 if you’re unfamiliar who
Lia she’s a youtuber with over 1.8 million subscribers and Instagram with
over 1.4 million followers she’s known as being one of the child actors of
YouTube first growing the fame on react channels such as the fine brothers
entertainment it was very sweet and innocent then and it’s a stark contrast
to what we’ve seen lately in 2015 Johnson’s stopped appearing in react
shows entirely instead focusing on her YouTube channel and her blossoming music
career announcing that she signed a record deal with Capitol Records well
the reason that there was so much public concern had a lot to do with Instagram
live streams that she was doing where she appeared to be on drugs or having
some sort of severe mental break take a breath and say goodnight say thank you because I have been quite
crazy tonight and I have said a lot of things that maybe most people want to
have said and I’m just glad that all of you came to listen and I just hope we
can all you know I really want to put up his home and I will all I really want is
for you all to hear the music that I make and all I do is make bomb-ass music
to be honest this I just I just feel like my friend’s
mom really gave me some good advice did she told me to leave the computer alone goodbye cellphone goodbye dear my
original video remember digging pretty deep into the situation and I discovered
some pretty troubling things just trying to figure out what was going on during
the making of my last video one of her best friends
Alicia heiress posted this saying I’ve gotten a flood of dm’s thank you for
caring about my best friend I’m going to take this opportunity to share how
important it is not to judge anyone especially people with the large
following you don’t know their life personally you only see a snippet of
what someone goes through social media is very calculating people show you what
they want you to see I wish that this could all make sense to everyone but I
ask that you please just stop spreading hate the world needs more love and if
you see someone struggling why tear them down even more
I love Lea with all my heart it’s not my place to speak on her behalf
however it’s very overwhelming with all your messages and especially people
saying I’m doing nothing to fix this situation we’re all doing our very best
think twice before you spam people with hate comments people killed themselves
over this stuff every day and I’m tired of seeing so much hate online so if
you’re unhappy with what you see block it or get off of your phone please
hashtag love more and this was very similar to a post that she put out about
four days ago regarding the Lea situation I haven’t posted about this
because I wanted to protect her privacy for the last year now that people are
suddenly starting to see what we’ve all been watching for a very long time
I’ve gotten over 2,000 plus messages and even more comments from people who do
not understand the situation it’s been hard as Lea’s best friend to watch her
spiral out of control over the last few years
leah is and has been surrounded by a team of people who absolutely love her
and want her to get well we’ve all been trying to get her help
I’ve been over backwards for four years trying to help and intervene at the
expense of my own mental and physical health no one knows what goes on behind
closed doors I don’t post this stuff really ever because it’s not my place to
do so she’s a grown woman who continues to make choices in which none of us can
control the laws of California protect her rights and there’s nothing we can
physically do anymore if she doesn’t want help
I’m not going to reply to messages and all negative comments will be deleted
just because I’m not actively posting about the situation doesn’t mean we
haven’t tried to help half of you guys care and I appreciate the concern and
the other half of you are just nosy and want to point fingers at this point
anyone who cares about Leah send her love and encouragement to get the help
that she needs and both these statements had similar resonating tones where it
was just generally asking for more love in the situation less hate just from the
research that I’ve done it looks like people have tried and are continuing to
try to help Leah Marie it appears to be a pattern of self-destructive behavior
and it looks as if people maybe try and complain are friends this is something
that we don’t need to do if anything Alicia’s right we need to spread more
love and support about this situation and again looking back on my previous
video I was really trying to pinpoint if she was getting help what was the cause
of this and a lot of things narrowed down to a ex-boyfriend that was really
into glamourizing the drug promethazine I found this reddit post with her
ex-boyfriend here and one of the comments saying look at his profile he’s
a drug dealer what is the user of the boyfriend and I’ll be honest with you it
took a minute to find this but I actually did find it but I could not
confirm his name Instagram user that’s kind of strange but it’s there’s some
serious posts on this when I was going through his Instagram pictures I did
notice I could not confirm that he was actually a drug
dealer but I did confirm that he was in fact handling a lot of drugs something
that really stuck out to me is promethazine with codeine oral solution
as you can see one of the comments here say somebody actually adds Lea and then
another one here Lea is such a beautiful talented woman you don’t deserve her and
she deserves someone that will give her the world not some wannabe soundcloud
rapper so you can see the disapproval from the community about this guy but
something else that stuck out to me now we know what happened to Lea
okay but don’t let Lea overdose on this or yourself as you can see he posts a
lot of pictures with promethazine and this is also commonly known as lien and
I’m about to show you the side effects of it this was obviously an ongoing
thing the side effects are drowsiness dizziness sleepiness headache
lightheadedness restlessness nervousness and anxiety confusion drowsiness and
pretty much everything that you can see Lea exhibiting in her live stream now I
want to say that I am a no professional and I’m not diagnosing anyone he
boyfriend having to do with so much drug use and openly flaunting it and her
being around him and there’ll be talk of this constantly leads me to believe that
this is a major contributing factor of what we are now witnessing team star
hosts a popular YouTube channel drama alert made a tweet saying an anonymous
source reached out to me from LA who was close to Lea Marie Johnson and said the
poor girl was diagnosed schizophrenia claims when the girl mixes her meds with
alcohol you get what we all see source was in tears heartbroken over this this
almost seemed to be spot on because Lea can be seen in live stream saying I just in schizophrenic it’s not a big
deal it’s really not a big deal and it can be
seen where she was attempting to sneak alcohol into a cup that she tried to
pass off his teeth he back paired with a earlier live stream where it can be seen
that she accidentally showed bottles of drugs really kind of verify that tweets and then again even her mentioning lien
which ties into the promethazine theory it’s a great cause for concern we were
hoping that she was getting some kind of help for whatever it was that she was
going through but in the most recent live stream this is another last name
where she’s really kind of manic and you don’t really know what’s going on but
there can be seen a man with her and his intentions do not look very good this
live stream was especially disturbing because added a new dynamic and whoever
this man was it was evident that he was much older and he did not want to be
seen would be better there’s less alive that’s not even
Instagram what is it livestream what is it it also became apparent that Liam may
be getting taken advantage of during one of her vulnerable episodes by whoever
this person is okay so to heck with that now we’re going back to us viewers of the last dream became so
concerned that they called the cops and she was detained it’s clear that
something something’s wrong this man in this video he does not want
to be seen he seems very concerned about being seen
there is speculation upon who he could be this here’s an uploaded video saying
Stephen whether it be hijacking Lia Marie’s phone and if we slow it down we
just kind of scrub through here right there he is that’s the guy now let’s
compare it to a picture well right there’s a picture of the guy those are
the same glasses and you can see right here glasses look close up the glasses
that is that is the guy one article says this Lea Marie Johnson stuff is truly
haunting as early reported YouTube start and recording artist Lea Marie Johnson
uploaded an Instagram live that showed her making out with a much older man
identified as photographer and music producer Stephen Weatherby so that was
definitely her producer Stephen Weatherby has erased his social media
presence since news of the Instagram Live went viral but some of captured
screen recordings of his pages prior additionally the web host in a handful
of videos showing the photographer and music producer and it appears he solely
works with young stars most of whom are under the age of 18 even more suspicious
is that his relationship with Lea professionally at the very least goes
back to 2012 when she was still an underage teenager Stephen Weatherby
primarily works with young stars and a resurfaced interview from 2012 where he
says his favorite thing about photography is meeting the kids and
their parents and we always take an ice cream break and I like doing ice cream
hmm and one of the things that troubles me about this is that there are whole
reddit sub reddits dedicated to just the some type of twisted perversion towards
her or people even look at her pictures when she was under the age
it’s I can’t help but fear the worst and that maybe she was she has been taken
advantage of in the past and that could be a contributing factor of all the
stuff that we’re seeing and I just really hope that she gets some help and
that she understands that if these things happened in the past that it’s
not her fault it just feels wrong you feel it in your gut that there is
something here that’s not right on top of some already concerning issues but
that being said and as interesting as it is also some support interest to me
that’s what you guessed it I want to know what she thinks we shouldn’t leave
you create a better interesting responses the comment box is always
brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video last year there was at
least some evidence that might have pointed to her getting some help and
then for this to come out it makes me feel bad and I don’t know I don’t even
know what’s going on with this dude it’s just it’s super concerning but let me it
said somebody sent me this in the mail and I wanted to say thank you it’s some
kind of like fabric thing it’s really neat I also do want to thank my patrons
as you saw their names on the screen I’m trying to change up the format so I want
to make the series different because they’re kind of the same so there needs
to be something that makes them stand out as different from the exploring
youtuber series the social commentary series to the rep reports I’m gonna do
like a news intro for the rep report something that’s pretty short but pretty
neat and let me know what you guys thought about the format of the last
video versus this one so we can make changes make adjustments evolve become
better than we were yesterday because I know that you rep you for a trip and
you’re getting how you do that like a new subscriber notifications turn I’ll
be in the comments section or every single video because I’m gonna be there
Greg the cat’s gonna be there in the rest the rest of our community as well
and I expect to see you there too because this channel loves you just talk to you like right after I
don’t know

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  1. My edits are gonna be crap for awhile until my new computer comes in so if you notice i'm sorry. also thanks for being here LATE NIGHTS WITH REP! #SaveLiaMarieJohnson *Have a topic for me?* – https://twitter.com/zillarage

  2. He has groomed that girl since she was like 15 years old. She’s said she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi polar disorder but I don’t know if that’s a definite diagnosis or just her word. She’s unhappy and self medicating, I feel so bad for her.

  3. I love her music, she is such a soulful person.. i am so worried for her. i hope someone reaches her soon.. I am still sending her love and light 💙

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  11. I saw a comment about her where the commenter said she was a whore and that she brought this on herself. I don't agree with any kind of shaming like that, unless it's a non-serious joke amongst friends. Even then, it's iffy. I really hope Lia Marie Johnson gets help.

  12. This is horrific. I hope she gets better. I don't know when it started but it is definitely happening now. And honestly maybe if something happened in her past, someone is exploiting that now. This hurts my heart i remember her on kids react. She does not deserve this. 😭

  13. I definitely prefer this format much better. Last video’s format actually really threw me off. Felt completely different. Not bad, this is just the format i like better, by far. 😊

  14. It’s crazy how her story went viral but was so easily forgotten. It’s so important to bring attention back to her so she can get the help she needs.

  15. Ps- promethazine isn’t on its own an actual drug, it’s used for nausea. I take it three times a day so I don’t throw up my meds. Combined with opiates it increases the potency of them, but on its own it’s so safe that it’s given to pregnant women over zofran for nausea. That’s all.

  16. imagine posting a picture of two bottles of promethazine with codeine on your instagram and the NEXT PIC YOU POST IS OF YOU AND YOUR TODDLER CHILD



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  18. Something is definitely wrong.

    I don't want to assume, but taken the account of Lia herself saying that she has schizophrenia, that isn't something you just admit to. There is already heavy stigmas towards mental health, but especially towards those afflicted with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and similar disorders. As someone who had a bipolar mother, and someone with a loving schizophrenic/bipolar partner, they would never openly admit to something like those conditions, only really close family members/doctors know.
    As for Steven Wetherbee, he could've entirely known her situation and her conditions, since he said himself that he enjoys getting to know the parents too. Parents could've disclosed this to him, or Lia herself.
    I have two theories, either he is taking advantage of her now, and preying upon her. Or he could've been grooming her when she was still underage, especially since she has a mental disorder. After she broke up with her boyfriend especially, she could've went to him for support, especially if he was grooming her.
    This is absolutely disgusting, and I wish her all my love. I want her to get out of that situation. No one deserves that.

  19. Always go with your gut. I don’t know anything other than what you presented and I got sick to my stomach. I know I’m older than most here. I wish I’d learned to trust my gut instinct earlier in life. I hope this girl gets help from somewhere

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  21. Just my opinion….I wouldn't doubt Steve Wetherbee saw her as a vulnerable/impressionable girl and took advantage of her. If she struggles with mental health or drug issues, I'm sure he's more than okay to keep her in this state of delusions/mania rather than getting her help. It also seems like her parents and family aren't too involved or have tried to intervene at all. I understand she's an adult, but I can't imagine my parents and those close to me letting this continue if it were me. It's also alarming her close friend seems to be deflecting from answering the more pressing questions since it doesn't seem like Lia is getting "hate" but rather concern. I feel bad for Lia and hope she gets away from wetherbee and gets treatment for whatever she is going through. She seems like a sweet girl.

    Great work on the videos Rep! I'm glad to see more and more youtubers covering this, and bringing awareness to all these underage kids being taken advantage of in the industry.

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    Also blue is good on you the blond is ight

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    I really appreciate how you approach and cover serious subjects. It restores a little bit of my soul every time.

  29. If she is dealing with severe mental instability and/or drug use/addiction, someone close to her needs to get her some help…like immediately – the situation is dire. And that older, powerful, wealthy man being involved and obviously taking advantage of her is not going to help the situation; it will make it way worse. Those lives alone could be shown to a medical professional and the proper authorities for them to have her involuntarily admitted. Sending her nothing but love and positive vibes .☮️💟

  30. Thank you for talking about this. This topic really hits home and reminds me of some similar stuff I'd had to seen family members go through. It's very hard for an addicted schizophrenic to get help unless they are threatening their life or someone else's. I hope she finds sobriety and seeks help. Anyone with her in that state in a romantic way will most likely not have what's best for her in mind because she's in such a vulnerable state.

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