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– I think this is where we start to grow, is when we realize that there’s a lot of
thoughts in our head, and they don’t define you. You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings. You can observe them and you can choose to subscribe to certain
stories in your mind, or not to subscribe to them. It’s not easy, but I think it’s possible. And I think I’m just learning
how to view those things when they come up and be
like, “Okay, okay, buddy. “You can keep saying that, but it doesn’t necessarily
mean it’s true.” And try to listen, or create more of an inner
voice that’s positive. Hey, what’s up, guys? This is Lauv and this is “Feel Better.” Honestly, it’s kinda
gone in different places. I started off in a
slightly stressed out place when I woke up. And then, I did a really nice meditation and I actually spoke really loudly. I was doing affirmations
in the middle of it, and that really helped me a lot. And then I kind of went on a Twitter rant. And then now I’m chill. So, yeah. Yeah, I think the first
time that I really opened up about my mental health was towards the beginning
of last year, 2019, after I basically hit a
rock bottom in January where a lot of 2018 I was going downhill. I didn’t really understand what it was. I was just having
increased obsessive anxiety that just got worse and worse and worse. Which I think led me to
become really depressed ’cause the obsession just
got in the way of my life really badly. So I was like, if I can open up about my story, one, I’ll feel more free ’cause I think being
vulnerable leads to freedom. And two, other people can read it, and maybe if they relate in
some way it does something. Honestly meditating, like that, no matter what kind of day I’m having, if I sit down for a few minutes and just really commit to it, that helps me a lot. But I guess I will say, when I put my album out, that really, that was really nice. It’s like a nice breath of fresh air. So I tried to meditate on and
off for honestly a few years. I was told to do it. I tried apps and so on and so forth and I felt like I would
go for maybe a week tops and then I would be too anxious and I couldn’t keep going. But a big part of it really was, once I started to imagine- I know that sounds kinda weird- but imagine my chest cavity opening, and my heart, everything
that’s not serving me or serving everybody
else just flowing away, and just trying to breathe in positivity and success and happiness, and just sort of visualizing
that really helps me. And then just speaking, ’cause I feel like there’s
so much power in speaking love that you have for people, appreciation you have for people, appreciation you have
for things in your life, things that you want. I don’t know, I can go on for hours. I find just opening
yourself up to the things that might seem kinda
uncomfortable or weird at first can really change your life. So I think it’s, yeah,
it’s really special. This also might sound kinda weird. I hate judging myself but, I’ll say something in my mediation like, “Let us be guided, let
us follow our hearts.” Just something that takes
the power outside of myself, to put trust, that there’s something, whether it’s a gut within
or just something out there. I don’t know what it is, that if you listen to it, you can be guided in the
direction you’re meant to go. It’s interesting, the
whole thing about guys not- I guess right now- not going to see a therapist
and opening up as much. I do feel like that’s
changing, which is really nice. I think just by example, more men opening up, and I do think at least in certain places, this strict definition
of masculinity and stuff is sort of evolving and kind
of like, disintegrating, which I think is really nice. But yeah, I think it’s just continuing to move in that direction. More people talking about it, more people opening up
and shattering that norm. The last time I cried was yesterday. I feel like the past
few days have been like, I don’t know, stress relief crying ’cause I’ve been under so much pressure. But now that I’ve finally
put the album out and stuff, I feel like I’m feeling a lot of, it’s just that stuff being processed. And when I get gloomy, I tend to be really nostalgic, and so I cry about things in
my past that I miss, I guess. Getting out and doing something, like doing something that’s visceral because for example, I just started dancing
recently, learning how to dance, and it’s pretty hard to be actually sad while you’re dancing. You’re gonna crack a
smile, you’re gonna laugh. You’re gonna have fun, regardless
of if you’re good or not. So I feel like getting out there and doing something really helps a lot, ’cause you get outside of your own head, and you start interfacing with the world and other people. That’s really nice. Sleep is essential, and I don’t sleep enough. Three things I’m good at. I’m good at writing songs. I’m good at being open. And I don’t want it to
all be music-focused but I’m good at singing. What makes me proudest of myself? Honestly, when I do things like this. When I talk about these experiences, ’cause it’s something I’m
really passionate about, and it’s really helped me. So, I don’t know, it feels really good. And also this makes me happy, and being onstage makes me happy, and writing music makes me happy, and having deep conversations with my friends and new
people makes me happy.

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