Laurier Mental Health Anti-Stigma Video – Dave’s story

I remember one day waking up and saying today’s the day. I had a plan, I had the pills to do it, I wasn’t safe. I needed help that night. I was taken in and talked to. Various psychiatrists and crisis nurses. That day where I hit rock bottom could of been the worst day of my life. But in a way it was almost the best. Because when I left, I was on a path to recovery. So I took that summer to really reflect and rebuild myself. And I came into second year a much different person. I decided I wanted to give back to this community and do something. Get involved in a way that can help Laurier and the overall greater society a more aware, safer, healthier place for people to live and grow up. It’s been an amazing experience being able to use my story and my personal experiences as motivations to give back to the community. Laurier’s very fortunate to offer a variety of resources. We have fantastic counselling services, and they take in a lot of students and help a lot of students every year. For me I was fortunate enough to have a couple very close friends who I trusted. And by talking to a family member or friend, to a counsellor, to a doctor, or anyone at all You’re really helping us all tear down that stigma. My future’s fairly uncertain. I’m in university. I’m studying music. I plan to go to teacher’s college afterwards. And be a music teacher. But that’s only ever going to be a small part of who I am. And what I’ve learned about mental illness is it’s something I’m never going to be cured of. Or anything like that. It’s something I’m going to face for a long time to come. The difference between myself now and where I was two years ago is I now have the support strength and resources that I’ve already accessed to help me when things get rough. So in the future, I have no idea what my mental illness will look like. But it will always be a part of who I am, but with that being said it doesn’t have to define me.

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