Kanye West’s Mental Health | My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman | Netflix

– Define it for me. What is the mechanism
that is malfunctioning or is taking a break in your brain? Do you know? – I wouldn’t be able to
explain that as much, just, you know, ’cause I’m not a doctor. I can just tell you what
I’m feeling at the time and I feel a heightened connection with the universe when I’m wrapping up. It is a health issue. This is like a sprained brain,
like having a sprained ankle, and if someone has a sprained ankle, you’re not gonna push on him more. – Right. – With us, once our brain
gets to a point of spraining, people do everything to make it worse.

100 thoughts on “Kanye West’s Mental Health | My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman | Netflix

  1. Yeah, because a black man can't go around liking President Trump. He must be crazy right? Bunch of leftist bullshit. Trump is going to win again in 2020 and he is going to put the final nail in the coffin of the democratic party. Die! Hahaha

  2. Two of the biggest hot air balloons around. Someone, anyone point to something these two have said and done beyond quip and talk gibberish. Smug ultra 1%ers who have it all but oh so need that spotlight still. They are both pretty empty vessels but let the media get a hold of them and they become mythological greek gods of wisdom. Such BS incite.

  3. Most Netflix videos have millions of views, but this fool has less than 100,000. Nobody want to see this idiot!

  4. I hate Dave's show but I really like Kanye. Guess I'll flip a coin whether to watch this one episode.

  5. being married to who he's married to doesn't help either. Bottom line is….why are you not just getting the help you need and opting to get some kind of sympathy for yourself instead. I'd just keep that shit to myself.

  6. Marrying Kim Kardashian was the worst thing he could do. Listen, I’m not saying women owe men anything, or that women are always the ones to blame because it is just NOT true. But some women, just like some men, aren’t great people. Point blank. I don’t think he’ll ever get better when he’s involved with such toxic, narcissistic, shallow people. Watching his children turn into their mother’s side of the family is just going to push him down lower, and his mental health is just going to keep suffering. Even he admits Kim has always been a piece-of-ass to him. Sorry, but that’s just not healthy at all.

  7. This is HUGE! Never has there ever been a greater admission and defense of bipolar disorder than this right here. He's tearing down the wall and opening up the dialogue to mental health awareness. A mover and shaker, always, Kanye West.

  8. You must be joking. People that have had and still get the support such as the support this dude does don't get one fuckin iota of sympathy from me. You've had all this money fame and who did you help? Pfft go crawl under a rock. Next,

  9. Please Netflix..stranger things season 2 and 3 TV show you should dub in Hindi please do that……..☺️😟😟

  10. He spoke so much realness in that lil big . When people know u have mental health issues like Kanye they pick and they pick like they begging the person to do something harmful to themselves

  11. Isn’t this dude married to a who’re that fucked every other celebrity 😂why be rich when u can’t even get a girl that hasn’t been trained on

  12. I feel kanye has the bipolar disorder maybe due to the fact that her mom past away I mean maybe it haunts him in some sort of way that's just my opinion I love kanye no hate against him love his music his album been bumping him ever since his first college dropout

  13. The worst thing he does is speak to people that might listen later he never talks to the people in the room that are right there with him he talks to the “audience “it’s getting fucking old it doesn’t work when will he ever learn how to communicate

  14. People who call Kanye literally insane have no idea what theyre talking about. People who dont know what insanity is. He’s perfectly sane albeit he may face mental problems. He’s not a demon. Kanye is actually a good guy. I wouldnt attribute his wacky antics to “insanity.” This is just what a genius mind looks like.

  15. This was the best interview of Kanye's I've seen. He thinks so much and so far ahead that he had to learn to translate his thoughts into chewable, understandable bits.
    I noticed Dave still shut him down when he was making too much sense on free thought but we aren't there yet as a society and that's ok.
    For Kanye to oxygenate even further the careers of Murakami, Turrell, Condo, et al. is revolutionary. Art world people know of them but the mainstream does not and he melded music/fashion/art flawlessly without most of us knowing and appreciating what we were/are consuming. I am grateful to be alive in the same space and time as this man. Thank you for your endless gifts Kanye West.

  16. I dislike how Kanye can never look the person he's talking to in the eye. He always looks out at the crowd. I realize it may be insecurity, but it's also rude.


  18. People make it worse then why are you talking about so openly instead of healing yourself? I just think this way you are just making lots of haters do exactly that to you…Id say heal first then you can talk about it and help others

  19. He clearly struggles with wording things but everything he does say is very intelligent.
    He’s right, people just push your mental health even more closer to the edge.

  20. Honestly this interview is so good, can't stop watching. Can't think of anyone more motivated than this man right here

  21. There were a few times where this interview could've gotten away from David – but Dave masterfully avoided that with humor. Kanye is interesting to listen to when he's not ranting

  22. Kanye is smart, funny and kind… I really think he can get a breakthrough some time soon. This interview was fascinating and I wish they had it in 90-120min, he has some worth sharing insight insights and experience and Letterman is the best host to share it with.

  23. Mane sat down with him instead of Joe Rogan, bra I mean Dave iight but he too commercial with his questions etc, like ppl liked that Jay z junt but it wasn't all that

  24. An entire show based on the dumbest celeb of all time, who would waste their time watching this dumbass?

  25. Man his quote at the end was powerful, when the interviewer asked Kanye when is he 'done' with music, and Kanye responded 'when there's world peace'

  26. I watched it twice with the visuals and without visuals. I felt at some point Mr. Letterman didn’t let him finish Kanye’s point. Which I’d love to hear more of cos this man here has the courage to speak his mind regardless of what other think about him. And i applaud to that. I m in awe of Kanye’s bravery to speak his mind. I wish this was longer. I can listen to his views for days.

  27. I don't know anything about Kanye, yet watching this interview, I noticed this man has mental health problems. Was it the drugs that caused this? Poor guy.

  28. Kanye has ZERO credibility and will always come across as shady and laughable when he tries to talk about all these "higher minded" ideas, and you know why? Because he is still enjoying all the materialistic, capitalistic, and financial indulgence that his fame and fortune has given him. He didn't SACRIFICE or give up ANYTHING for his "spirituality".
    He wants to preach like a monk while living like a celebrity millionaire. He wants to be a Saint without giving up the Hollywood star lifestyle. No, son, that's not how it works, you don't get to have the best of both worlds, you either live the Hollywood life without the glory of spiritual enlightenment, or you live the spiritual life without any material indulgence. Compare him to Bill Gates, who actually gave up 99% of his net worth, save children in poverty, and live a very quiet, humble life for someone his status, Bill Gates has actually achieved a higher status than a material capitalist.
    But Kanye? No way.

  29. Don’t feel like letterman let him talk and get his damn ideas through!!! Ye was trying to express his feeling and every time Kanye is taking me up and I’m starting to feel him on a different level. Letterman has to step in and recite some historical shit or some nonsense!! Let the guy finish and get his points across.

    Man, Ye is the truth. His Sunday service.

    “I didn’t take all this time to become me, just to listen to you.” Real talk !!

  30. Kanye explains how you shouldn't push people with mental health issues and Letterman keeps pushing. The Establishment already decided that black folks with MAGA hats are insane, but people who organize and watch drag queen shows for 8 year old children are couragoeus.

  31. This was A Great innerview for we out here who deal with Mental issues. Loneliness. Ptsd .seclusion violence. finacial. Grief. Black in America. Drugs. Alcohol. Hate. Ocd. Hunger. Divorce. Etc
    ….Thatll be enough. For now..

  32. CNN panelists called Kanye the token negro and FOX hosts suggest that everyone on the left hates his guts. I don't agree with any of this mellowdrama.

  33. Letterman knows that he only gets money from popular opinions it was obvious he didn’t want Kanye to finish his damn sentences. I am bipolar as well and hearing him talk (until he got interrupted several fuckin times) about it made me feel a little better like I am not the only one who feels that way. I love Kanye with no filter💕

  34. This interview was awkward and David gave one of the creepiest smiles i seen in my life during this interview

  35. Only Americans will make rich a mentally social imbecile like that. "…"slavery was a choice…" WOW black people will follow any other people 🤢😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😢🤢

  36. My favorite by far as well to here a man in his situation talk about what I was going through in my life made me feel like finally some one understands. still nothing will change.

  37. I just got done watching this episode on Netflix. It made me understand Kanye a little more. I think he is a good guy..just misunderstood or media tries to discredit him only cuz he is a talented black man.

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