Jobs and Mental Illness – Liz Crowther

As disciplines develop in the mental health professionals case in point we develop all of these fancy words and these
fancy treatments and we concentrate on those treatments but what we forget is that mental illness
like diabetes is only a part of the person, it isn’t the whole person and so if you just see the person is
an illness you don’t bother about them working you know if you don’t work you can’t get a house because you can’t pay the rent and what our industry is just learning is that if somebody gets a job their opportunity to have a house their opportunity to have better mental health is immensely improved it is scandalous 80% of people with severe and
injuring mental illnesses in our state dont get a job not because they don’t want to work but because they don’t get the opportunity
and support to do so

2 thoughts on “Jobs and Mental Illness – Liz Crowther

  1. Well done Liz. Liked your work with Trevor Eve, but think this work is very much needed. Mental Health is still not treated right in Scotland. It seems a lot of public money is being poured down the drains and the sufferers don't get any better unless they help themselves (which they are usually ill equipped to do so).

  2. I wish there were more info out there like this- I have been diagnosed as having mental health issues all of my life and while I am a very talented designer I am not allowed the time off I need to get well- my last manager even giving me the excuse that "other people wanted a vacation"– as if me being on disability and being ill is A VACATION!! I resigned to get well.

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