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Greetings! Welcome to Pattabhi Ramabanam. There are many festivals in India. In South, North, for Hindus,
Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. We celebrate festivals
according to our comforts. It’s fine till then. But these days new festivals
have arised. These new festivals are
actually not related to anyone. They say for the father’s day, They say mother’s day. These days another one came up.
Valentine’s day. It means, lovers day. On that day, boy meets a girl
and proposes saying I love you. I will tell you something which
will shock and surprise you. In India nearly 80 to 90 percent, Those who propose on Valentines day
to a girl or a boy never get married. Now, for a boy ten people will come and
give on valentines day, now what can one do? Even the girl will get a lot. We feel that she gave only to us,
there are few who are honest. Few elders get the lovers married
who are seen in the park. Why they had to force them to do is.. It’s not that they don’t trust if
they would marry later or no, elders would accept any reason. So, to mention these topics here is, as a psychologist I have to particularly
talk to you about a disorder. It’s name is Erotomania. This Erotomania, the audience watching Pattabhi ramabanam, few people are correcting my English, I am from Telugu medium, I am
sorry about my pronunciation. So, please don’t think it’s not supposed
to be said like that, like this. It’s written there in English that’s why, pronounce it the way you feel it is right. But, the disorder name is Erotomania. Means, He loves me very much, he is hesitating to tell me. Actually, he doesn’t even
know who that girl is. There are people. Nixon and Ronald
Reagan had too many devotees. He is suffering for me, situation
is not helping, have to unite someone unite us. They keep sending mails. Top celebrities do get these kinds of mails, I will give my life for you. Hurting them, Amitabh Bachchan
has these kinds of fans in India. I work as a maid in your house, please accept me. I will do every work for your wife,
I will stay outside your house. Means, this is a mania. It’s a kind of madness. People in this madness think that
any day he will come near me. You all might have watch
“Mooga Manuslu” movie. In Mooga Manuslu movie Gowriamma, Jamuna, she love Nageswar rao “Gopi”, right. After that he dies getting
stuck in a tornado. But Gowriamma, feeling that he would come
at some point of time, she keeps sitting near his grave. See in the beginning of the
movie sitting near the grave, she keeps saying Gopi, Gopi. It’s fine! It’s a movie so, in
Adurthi Subba Rao’s direction. There what happened, Gopi comes in real. So, Gopi comes in his second birth. It’s a movie so we will keep it aside. In this generation, please don’t feel
that he is going to come for you. A boy loved a girl deeply, right.
They study in the same college. Let anything happen if I am marrying,
I will marry this girl only. Fine! They didn’t accept
in that girl’s house. It is not possible, as our caste
is different, our customs are different. The girl does like him, But since her parents told
strictly, she said no. This boy felt that at some point
of time, the would come to him. His parents say you have to do something. Mother, she will come. At the end they went and asked her, when they asked her parents they said
nothing doing, there is no question. Please don’t keep any hopes
and tell your son as well. Fine! When they told him that, he said no
they told because they were scared of you. You understand me. Eventually, her parents along with this boy’s parents all together made the girl herself tell him. I don’t like you. Right? Please leave me. I will mind my own life. I just was in friendship with you,
that’s it. After saying directly too, No! They forced her to say that. they threatened her very dreadfully. Today if her parents say yes, she will come down running. 100 percent that girl won’t come. This is called Erotomania. Whatever it is, I just told
this about a boy and a girl. In the same way even girls dream about boys. He says, I will marry after
my brother’s wedding. His brother’s wedding won’t
take place. Otherwise he says my sister
should get married. Another 5-6 years. This girl, thinking my
prince charming will come, she will keep sitting like that. These kind of people, they
don’t look like mad persons They keep doing their own work. But, the goal is to become his life
partner at some point of time. The other person has zero interest. I am not interested. Look here! Erotomania
is a disorder where you believe that a celebrity
is in love with you. Amitabh Bachchan is feeling
very sad thinking about me. But, they are not giving
the chance in his house. In the same way, Ronald Reagan is madly in love with me. Ronald Reagan, Nixon and Kennedy. All of them have dealt
with these maniacs. Few people came in front of them
and inflicted cuts on themselves. There are people who committed suicides,
if I don’t marry her, my life ends. There are people who committed
suicides for Sridevi. All of these look funny
but it is a disease. For this disease, doctors generally
tell them to forget. Counselors keep saying as well.
But what happens is, It is a type of delusion in which
the affected person believes that another person, usually a stranger, of high status or famous persons,
are in love with her or him. For this they give Psychiatric medicine, when they give, it might work 50 percent but, other 50 percent what we should do is they have to do self-counseling. I used to do it by hypnosis. Now I stopped doing it. Sitting with them, See that man,
he hates you, that person she hates you. That person doesn’t like you,
if they did.. your age is growing, it crossed 30 and you
are still seeing like that. Saying that, by counseling them, there are many events where
they are made normal again. Psychologists and Psycho analysts, If they behave crazy, then.. They give medicines to
reduce their thinking. But, my request is, please on these valentine’s day don’t go to
someone and just propose out of haste, after that walking away, don’t do that. In the end it is not a
big thing to share but, Once, I was with a group
of tenth class students, I was talking to the tenth class students, the next day was 14th February. I asked the students if
they knew or not, I asked, what is the speciality
about tomorrow? Lover’s day sir. They said, Valentine’s day. I kept asking some questions and again, I asked when was Jawahar Lal Nehru born, they said 14th November. I said very good. Meanwhile
the boy who answered first, Sir, 14th November is also known
as Children’s day do you know that? Yes! I know it’s Children’s day. You know why they kept it?
What is there to keep it? Jawahar Lal Nehru likes children. No! No! That boy gave the explanation. 14th February is Valentine’s
day they meet that day, Exactly after 9 months is 14th November. They have kids that is why
it is called Children’s day. When I counted it was correct, You evil fellow, you have
these kinds of thoughts! Kids.. what they talk sometimes, He spoke so well that we might
believe that it’s the truth. So, all this we will take it as fun
and laugh over and leave it. Say no to all these Valentine’s day and all. As soon as you wake up greet
your parents, that’s it. And the one you love will
be with you for life long. Success of love marriages is very rare. On top of that, there is no one to tell them. Even family members say, it’s
your fate you married, right. The people who are successful,
they have a broad mind. There are many. But, most of them are, who
come to counselors and all. So, celebrate happily. For Erotomania, you have to do self analysis. If I like him or not, neither
I know nor does he. The people who never met also.
There is a writer whom I know. A woman came to his house in the
morning, he asked who are you? She is a research scholar. Immediately she fell on his feet. He got panicked and asked who
are you? I want to marry you. I have a son who is your age. Why will I marry you? No! No! For
me it’s you, you come in my dreams. In the end, he registered a police complaint, they took the girl forcefully. That
girl didn’t know she had this madness. They won’t accept if we call this madness. This is called a kind of mania. So don’t keep all that, if you want Think about some god Otherwise a person whom you aodre
who is no where related. Do good work, take them as inspiration. Don’t think about marrying them
or falling in love, keep them aside. Greetings! I am very happy that you are watching
this episode without missing. To make this program even more
interesting, all of you keep watching. Tell me how can I improve
through your comments. Along with that, don’t forget to share
it with your friends and relatives. After sharing make sure they subscribe. Because of that you, me and the
society will have lots of benefit.

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  1. Your way of explanation is very good but you need to help the people with realtime examples which you have experienced in your life ..
    Even though it's worth watching.
    Thanks Mr.Pattabhiram

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  7. Love is nothing but a foreplay to sex. They are right – because they have

    no other specimen to study. They study you and then they come to conclude that love is nothing

    but a foreplay – just creating a situation in which sex can happen, nothing else. So when sex has

    happened, love disappears. It is just like when you feel hungry you gravitate toward food and look

    at food with enchanted eyes. But when your hunger is satiated, you look away from the food. All the

    enchantment is lost.

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  9. My dear friends
    This is part of abnormal psychology. Don't mistake all the love affairs come under this type. this is something different who think beyond reality. I request friends to suggest whether I should write articles on abnormal psychology or on common issues

  10. Great sir
    Manchi vinu
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    Ani cheppe vaallu chaala taggaru
    Ippudunna youth ki, samajaniki meeru cheppedhi chala avasaram
    Please continue with the same spirit and guide us towards the right path
    Thank you sir

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