Is A Brain Dead Person Actually Dead?

On TV you hear the term vegetive state and coma and brain death all the time in medical shows. But what do these terms actually mean? Hey brainiacs, Trace here for DNews. For non-medical people, the terms “vegetative
state,” “coma,” and “brain dead” are used interchangeably, but they’re not
synonymous and there are very important distinctions. People in a vegetative state still have a
functioning brain stem, meaning their body is on autopilot. They can breathe on their own, have a sleep-wake
cycle, and react to some stimuli. But they can’t hold a conversation or take
in their environment. Neurologists define consciousness by wakefulness
and awareness, and people in a vegetative state are awake but unaware. People in a coma, on the other hand, are not
awake or aware. Comas can happen either if the their cerebral
hemispheres aren’t working or if the Reticular Activating System, the part of their brain
stem responsible for wakefulness, is damaged. They enter a state of deep unconsciousness,
like the most hardcore nap ever taken. Still under the surface their brain is, at
a minimum, sending out some signals. It’s possible to recover from a coma into
a vegetative state and then regain awareness. Unfortunately it’s also possible to progress
from a coma to a state where all neural activity ceases and the brain no longer has any input
on the body’s functions. This is brain death. Brain death has another name in the medical
community: death. Someone in a vegetative state or coma is still
considered alive. But brain death is irreversible, so doctors
go through a series of tests known as the brain death examination before officially
determining that a person is in fact brain dead. These tests look for any brain function, even
the most basic brainstem reflexes. If the patient fails them, they are legally
dead. Sure they can have the semblance of life thanks
to life support, which in this context takes on an ironic name. But a brain dead person cannot live long without
assistance. Pacemaker cells in a person’s heart can
continue to function independent of the brain for up to a week, meaning blood keeps pumping. But the brainstem is responsible for keeping
breathing going. Even when you’re not thinking about it,
your brain is regulating your breathing, though I bet you’re all thinking about it now. Complete cessation of neural activity means
even that basic function of operating the lungs stops. Within minutes CO2 levels in the blood will
be fatal. A person in a coma would reflexively gasp
for air, but a brain dead person would not.The brain regulates a host of other functions
unconsciously too, like body temperature and blood pressure. And it is in charge of hormones that control
your metabolism, immune system, and specific organs like your kidneys. Keeping a person’s body going after brain
death requires a ventilator, blankets, and hormones. That’s a lot of outside effort to handle
the most basic work of meatball between your ears. It makes you appreciate everything that little
guy is up to. Thanks brain! Your brain is pretty vital for that whole
staying alive thing. So how much of it can you lose and still not
die? Julian covers just how much of your brain
is expendable here. What else would you like to know about the
brain? Let us know in the comments down below and
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100 thoughts on “Is A Brain Dead Person Actually Dead?

  1. what death really is … many says after death some organs are active but then what that death is ??????can be recovered withind some time??

  2. My friend just became brain dead from a seizure… trying to do more research.. it’s crazy how real this shit can get.

  3. *a person in coma wakes up*
    Nurse:Sir! You have been in coma for 15 years! Today it is 2018!
    person:I can't wait to know all the advancements we made as humanity
    Nurse:People now believe the Earth is flat, vaccines cause autism, and the Moon landing is staged
    person:can you put me back in coma?

  4. So I know some one who is "BRAIN DEAD" My question is??????? Can Doctors be 100% sure a person can NOT feel pain in this condition.

  5. Concerning the laws of God, God's breath and his will.. they are not dead. Definition of death the heart stops and is dead.

  6. My grandma went into cardiac arrest had a stroke and I think also a seizure…. I'm scared of what will happen. She's pretty much dead
    But she is still breathing
    She opens her eyes and moves her head and arms and that's the only thing she does. Nothing different. Its an apparent neuron…. update ( shes brain dead. She might be passing today😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. The Qur'an says about the moment of death; "If you could only see these wrongdoers when they are in the agonies of death and the angels stretch forth their hands saying, "Take out your soul! Today you will be rewarded with a disgraceful punishment for saying falsehood against Allah which you had no right to say and showing arrogance against His revelations!" [Qur'an 6/93], for more info watch;

  8. I'm here because on Wednesday my mum had a scan due to previously on the Tuesday finding a brain aneurysm that had burst and was declared Brain dead on the Wednesday and this morning was taken off life support, oh do I miss her…

  9. My nephew was in car accident when he got to hospital Drs. Declared him brain dead for first 2days he opened his eyes so big with a shocked frightning look what does that mean?

  10. If you take a brain and place it inside of a built body of some sort will it work? If basically the brain is the fuel to the car if you can transplant it in another "car" will it function.hmmm also when a person dies is there still brain activity? And for how long?

  11. My baby sister was braindead earlier this year, one day she was fine and the next day I came home from school and got a call that my sister was braindead in that evening my mom pulled the plug, we didn't even got to send the birthcarts, One day I had a sister and the next I didn't. Rest in Peace sissy she got to be 5 weeks old💜😢

  12. One of my best friend was in coma for more 8 days and now his brain is dead he was a careless driver. Take care of your driving.

  13. Soo….basically the brain is the most badass computer on the planet with the ability to repair itself and even function with large parts missing…

  14. The brainstem also plays an important role in the regulation of cardiac and respiratory function, consciousness, and the sleep cycle.

  15. However, you failed to mention the complications of the actual brain death diagnosis. There are criteria for that, but when it comes to organ transplants, they are not required to do all of the steps to declare brain death. They can do one or two. Its dependent upon the dr and their decision.
    So basically, they will take your organs while you are alive. It happens all the time folks. The patient can still feel pain while they cut them open. So the so called dr will give them a paralytic med so that they can butcher them and they wont be able to fight back. They paralyze them and strap them down. If you are dead why do you need to be strapped down and paralyzed?

  16. How do people know that brain death is irreversible? When being brain dead, the heart is still beating, which means the person is alive! Even after shutting down the ventilator, the person will have died only when his heart stopped beating. Brain death is an invention from the late 1960s in order to have a legal basis for murdering people for the sake of organ receivers.

  17. At 2014 my aunt she died at age 44 years old death brain seizure my mum she lost her sister when I hear she passed away to heaven

  18. The doctors have called my father brain dead, vegetative state, and coma due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Basically caused by a strangulation. He has has been on a breathing machine for 3 years now. When I go see him i talk to him and sometimes tears run down his face and he squeezes my hand with a few fingers… he feels pain and they say that he can hear me. I was just told today that there is a netting planned to consider giving him morphine and taking him off of the ventilator. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’ve been told it’s cruel to keep him in this condition which I understand that it isn’t a great life for him at this point but at the same time I believe that he is a fighter and I have seen very very slow progress. The fact that it hasn’t gotten worse and his brain isn’t dying out more and more means a lot to me.

  19. There is a good YouTube channel for the sort of thing here. It's called Afterlife topics and metaphysics 😁😁

  20. There's no such thing as "brain death". That is a term invented to allow "doctors" to legally be able to harvest organs from a patient who is STILL ALIVE.

  21. my brathar was sem condition plzz plzz help me my name vinay tiwari chhattisgarh in india raipur my contact no 9977837683

  22. This dude from my school got hit by a truck rn I think he is brain dead

  23. ALL WILL BE HATE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Who has the power to pull the plug? is it ethically correct to do so? A lot of ethical questions can't pull the plug in a day takes a lot of thought in order to make a final decision.

  25. There are viruses that reanimate dead cells and use them as a host for the virus and creates new viruses of that type

  26. The brain named itself as brain and now it is suprised that it named itself. It also considered itself as the most important organ

  27. This happened to my god brother he accidentally drowned thought he would make it I still had hope after the doctors said he was brain dead sadly they took him off life support just 3 days later.💔

  28. Apparently brain death was invented to harvest organs. You hear of so many people recovering.

  29. Look up Dr. Byrne.
    There is much more to "brain death " that is glossed over here.
    1. You must be alive to have your organs harvested.
    3. They now have to paralyze your body
    without anesthetics, your heart rate goes up and their blood pressure goes up,” your paralyze so you don't move. It happened a lot and would upset the medical team. There are still reports of tears rolling down the face of the brain dead person.
    3. Brain death is determined by each state. Give that some thought.

    Organ donation is a multi billion dollar business. I'm not saying it doesn't save lives but there needs to be an open discussion on the subject. Here in the states. The was a large conference in Rome in May 2019.

  30. Its bothering me to my ex husband had a massive heart attack and ended up brain dead he was taken of life support but he was gasping for air. What the hell is it. Should we have kept him on life support.

  31. I was in the back seat of a van on new year's eve a car ran in to us I went 20 feet out the window. I was pronounced dead on arrival .they work on me at the hospital I die again was on life support they said I was brain bead then I failed into a coma for 3 weeks .when the lord woke me up i was 3 months pregnant. I'm telling you my story because god,s awesome and real .

  32. My dad died after a motorcycle incident. His head hit a concrete block his heart worked but he was braindead he was my best friends I miss him♥️♥️💯

  33. My husband had a brain stroke ( pontine hemorrhage) that's what doc said. Till the 4 th day he was showing some signs of movement and on the 5 th day during the MRI also doctor gave me positive sign that it is getting better now, and suddenly after shifting him back to ICU after 15 mins they told me brain dead. Still cannot accept it. Don't understand what went wrong. Was it something frm the doctors side.

  34. One of my bros just died on July 4th, he was at a household firework party and there were too many fireworks together causing a huge explosion and the fireworks started shooting everywhere. My friend aswell as 6 others were forced to take cover and jump into a pond, unfortunately my friend jumped in an landed on a huge rock knocking him unconscious and making him fall into a comma. The doctors said he was brain dead 5 hours later and pulled the cord 😭

  35. well considering there's a lot of brain dead people on the road and just modern society in general, i'd say a brain dead person is definitely still alive

  36. my best friend was just shot in the head now he's Braindead. I didn't really know what that meant, now I know I have about 6 days with him now.

  37. Again misinformation brain death is not equal to death and it is not a reversible by any means. It is very reversible if treated particularly if treated early enough.

  38. So much anguish in the comments. Prevent all future deaths and suffering – go #antinatalist stop having kids!

  39. If your brain is completely dead then yes you are dead. You can manually pump the heart of a corpse but that doesnt mean they're alive. If a persons brain stem is alive but the rest of the brain is dead, they're still dead because their consciousness is destroyed. The brain stem just keeps the body alive by carrying out involuntary functions like breathing and your heart beating. That's why you don't have to M A N U A L L Y B R E A T H E and shit like that

  40. What happens if your brain gets an electric shock, you survive but have severe headaches, and nerve damage? Can the brain heal itself from that?

  41. what if the part that "drives" your involuntary functions of your body is dead but the front part of your brain that controls intelligent thinking, senses and memory is still alive? if the person is on life support could they still, lets say, hear? Maybe respond moving a finger? Yea, the part that makes a human live without assistance is dead, but could the frontal cortex still work and be aware of whats happening? I mean, the concious part of the brain is alive but the body works only supported. Can that work? Maybe you don,t understand as English is not my native language. It makes no sense but i was wondering this.

  42. Sir .my brother was suffered from brain injury nd brain dead aftr 8 days nd dead can you explain y brain dead due to injury ?

  43. So this is what my husband experienced… car accident left him brain dead. He looked so peaceful and his body was perfectly fine. His brain had just been jarred too badly I imagine.

  44. Please explain about people who have water on the brain, and 90% of the brain is gone. Some of them still seem to function fairly well, perhaps even playing piano. The person is a spiritual being, and not a brain, but for most, the brain is an important switchboard, like the controls in your car. It's not you, but you use it, as you would a tv remote control. Aarre Peltomaa

  45. I've just read a lot of stupid,heartless comments on here. Obviously you haven't had a loved one in this situation because you would be more sympathetic to people going through this. Not a place to write down your dumb idiotic comments !

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