Investing in Resources for Truckers on the Road | Mental Health Week 2019

In our trucking industry,
in talking to our drivers, mainly it’s loneliness out on the road, and when you’re alone
there’s a tendency to become depressed. If there’s issues going on in the home
and you’re on the road and you can’t be there to help with those,
that creates anxiety. Employers in the trucking industry
should educate themselves on what mental health is and what is mental illness,
what are the signs. By doing that,
you’re showing that you care. If you can identify the signs
and you learn how to communicate, then you can start to have the conversation, and people want to know that you care. You know, human beings are individuals,
we can’t replace human beings and by having that conversation is simple as
“how are you today” or “let’s talk.” By and large, we’re seeing an increase
in the number of companies who are investing in mental health
by seeking resources that are available, such as a health plan to help the workers. And that’s what this is all about,
having the conversation.

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