Identifying students’ mental health issues using social media mining

Recent studies show that mental health disorders
affect about one in four Canadian youth. Also, mental health services for youth are
the poorest among age groups. I’m Mohammed Parsa and my research focuses
on identifying mental health problems Canadian students are facing, by using social media. Reddit is one of the most popular social media
platforms among students. For this research, it was downloaded from
Google and then it was filtered to Waterloo’s weekly mental health discussions. Next, from all the comments, meaningful keywords
were extracted using Python. Later, these keywords were grouped together
based on their frequency and relevance. Most of these groups correspond to mental
health issues. For example, this topic is about the stresses
caused by co-op interviews. Expanding this research to all other Canadian
universities, we can provide insights that can reduce the severe toll mental illnesses
take on universities, in addition to helping them provide more targeted treatments.

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