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(Trisha Paytas)your own life together
get your own living situation together you’re giving this advice in your
one-bedroom apartment you know what I mean like get your own together if you
were this genius mastermind like knows everything Joel Olsteen frigging dr.
Laura dr. film you have you a lot more together call nine-one-one it hurts it
hurts so bad being right what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired
soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new
to my channel I used to primarily focus on mental health but a lot of people
came after me so I kind of switch things up and now I just kind of look at the
YouTube community and do some commentary and try to analyze it so if you’re into
that stuff and if you’re into people being right make sure you subscribe and
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rewired soul alright so this video if it is monetized will be donating 20% to
Nami the National Alliance on Mental Illness all right so yeah sit back relax
let me catch you all up to speed with a little bit of a story so like I said by
a channel originally started out as a mental health channel and yeah mental
health wasn’t getting that many views so I was like how do I teach people about
something they don’t necessarily want to learn about and every now and then I
would intertwine like you know youtuber topics and things like that and I
started getting a lot of requests saying hey you seem to know a bit about
borderline personality disorder can you make some videos about Trisha Paytas and
for a long time I said no all right and plus I wasn’t gonna diagnose her I’m not
a licensed therapist or a psychologist how could I diagnose anybody but more
and more people started sending me clips old videos some of them deleted where
she said she had borderline personality disorder so I’m like alright because I
learned a long time ago one of the best ways to teach people I know it’s the way
I learned is when people can give me an example of
something right so when I was just a little little tiny youtuber I was like
okay what I was trying to do was you know show different behaviors that
Trisha Paytas I’m like these you know correlate with symptoms of borderline
personality disorder if this is what you have as well see a therapist here are
some different exercises and practices that you could do like dialectical
behavioral therapy if you cannot afford a therapist and I would recommend books
and things like that that teach DBT well during that time too
I said that her and Jason Nash had a pretty toxic relationship and that’s
something that I’m no stranger to I used to be in a bunch of toxic verbally
sometimes even physically abusive relationships and I would point to them
and say yo if your relationship looks like this it’s a bad idea and eventually
Trisha Paytas topwind of my videos and she made a video really mad at me when
she was eating a chicken sandwich in a car and she said this diagnose someone I
think was in the description like Trisha has by borderline personality disorder I
don’t so this started a narrative that I diagnosed her with borderline
personality disorder but as I said I’m not a licensed therapist or psychologist
and I don’t even know her so I couldn’t diagnose her even if I wanted to so I
pointed to Clips like this no yo-yo if you’re in a good mood you’re
gonna love it isn’t that the fun part though about dating someone with like
borderline personality and like you don’t know what mood they’re gonna be in
are they gonna be happy are they gonna be mad you’re always in a good mood
unless I piss you off now that did not stop a bunch of drama channels and
commentary channels from making videos about me claiming that I diagnosed
Trisha Paytas with borderline personality disorder but today while
watching her reaction to the age 3 podcast I realized that she posted this
video on World Mental Health Day discussing how she has borderline
personality disorder he was in the description like Trisha has by
borderline personality disorder I don’t and oh my god just like I said I was
merely relaying what she had already said her diagnosis was all right but
getting back to things that I was right about really good at like working things
I’m just like talking about it and like both apologizing when we need to it’s my
best relationship and it’s my best healthiest relationship honestly that’s
where I need to go off I’ve never won tell someone off more to like say these
people shouldn’t be together these people like oh my it literally pisses me
off and not a lot pisses me off just so when I was talking about that
relationship being toxic just so many videos about me and Jason and our
relationship as if he’s a relationship expert it’s like look we’re all right
now maybe I know what I’m talking about say that you follow me for a while you
know my intentions are never to hurt anyone they just aren’t and if people
are offended and this is bottom line night I’ve thought a lot about this in
the past few days especially if people are offended that’s really not my
business and yes Trisha I can relate so much to that we
have our opinions sometimes they’re gonna make people upset maybe the way
that we talk about things and Trisha Paytas just made a video going off on a
three calling them all sorts of names and going off on him on Twitter
so sometimes we are doing this and it involves other people as well all right
but much like Trisha Paytas my intention is never to hurt anybody
my intention is to educate and comment on things that are out there in the
public now some of you may have some arguments about this for example you say
don’t talk about another person’s diagnosis but I would refer you to this
he has mental illness so he beats women a lot of people with mental illnesses
don’t obviously but you know this guy has gone on record has been died
right there that’s Trisha Paytas talking about someone else’s bipolar disorder
all right now something that she said quite a few times in her video was this
I was like he’s such an expert and I that it’s honestly dangerous and
honestly unhealthy okay is it really dangerous when Trisha Paytas does this and I actually haven’t been on any
medications and I’m not saying that’s like praying or anything like that I’m
saying there are other ways of dealing with mental health issues without having
to take no she’s just sharing her experience and her opinion and like I
always say go talk to a therapist a doctor psychologist or a psychiatrist
don’t just take my word for it or don’t just like go and Google things now
another argument maybe if you’re not a qualified professional you have no right
talking about mental health or mental illness but this is not something that’s
uncommon look at all these different news articles that talk about celebrity
addiction talk about celebrity mental illness all right this is something that
is part of our society okay and the goal of my channel used to be to
use these things as an example to help you the viewer but it started raining
down hell fire from these hateful drama channels and commentary channels
accusing me of doing something that I never did alright so this video is about
to switch and take a more positive turn but I need you to do me a favor all
right if you could do me a favor and go out to
some various hate videos about me from the drama channels or commentary
channels and ask them if they feel they owe me an apology for accusing me of
diagnosing Trisha Paytas now in all seriousness I know I’m not you know
Trish’s you know a favorite person but the reality is is that I have tried to
defend Trisha Paytas alright as somebody who has worked in the mental health
industry as somebody who has had his own struggles with mental illness I really
want people to understand then it’s not just about people being
good or bad it’s like when we can discuss the mental illness somebody has
maybe we can explain some of their behaviors I do not think Trisha Paytas
is a bad person I have worked with thousands of people who have struggled
with borderline personality disorder and I understand that they are dealing with
something that’s often rooted in trauma so that’s why I wanted to make these
videos to explain hey all right Trisha Paytas isn’t this evil awful
person these are just part of the symptoms of something that she’s
struggling with but like check this out this is the one of the top comments on
this video about borderline personality disorder
alright saying that she’s using her mental illness as an excuse but no if
you understood borderline personality disorder you’d understand the various
symptoms such as attention seeking alright insane fear of abandonment the
hypersexuality the substance abuse and the latching on
to different identities alright so Trisha Paytas does talk about you
know being misdiagnosed as bipolar and everything like that and just from my
personal experience and you could talk to you know mental health professionals
about this the DSM the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual it is a framework
right it gives mental health professionals an idea of what symptoms
that you’re struggling with to get you the right type of therapy for example
when it comes to borderline personality disorder one of the best therapies for
it is dialectical behavioral therapy with Trish’s talks about in her video
and why her therapist recommended it to her alright so again nothing was ever
with ill intention but I would never talk about someone’s mental illness
unless they publicly discussed it and all of you out there I hope you
recognize when you watch the hate videos about me there are many many many people
who talk about my drug addiction but do I get
heard about it no because I made it public all right but anyways that’s all
I got for this video if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you
new make sure you subscribe and ring that notification bell and go leave some
comments on the drama and commentary channels making hate videos about me
seeing if they’re interested in apologizing to your old buddy Chris
alright but before I let you go I want to send out a huge thank you to
everybody who supports the channel in different ways by supporting on patreon
or buying my books or merch and all that kind of good stuff alright thanks again
for watching I’ll see you next time

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  2. 1st dislike and i havent even watched the video.cos you still wont change your ways,i wanna hear you talk about addiction and actually help people based on your experience,rather than clout chasing disguised as looking at probs focusin on solutions,only if the topic is related to a famous youtuber

  3. Coming from someone that has actually been diagnosed with BPD, Trisha should just shut the fuck up. Of course she made that video after the whole trans one and then apology and questioning one. She is trying to make an excuse for her behavior so people won't be so upset with her. She needs to take a good amount of time away from social media, and check herself into some place. She just keeps digging herself deeper into a shit pile.

  4. dr grande talks about mental health mostly,without using youtuber names and gets 10 times more views than you do bro.if you could only work on the stuff you are passionate about and patient about it you can get the views and all that.but who cares about what your subs wanna hear from you.

  5. She says it over and over again… that she has BPD… (but not diagnosed) then when you just pointing things out she denies it… I don’t get it lol… you can’t claim something, then deny it when someone asks.. then she talks about Others in the same way…

  6. I definitely feel you are owed an apology Chris. Even if you don’t get one I think many people will come to feel this way shortly!

  7. I just thought she’s done too much drugs
    Guess only time will tell
    I hate to be judgmental like that but I just don’t believe it yet
    So will see
    & that’s a great thing to do for people
    Oh yeah her old videos are a good piece of evidence

  8. Was hoping ya would dive into this issue .. sadly I was right 2 💟 she says her psychiatrist says call me B4 you post , it's sad #MentalHealthAwareness

  9. Every borderline on YouTube (me included) has been saying Trisha paytas has been displaying a ridiculous amount of BPD traits for YEARS; which is why this whole “identity issues Trisha? No…ur just a troll and attention seeker! ” trend* amongst YouTubers and their subscribers alike has been boiling the hell out of my blood. I would literally bet my left leg she has BPD, and this whole identity confusion thing….been there done that! Soooooo typical of BPD…I watched her video, and as crazy and ridiculous as she sounds, I definitely could relate to a lot of what she said…I just think some of her terminology and the way she tried to explain it came across as very strange and confusing. but guess what, mental illness can be very strange and confusing. it’s not something that should be made fun of, people need to stop bullying her and calling her an attention seeker when this is VERY likely a mental health issue that very few people understand intellectually or emotionally for that matter.

  10. You need to delete your channel and go. You do more damage than good for the discussion of mental health. You're egotistical, you're bullying, you're wrong on ALOT of subjects but you act as of you are right no matter what and as if you are the only authority on mental health. You need to go, you're nothing but toxic.

  11. I don’t know I’m glad that she said it but at the same time I feel like she always comes up with an excuse when she knows that she’s done something bad and said of just saying I’m sorry I screwed up.

  12. The way you went about being right was still overbearing, unacceptable and not cute. It didn’t help the situation and tbh you gloating that you’re right about someone who is SUFFERING from a mental illness isn’t cute either. You still aren’t a licensed professional so I hope that your apologies still stand true and you don’t starting to bring toxicity to the mental health YouTube community again

  13. She literally never said the words: I’m borderline. She asked her doctor, and her doctor said she might have traits of bpd. Did you not want to watch the videos?? And what the fuck kind of poor taste is this? I don’t even like Trisha but what kind of person does an “I told you so” kind of bullshit video? On top of that, SHE SAID SHE WAS NOT DIAGNOSED OFFICIALLY. Lastly, glad to see you’re finally admitting that this isn’t about teaching people anymore, it’s about attacking people and searching for vindication for your hurt feelings. You do NOT have the right to tell people what they have, EVEN IF THEY DO.

  14. I still think Trisha is just a troll. I have heard from other YouTubers who know her that she is very smart because she knows what she’s doing. She plays a character in her videos. I cannot take her seriously because I have watched other YouTubers with real mental problems, who talk with knowledge, have asked for professional help, have done research, etc. Trisha is just a troll.

  15. I thought you never diagnosed people? In fact didn’t you just offer 100.00 to viewers if they showed proof of you diagnosing anyone. Doesn’t this very title seem a tad bit hypocritical?

  16. It was a turkey sandwich lmao.. Ive been watching both of you for awhile. Some would call it unhealthy but I don’t have cable, and I find both of you interesting.

  17. This generation of viewers dont care that you say "hey im not a professional" they just watch as much as they want and prejudge. Its irritating to me because for once your content is from a place of empathy and understanding. 😑
    I know so many friends with BPD so i know the triggers, the cues and the signs. You have to work through it with this ☝️

  18. LOL As soon as I saw her video I said to myself " I wonder if The Rewired Soul is gonna post about himself being right." and you did! Good on you! That hate you got was ridiculous.

  19. I feel vindicated because I've defended you bringing up Trish and BPD for ages, despite backlash. She's spoken about having BPD in the past, and now it's again confirmed. No one can deny it. It's crazy to me that people have hated on you for just bringing up something SHE said. Not only do I think some drama channels owe you an apology on this, Trish herself does too. You won't get it, but they do.

  20. You are an absolute fake. YOU ARE NOT A THERAPIST. You're a bully, you're an obsessive, you give horrible advice. You do way more damage than good when it comes to mental health. Delete your bullshit channel and go the fuck away.

  21. Dude you're pretty much right about everything when it come to that mess !! Haha she's wacked ! Enjoy being right ! Lol

  22. You're never going to change your ways Chris. Always chasing fame, trying to be right and a 'big' YouTuber that you're still pulling this crap. Grow up. You're too old to be this into drama.

  23. It’s pissing me off that you have me defending Trisha. She didn’t use that other person’s name in the title of her video to get clicks, calling them bipolar. Secondly, the person she was talking about SAID THE WORDS that they are bipolar. There’s a difference. A big one.

  24. She has borderline personality disorder….so why is anyone surprised about her behaviour? I'm not a fan of either youtuber… how about a professional distance.

  25. Sorry, way way way too many uploads. If you could cool things down to once a week or less, I may subscribe again. But it's also a bit too late because I'm unsubscribing. It's sad, you helped me kick my opiate problem a long time back, but I didn't subscribe to you for this kind of crap. Wish you well, there's other ways of life.

  26. Totally understand your view point Chris, but you know how it is with anyone with BPD. They don’t like being called out on their shit, once they are they lash out and put their opinion on full display no matter how wrong and it comes off as immature. Still feel the need to place more empathy on Trisha and have the understanding that she’s not in the right mindset to have her hypocrisy on full blast. Just be careful what you say bc low points can cause a suicide attempt.

  27. I caught when Trasha talked about someone else's mental health and commented on it… TWICE…but of course she deleted them. She thinks she can do what she wants but no one better say anything about her. She is a GROSS, walking STD!

  28. I was a supporter of Trisha for many years. After her breakup with Jason, she’s gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. But back then I honestly thought you acted very arrogant in your critique. It’s just wrong to play with someone’s mental health and use it as a case study. It could actually hurt that person more than help. Sure, it’s fun entertainment for us Becuz it’s not us. So no, I don’t think anyone owes you an apology, and I can see the arrogance coming back out that made you lose all those subscribers back then. It doesn’t make you very likable. It’s ok to be proven right, even though I think everyone already predicted the outcome there, but to feel you’re owed an apology? No.

  29. People need to get out of their feelings it's not that serious and I don't think he was seriously Diagnose her, but if he was its doesn't really matters though, because she confirms that herself multiple times

    And she put herself on the Internet for anyone to comment and judge her, So everyone getting butt hurt over it should really get a life, Because she's repeatedly shown Dishonest behavior And we need to stop taking her serious

  30. Some drama channels did make some valid points about his content so I don't want anyone to say that I'm Dick riding, And he's bringing awareness to Mental health issues that isn't talked about enough in society right now.
    And all these drama channels talk about other people's lives and relationship issues that are put on the Internet for everyone to see so sounds like double standard to me.

  31. So if she did admit she had personality disorder then nothing she says is correct. Being “transgender” is just another falsity and product of one of her warped up personalities. She admits to it because she just wants to please everybody but I don’t believe she actually believes that. If she knew and really honestly admitted to that then she wouldn’t be on YouTube.

  32. isn't it ironic that people who have No idea what they're talking about (when it comes to mental health or any PSYCHOLOGY related topic) think they're right about everything? And yet they don't have the brain to even fact check? They didn't check to see if you did diagnose her, they didn't see your video clip of her saying she HAS it etc. They don't know wtf BPD is or the symptoms of it and they claim YOU shouldn't be 'talking about it" ? Yeah no its the other way around.

  33. I've noticed that every time you get called in something you start pointing at others doing it. Just because someone else does it doesn't mean it's okay. It's concerning that you're still stuck on this btw

  34. Being borderline is a sentence in hell every day. But when I was diagnosed as a quiet borderline it was a relief because it explained to me why I was acting the way I was. It’s possible to get better but it takes an extreme amount of honesty, conscious decision to STOP manipulating people, and an exhaustive amount of work. I just don’t think Trish is there yet.

  35. Obviously there is some truth to what you said about her…cuz it struck a nerve enough for her to make a video about it. But lets be real….the bitch would make a video about stubbing her fastass toe on something.

  36. Another thing….the bitch always has something wrong with her if it is popular…im suprised she didnt say she was anorexic or had a ED when the whole Eugina Cooney thing happend. Just like when she SAID she was an addict. I cant fucking stand her. She is soooo damn weak. She wouldnt last 1 damn day in the real world.

  37. YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!!!! TRISHA HAS MAJOR BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. Maybe other people will see this and get some help. It will be easier to watch her now because I know she can't help herself from acting the way she does.

  38. Well to be fair she’s also a black, lesbian, bisexual, addict, trans, drag queen. Did I miss anything ? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂

  39. No, you're NOT right. She hasn't been diagnosed if you listen to the video. As someone who has it, the video was offensive, so misinformed and very wrong with some of the stuff she said. Also, leave her alone already, you're not qualified to even give your opinion.

  40. Omg you're back and ur trying to piggyback on popular youtubers but look. You're irrelevant asf. Stop trying. Just stop. Please stop. Forever stop. Put down the fork.

  41. This video wasn't very classy of you Chris. I got to admit, the intro really killed me tho. 😂

    I know this must have felt Soo good to film and make, trust me I get it, but whenever you do something like this give it 24 hours to calm down from the rush and really evaluate the right way to approach things. This ain't it, chief. You're a mentor and an adult. Be that role model. This is childish.

    Your videos help me be more caring and considerate for people I may otherwise want to label "crazy" or just plain awful, esp Trisha (I really do not enjoy her personality or content). But you got to keep it under control man.

    See ya in the next one.

  42. You haven’t learnt anything. Literally get off the internet, and find a job that has NOTHING to do with others issues or concerns.

  43. She isn’t diagnosed and was very offensive to mentally ill people. She must have something because the girl is fucking unstable, but you can’t self diagnose.

  44. Ok but you aren't qualified to "teach" anyone anything about mental health and thousands of people called you out. THAT'S why you're just a D level drama channel now. Did I mention you're wrong more often than you're right, and that you're actually a bitter, hateful little man? Yeah, there's that, too.

  45. Just watch Gary UnFiltered's video. You get Chris' video and Gary's reaction, better than watching this on its own.

  46. hey man can i just say as a person with autism + other mental health issues all your videos do is harm people and create even greater stigma against people with mental disorders

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