I Can’t Believe Kati Morton

welcome back and in today’s video I’m
gonna be doing some social commentary but a person named Kati Morton a
licensed online therapist that made some statements most recently that many feel
are hypocritical and harmful coming from a professional if you’re unfamiliar with
Kati Morton she has over 800,000 subscribers and just released a video
titled 5150 Eugenia Cooney’s story she’s had her fair share of criticisms you
might remember the better help controversy at first glance right this
seems like a positive thing youtubers and people on social media opening up
about their mental health issues being more authentic and transparent and
hopefully really D stigmatizing mental health issues D Sigma ties a positive
yay I’m all for that but as we dig a little bit deeper and as people started
to talk more about these collaborations they started to rub people the wrong way
where this starts to get tricky and where people start to have some issues
is that many of these youtubers who talk about better help and are doing some
sponsorships with them are reportedly getting up to $200 for every person that
signs up for better help with their unique link so let’s say you watched a
video and someone’s talking about better help and they give a code or a link and
you use that and you sign up for the service that youtuber is getting up to
$200 for that and so know this starts to get a little bit murky because what
people are upset about is that it feels like youtubers are profiting off their
viewers mental health issues now my own personal opinions about this is that
therapy’s process any online program doesn’t properly give respect to this
process and by process I do mean that you often have to go through many
therapists before you find the right one also another part of the process is that
some days are gonna be terrible they’re gonna be very hurtful but it’s part of
the growth a pain is associated with growth and without that pain there is no
growth I kind of believe that it’s playing off of just people that really
don’t understand about the process and it doesn’t properly educate about that
process that being said not only the Kati Marton promote better health but
she’s one of the first and founding people to bring it to YouTube and our
online opinion has been at the best questionable and sometimes harmful it
can be seen in the shane dawson series that came out about jake paul dr. todd
grande goes into detail breaking down several important points i do suggest
that you watch that video it will be in the description below but i had a lot of
requests to answer this particular question and this question is based on a
recent video that was on a youtube creators channel his name was shane
dawson and it interviewed another YouTube content creator named Katie
Morton now Katie Morton is a licensed Marriage
and Family Therapist and just to be clear from the outset I don’t know
either one of these content creators so the description of sociopathy that was
offered as part of this video has offended a number of people and a number
of other people who said it’s just so technically inaccurate that there needs
to be some sort of adjustment some sort of clarification offered as I mentioned
I received a number of requests to do this video and if you look at the impact
of this particular video it’s exceedingly popular so I’m worried about
how some of this misinformation is getting out there I think it makes some
sense to offer clarification to allow people who are interested to know the
scientific facts behind sociopathy so we already know Katie Morton’s involvement
of Shane Dawson so a lot of people were not surprised to see her come out with a
video just the other day with Eugenia Cooney but some of the statements that
she made many people felt were harmful towards mental health yes eventually
you they decide like yep you have to listen to us you have to basically go to
this place so I don’t know like where I’m going they like take me outside and
they put me in like restraints oh they strap you yeah it sounds like a 5150
yeah which we’ve talked I’ve talked about this a little bit in the past I
know many of you have been in situations similar to this whether it’s because we
were suicidal self-injury you didn’t disorder all sorts of different reasons
feeling really depressed it can be traumatized it can be so then like they
put me in like like a stretcher or whatever after I’m like in the restraint
yeah and the hospital so then it was really crazy there was one guy there
that was like I guess one of the people that had a like watch me as I was back
there and he actually seemed really nice like he was kind of like oh like you
know I hope it again it’s okay for you because it sounds to me like you got
like screwed over here bamboozled a little bit yeah a lot of us fight hard
online to make it okay to talk about mental health and this not only pushes
the stigma but it pushes a dangerous narrative that 5150 are not okay to do
and really scary a 5150 is a scary experience but because it’s a
life-or-death situation many have been hospitalized and been furious for years
but come to realize those involved we’re saving their lives and a lot of people
are upset with Katie because they feel Eugenia sincerely needed help but is yet
to accept that Katie is participating in a dual narrative being one of the
literal reasons eugenie as 5150 was called in the very
first place this kind of approach from a professional is problematic I don’t
think it’s lost on anyone that Eugenia Cooney is upset about being 5150 I would
imagine that most people that do go through this process are not going to
enjoy it they’re not gonna like it they’re gonna have a lot of negative
things to say about it however the majority of time this happens is because
those people cannot see what other people see I guess sometimes it’s still
kind of hard to see things the way other people do sometimes at least for me it
was and also I guess kind of like it’s it’s like you said it’s just kind of
like it’s hard to actually like realize and admit to yourself that William the
voice the eating disorder voice tells we’re not sick yeah and it like it’s
always and we know that we talk about all the time how it’ll tell us that we
it always has a different goal that we can never achieve and it once we achieve
that what’s the different goal and it’s that’s the that’s why eating disorders
can be so difficult to reach out and get help for the deeper I look into this I
see a narrative where it’s more about views in less about actually helping
people yeah when we do get 5150 and unfortunately they don’t take you to
like eating disorder treatment center or anything they take you to a hospital
and in Los Angeles County unfortunately we don’t have a lot of psych wards
that’s something that I struggle with as a professional in the area is like if a
patient of mine is having a hard time for them to have to go to a to be 5150
which I’ve never had to do in my private practice by the way but I don’t have a
lot of options and it can be really scary because it’s in kind of like dodgy
parts of town and you sit if you take yourself to the hospital that you often
sit with a lot of homeless people waiting in the waiting room and and
floridly psychotic people who are on the psych floor itself so it can feel really
difficult if we just feel suicidal or if we’ve been 5150 to against our will now you got to remember this is coming
from a licensed marriage & Family Therapist somebody that’s not had any
professional experience with 51 50s and let’s not forget that when Eugenia was
forced to get help after she got out which was about two days later she did
go up to Connecticut where she talked to doctors that she trusted and was more
comfortable with and they said that she did in fact need help I did end up
meeting with a doctor and they agreed that I should like pretty much have to
go into a program at that point yeah and luckily it was like at my own will so I
did yes I got to decide yeah I guess like decide if I was going to or not
which i think is a lot better than we can’t force from a 5150 that was forced
onto her by youtuber Jaclyn Glenn but the most confusing and the most
hypocritical part about this is that this whole process was taught to Jaclyn
Glenn by you guessed it Kati Morton Jaclyn Glenn tweets hey Kati Morton just
saw your video Jeanne and thanks again for walking me through what to do step
by step without you I wouldn’t have known what a 5150 even was thanks for
empathizing with me on the phone about how it’s hard to lose a friend but still
the right thing to do she post receipts KB says hi Jaclyn thanks for reaching
out I’m happy to hop on a call with you tomorrow if that works for you and
fortunately we can’t make anyone get help
can’t make anyone get help but if she does have a therapist or a doctor they
can 5150 her happy to talk it out with you I’m so sorry this is happening I
know it’s really hard to watch and not do anything what time tomorrow works for
you best Katie and here she can be said thanks for the update agree that the
best next move is to get her out of the house and with you so that you can call
pet and get her to see a doctor this is the psychiatric evaluation team but Wow
that being said this is not the cancel anyone this is not to attack anyone this
is not to make anyone angry this is social commentary to inform the
public to make a positive change and that being said and as interesting as it
says there’s always sometimes more interest to me that’s right you guys to
our energy thanks rich good leave your creative or interesting responses in the
comment box below thumbs up for those likes is always brothers and sisters I
will see you in the next video it sounds to me like you felt like
screwed over here like it’s gonna bamboozled a little bit yeah

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