Husband Gives Tour Of House Filled With Trash, Dirty Dishes: ‘It’s Just A Mess’

(dramatic music) For more than 10 years, this place has just been horrific. These clothes have been here for years. This Christmas tree has been up for probably about four or five years. Here’s a piece of equipment that doesn’t get used often around our house. See where the cat’s been scratching. Here and it’s the worst back here. This is how their laundry gets done. They’ll wash ’em or leave ’em dirty and put ’em in the baskets instead of hanging ’em up. This has been sitting right here for a year and that’s beach towels. Christy’s door is locked. You would think that a tornado came through there. As messy as this whole table looks, and you know it’s been there for a while ’cause there’s Halloween stuff. We’re going into the kitchen now. We have an ant problem because of all the food that’s just left around. My youngest daughter, she made her own birthday cake weeks ago and the pan’s still here. Most of these dishes are months ago. You see ’em stacked up. This island sink has a bowl in there and the stuff is moldy and mildew. If you look in this drawer right here, there’s never any silverware in here. It’s all dirty. We have to eat off paper plates because regular plates aren’t washed. We’re in my youngest daughter’s room. Trash, strained floor. She can’t even get to the bathroom. All these bags came from my daughter’s room within the last couple days ’cause she knew that Dr. Phil’s show was coming here. My oldest daughter’s room. There’s food everywhere. This is another pig sty. It’s really depressing to see all this in such a beautiful home. I would have to say it’s just a mess. Well, Christy weighs in on this and she says, “Look, Earnest has no room to criticize her housekeeping “because he is to blame for their financial mess.” My husband Earnie has been emotionally, verbally and financially abusive for years. Christy thinks that any form of disagreement is abuse. You are a sick person! No Christy, you are! You’re abusive! Earnie will have you believe that I had some kind of financial crisis and that he had to come in and take over. That is not what happened. The reason I handle the money is because Christy is incapable. We did have a lot of credit card debt and that was because Earnie had to have brain surgery and his income dropped drastically. When I lost my job, I paid off the credit cards with my 401(k). Months later, Christy ran the credit cards up again to $82,000. He decided I had to file for bankruptcy. Earnie told me I would still have access to our checking account, but he tricked me. At first, Earnie would give me money to go to the grocery store and then he saw how much bills cost and went bananas. I got a job and as soon as I started getting a paycheck, Earnie stopped buying my food and gas. If I let her do the shopping, she would buy cookies, ice cream and cupcakes. Our house is like a war zone. (screaming) Instead of coming home and asking the girls how their day was, he’ll come in and say, “Why are all these lights on?” Why did you leave the lights on out there and tell me you didn’t do it? That’s not good to be lying. You’re the one lying. We feel like we are Earnie’s prisoners and he’s the warden. Our oldest will joke that her release date is when she turns 18. Cleaning the house is not Christy’s thing either. The house is just like a pig sty. There’s food wrappers, bottles, clothes everywhere. I started taking videos years ago. Today is May 20th, 2014. Here’s coming into, it’d be considered, the formal dining room I guess. I’m constantly worried that we’re gonna lose the house. Since Earnie started handling the finances, it’s gone into foreclosure two or three times. Three months ago, Earnie had not made a house payment in several months and the house was in foreclosure. I really loved Earnie and it took me a long time to accept this, but our marriage can’t be saved. We absolutely have to save our house. I gotta tell you two, just to be real honest, straight, up front, we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have two daughters. Yes. If it wasn’t for your 14 year old and your 11 year old, you guys would be back there fighting over a pile of clothes that you could barely see each other over and doing God knows what, I don’t know. I would just let you deserve one another and go on, but you’ve got two kids in the middle of this and both of you are acting like immature children and you’re doing it in front of these kids. And that’s why we’re here, just so you know up front. Now we can talk about everything that’s going on, but that’s gotta stop.

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  1. I can’t believe she blames their financial situation on her husbands brain surgery?!?! Like cmon, not that he’s perfect either, but seriously 😬

  2. I can't believe the state has not taken their children yet. That house is absolutely disgusting, and I wouldn't let a dog live there, let alone kids!

  3. Paid off your credit cards with your 401k??? Well, enough said there! :0 what a bad idea. Thinks he did a good thing. Should have bankrupted that!

  4. Im sorry to say this.. but am i the only thinking like…. why dont you just clean it up? Lol, clean some god damn plates so you have clean plates? Lol not complain about it

  5. And here I am thinking my son throwing a few toys on the floor is a “massive mess” 😂
    That’s just sad they have two kids living in that filth and the kids are copying the behaviour.

  6. It’s like that dude wants you to feel bad for him. Sorry buddy but it’s a team effort. Start cleaning

  7. I hope this woman is menopausal. I hate to think how she takes care of her personal hygiene if she isn’t. And by the way, the husband is also a dirty dog. Why doesn’t he clean up that mess if his wife can’t?! Lazy bastard!

  8. Sure, go ahead and label hoarding a ‘disorder’ – I’ll just call it what it is: greed in a consumer culture.

    I’ll watch all the clips, but based on this one I’d like to smack the daylights out of the mom. Was she bitching because the husband’s income fell when he HAD to have the top of his skull SAWED OFF? What is wrong with her? Why would you even start to see it that way? No way she has any real love left for him – if she ever did in the first place.

    And that house, o-m-g. Seeing it from the road, I’d think, “Wow. Nice place!” How easy it is to hoodwink people in a country where stuff & appearances mean so much. Surely these people drive around in nice cars, & they seem like clean-cut, conservative, “good folks.” Uh-huh . . . you betcha! Just don’t open that door because it’s a nightmare inside.

    I’d wouldn’t hesitate for a second to report that couple to authorities. Send those kids to live with relatives until Mr. & Mrs. get their sh*t together – or apart – or whatever. No kid should have to live in such a dysfunctional & rancid environment. But no – Dr. Phil will get them “help” & WA-LA!!! Everything will be perfect again. (Meanwhile, some poverty-stricken single mom gets turned in to child services & the kids are in foster care by sundown. Who’s going to “help” them?)

  9. Some people do not know how to clean.
    It very very messy. The dr .phil show is real. Go type messy home on youtube they lot of house like this family.

  10. I have Lyme, fibromyalgia, dp, visual impairment, pots, CFS/ me, mcas, PTSD, hashimoto's, and more….I keep a spotless house….with a family!?! What's with the excuses???

  11. This is disgusting.

    I am a single mom of a child with medical issues. Therapies, doctors appointments 5 hours away and I work full time and there is no way my house would ever look like this.

    I feel bad if dishes are ever left overnight and even then I make sure all the food is completely rinsed off. I vacuum every other day. Sweep and mop every few days and clean my daughters play room and room nightly. Just a quick pickup is all it takes to keep it clean.

    That's crazy they didn't even try to clean for the show. I can't even have anyone over without tidying up first lol

  12. That woman is clearly disgusting and so is he for even being with her, to begin with. That didn't just start they were probably like this before the kids. Just sad

  13. I totally get not loving cleaning after people, but I couldn't live like this. I would just scream the whole time I was cleaning, lol

  14. Neither of them deserve such a nice house. Kick them out and give it to a homeless family who will APPRECIATE it. They DEFINITELY shouldn't be allowed to keep the kids until they change their attitudes and clean their house (and keep it clean)!

  15. Wow. Shame on her for not cleaning her home. What kind of mother let’s her family sit in this garbage? & yes he can help clean up but it’s got to be team work. I thought my place was messy because of one dish in the sink lol god help this family.

  16. Why is it his wife’s job to sort it? He could have cleaned it himself, typical lazy git. He should be ashamed of himself. His daughter is a pig, his wife is a pig, he is a pig. No excuses.

  17. So it’s the wife’s job to clean? Sure, she’s being irresponsible but if she doesn’t then they have to. I mean come on. Kids clean their own room. The whole family is messed up

  18. Start to ckean, and GET some help for cleaning, I understand the hordering problem.. But, once you start solving…. It's going to be better.. It seems that this is the problem on many levels

  19. Tbh, I feel so sorry for their kids, because of the dirt they probably would feel to embarrassed to invite friends over..

  20. If they argue and hate each other why don't they divorce and both of them get like small apartments that way it's easier to tidy and clean up.. And they won't be arguing as much….

  21. “I’ve been taking videos for years” ok well the time you’ve spent taking videos you could have cleaned your house ? That’s ridiculous

  22. That's sad his wife is prob mentally I'll or has a depressive illness every one should help clean up the house why should it be dwn to the wife every one cn help they all live there

  23. God… so relatable. When you live with a hoarder, it’s easy to start doing it yourself. You find comfort in your things. It becomes your safe place. There comes a point where you realize nothing that’s happening is normal and the comfort turns into anxiety, but not always anxiety about the stuff they have.. it’s hard to explain. I often go through and throw away multiple bags of old clothes and things so I don’t fall back into the cycle my mom had me in of “I can use this one day”

  24. Hoarder’s are some manipulative, passive aggressive fools. How people live with a chronic hoarder is simply beyond me… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. I've never seen such a nice house like this. Growing up, I seen many trashed houses… it was slightly normal for my area?

  26. Why can’t he clean? Like they all blame the mom, but he and the girls could clean. But sure it’s all the moms fault.

  27. They all complain about the messy house like it's just bad luck, yet nobody does something about it

  28. disgusting.. their daughters are old enough to help cleaning and organizing… they're not only lazy but also failed parenting

  29. Disappointed in the Dr. Phil show for promoting such sexist views. All that time the husband spent complaining and touring his messy home, he could have been cleaning it up himself. It is not only a woman’s responsibility to clean a house and care for kids… The title of this show needs to change ASAP.

  30. If one corner of my house looked like this I couldn't eat, sleep, or think properly. The sight of that much trash gives me crazy vibes

  31. Why is it all like that so long. He doesn't seem to have made any effort himself. Ok so there are three other people there but things there for years?

  32. I think they are all so intolerant, angry, aggressive and rude to each other all of the time, because they live is such a chaos. All the mess cause so much stress and negative energy. No wonder they are all angry, yelling and arguing with each other all of the time.

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