Howie Mandel And Kelly Try To Beat 25 Million Views On TikTok

– Before the show I asked
Hekili and Mackenzie if they could prepare something to welcome my first guest. And now that they’re both
officially cheerleaders, this can be your first official cheer. Are you all ready? – [Audience] Yeah. (applauding)
– You ready? Okay, okay, whenever you’re ready. You just do your thing. Get that high kick in there. (clapping)
– I gotta stretch first. (applauding)
(drumming) That’s amazing, all right. Ready, okay. ♪ Get on your feet and cheer and yell ♪ ♪ Kelly’s first guest is Howie Mandel ♪ (applauding)
(upbeat music) – What do I do? What do I do? (applauding)
(cheering) – Thank you. – Oh my god.
– Oh my god. They had something. They had something blocking the entrance. – I know.
– Oh my– – I think you were
supposed to bust through like the Koolaid man. – To be honest with you, a lot of children and
families watch this at home. – [Kelly] Exactly. – Paper cuts are dangerous. (audience laughing) If you can avoid a paper cut. – They do suck. – They do. – You can have a gash in your arm and it doesn’t hurt.
– That’s why. – As bad as a paper cut. – And it’s so dangerous. It is so dangerous. And that is amazing. The father and daughter thing I think. – I know. But I was gonna say, I’ve been researching
you and like I have kids, so they’re really into
TikTok a couple of them. And you’re really into TikTok, you have all these videos–
– I love TikTok. – They have millions
and millions of views. – Is anybody here on TikTok? Okay, I’ll take that as a no. (laughing) No. But there are millions of people. – Yeah.
– So TikTok is the, you know, there used to be Vine. – Yeah. – And a lot of people are
on Instagram and Facebook but TikTok is 15 seconds.
15 seconds! – Better be magical. – Right. But the point is I can’t
concentrate for nine so if something’s that
short and that exciting, I’m into it. But on that, on that,
the kids, they lip sync. And they dance and they and I love lip syncing and dancing. But the, so I love doing that. And then millions of people, they watch me dance and
they learn from my moves. – They do.
– I do. I have some TikToks. – I brought some.
– Let’s see. Let’s see one.
– Let’s see one. ♪ Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s ♪ (knocking)
(popping) (phone dinging)
(explosion booming) See me dance? – Did you see her? Her hip thrust she was nailing it. – Did I see it?
– Yes, you filmed it. – I left the frame in it. – [Kelly] Yes! – That’s Heidi Klum. – That’s like over 25 million views. – I know, I know.
– [Kelly] Wow. – And 24 million of them are me. (laughing) But the thing, Heidi Klum, I’m dancing with Heidi Klum. Not only am I dancing with Heidi Klum, I’m thrilled as you know Heidi Klum is back on AGT Champion. – Yeah, I love her. (applauding) Yeah. – Oh, I love her. You know.
– She’s sweet. – She left for a season ’cause she had to go do some big stuff
all over the world. But I love Heidi Klum. – [Kelly] Man, she’s sweet. – I told her as a judge
and I am a judge of talent. I do it professionally. I took one look at her and I said, I swear I said this to her. You should model. That’s what I said to her. (audience laughing) And the thing is I’m able to look at somebody and identify talent. And she said and then she told me I was, I was right. (laughing) – So wait, what are you
planning next for TikTok? – Why, are you on TikTok? – You, I’m, yes. You wanna do something together? – [Howie] Let’s do one. – Let’s try and beat 25 million views. – I could do that. – Okay.
– But you know we should– – I don’t know if I can.
– No, no we could do it. You know the yes no, that yes no one. – Yep, no.
– Let’s do the yes no. So we’ll do the yes no.
– Okay. – We’ll do it and I’ll post it right now and we’ll post so the yes
no could be to any question. We could fill in whatever we want. – I all ready am in. – Okay, okay.
– Okay, so let’s record it. What camera should we record it? – What camera? – What camera should we look at? – Are we here? – We’ll look right there.
– Okay, you’re ready? – Okay, I am ready.
– (mumbles), I’m chill. – You got to play the
music and we will lip sing. Is the first one yes or the first one no? ♪ No ♪ – No. ♪ Yeah ♪
– Yes. ♪ No ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ No ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ No ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ Okay.
(cheering) So up. – Did you see my moves? – You’re amazing. – Oh. – So I gotta tell her
upload that right now and at home you can go look at TikTok. I’m gonna post it right now. – Okay. – We’ll post it right now.
– Yeah. – At home look at it and get us toward, you guys aren’t allowed
to take your phones up so get us 24 million when you go home. – [Kelly] We actually. – You’ll get the other million. – We take their phones
and then we melt them. – You know what? – Yeah. – Can I be honest with you? I’m here for a little bit, right? – Yes, I hope so. – Can I ask a question? – Yes.
– Okay, I have to go to, I have to go to the bathroom. I know this escape. (laughs) – Where’s the men’s room?
– There you go that way. Go that way
– The men’s room? – Yes, the men’s room is that way – Okay. – You gotta come back out to commercial. – Okay, oh it’s actually commercial. – [Kelly] Yes. – What timing?
– Yeah. – Is that bathroom. – Yeah, you go that way.
– Really, I gotta go, I gotta go. (cheering)
(drumming) – The new season of “America’s
Got Talent” just premiered and it’s all champions, right? – It’s “America’s Got Talent Champions”. – [Kelly] Yes. – We did it last year
and we’re doing it again. It’s kind of the Olympics
of talent, right? So winners and runner-ups and people who did good all over the world ’cause you know it’s the
biggest show in the world. It’s in the 150 markets. – [Kelly] Wow. – You know whether it’s
“Japan’s Got Talent”, “Romania’s Got Talent” all these. All the winners and
runner-up are people that wanna redeem themselves and
get a second chance come so it’s the best of the best. And the winner of that
is champion of the world. (cheering) – Well we actually had Shin Lim on here. The magician and was crazy talented. – So Shin Lim won “America’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent
Champions” last year and he’s now got a residency in Vegas. – [Kelly] I can’t wait. – He is by far the best
close-up magician I’ve ever seen in my life and usually
when you’re on those shows, if you’re sitting close you
can kind of, I can see nothing. He is truly a wizard, truly magical. I love Shin Lim, I do. – I literally think he has
some magic ’cause I was like, how did you do that? – Right and.
– He’s really good. – He’s really good. – Do you have a favorite that’s like, of all the people that have been on there, do you have one that kind of stand? – I do.
– Okay, who? – I do, V.Unbeatable. Now V.Unbeatable are
these kids from Mumbai. These kids from Mumbai, there’s like 40 kids from Mumbai they range in age from eight to 22. Most of them are homeless or orphans. They have nothing, together they have made their
way to America to our stage. They were on AGT this year. I have never seen something more exciting, more dangerous, more. I don’t know if you’ve ever
got a chance to see them, but they’ll flip a kid
two stories in the air. He’ll flip around,
– I didn’t see this. – And land with one foot
on the top of a bamboo pole then flip off and land
on some other people and it is so dangerous, so exciting, so thrilling. I have never been on the edge of my seat like I am for V.Unbeatable. – I mean as a parent does
it make you nervous though because you’re like, wait baby boy, don’t do that. (audience laughs) – I don’t have that ascent.
– You’re my guy. – Can you imagine me talking like that? – [Kelly] I really want you to. – Baby boy don’t do that. I’m gonna do that next on the
next episode watch I’m gonna. – [Kelly] I’m not saying I get nervous. – Every time, every time somebody jumps, I’m gonna, baby boy don’t do that. (laughs)
(clapping) Come on baby boy. Don’t you do that. Mama don’t want you doing that. – You doing it kind of
sounds like a serial killer. (laughs) – Really? Baby boy don’t that.
– It kind of sounds like you might have people tied up
in your basement, it’s fine. (laughs)
He doesn’t. – Yes, oh. Baby boy don’t do that or I’m gonna have to tighten the knot. (laughs) – You should play a serial killer. – Thank you, thank you. I’m gonna take that as a compliment. – You should it’s awesome. Hey, I love Kathy Bates’ “Misery”. It’s one of my favorite, she’s psychotic. – You see me as a Kathy
Bates kind of person – No, no I’m just saying I see that you could pull it off. – I can.
– Yeah. – I can be who knows,
I’m the next Kathy Bates. – There you go. (laughs)
So wait. – I will wait.
– Between all your, good. – Okay, I’m waiting. – As a comedian sometimes
I hold for the laugh. But as a talk show guest, I’m holding to the questions. – [Kelly] Just hold for the clap. – I’m holding, whoa. – [Kelly] How did you get it? (laughs) – I’m a happily married man. – Oh my God. – 40 years of happy happily married. – Let’s talk about that actually that was one of my questions. – I’ve been married for 40 years now. – You met at 12? (cheering) – Yeah, we actually met, there she is. That’s my lovey. We were both babies. I had hair and so did she. (laughs) But we met when we were young. We met like people get together now. We met online and. (laughs) – [Kelly] You did not. – Yes we did. We were online to buy fries
and she was in front of me. – Okay. – And I didn’t have enough money and I borrowed a quarter from her. I did.
Absolutely true. – That’s adorable. – And I have been paying
her back every since. (laughs) – That’s something, I love it. – Just a quarter, a quarter and I gave
her a lifetime of this. Look at this. – Look at the, your welcome.
– Look at this prize. – Your welcome. – I thought it was a prize. Now I go and I realize she’s
living with Kathy Bates. (laughs) – You brought a clip of
your wife actually, right? – I brought a clip. I did so they asked me, your staff said, what’s it like, like marriage for 40 years? How do you make it interesting? I don’t know if I’d make it
interesting as I do annoying and my wife, I’ll show you. I brought this clip because
she got really mad at me. She did, it was her birthday. And I wanted to surprise my wife. My wife loves animals, any kind of animal. She does and we work for
a preserve and give some. So I, an elephant. I rented an elephant. I rented an elephant and I had it brought to the house ’cause it’s a big, I wanted, I love her. – You went big. – I did go big. But I’m not a good planner
and I have severe attention. I didn’t invite anybody. I didn’t cater, I didn’t bring even a staff. – So just like an elephant showed up. – Well, let me show you the video and then I’m gonna talk about the trouble. – Okay. – So this is my wife’s birthday. Watch what I did for my wife’s birthday. Watch this. This is my wife’s birthday party. That’s my wife. Hi wife. (laughs) There’s the elephant. And there’s my wife.
(mumbles) Okay. Wait, wait.
(clapping) – [Kelly] That’s the saddest party every. – It was an elephant there. – You didn’t even have one balloon. – No, I had nothing. And so stupid, I don’t think of this. And also because we care about animals, you can’t just bring
an animal for an hour. He had to be like out of the whatever the transport thing for at least 12 hours. So the animal was in our
backyard for 12 hours. So wait, wait. And I don’t have that kind of attention. And my wife was bored after half hour. So we went in the house but the elephants they like palm trees. The elephant took out all our palm trees. The elephant took them
out and laid them down. And then the elephant,
– What? – How much clearer can I make it? And then the elephant
needed to be comfortable. So they said I should hose. So I hosed the elephant, which made it muddy. And then the elephant, they’re heavy. The elephant sunk into my lawn and broke the sprinklers. All the sprinklers system. – Happy, happy birthday. – Wait, wait, wait. And then we, I ordered food, not for us but for the elephant. The elephant ate. And then elephant is very regular. (laughs) The elephant is very regular. – Oh my God. – That’s what the guy who came to our backyard the next day said ’cause there are piles of elephant. – Dung just. – Poo. The next day the gardener, we have a gardener, gardener came. He comes around the corner, the yard is these holes
that are four-feet deep. The sprinklers are broken. Five palm trees are
laying all over the place and there’s a pile of, you can put a bleep on (beep) right? (clapping) – [Kelly] Yes. – Yes, there’s a giant. There is no, and the guy walks in and he goes, Mr. Mandel, what is this? And I go, it was my wife’s birthday. (laughs) – [Kelly] Nailed it. – I never explained. There was $45 000 damage. The sprinklers, the trees. – [Kelly] Oh my gosh. – And elephant poo removal is
not a service that is nearby. – So your gift to your wife for her birthday was just
severely pissing her off. (laughs) – You know what? I’m consistent, I’m fairly consistent. (clapping) So it’s not any different on her birthday than it is each and every day. – [Kelly] It’s important to be consistent. – You know what she loves about me is that I’m here and she’s not. (laughs) She loves me being away. – So she gets alone time. – She gets alone time without me.

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