55 thoughts on “How Your Brain Maps The World – with John O’Keefe

  1. Who ever lectures in the RI and starts with…
    It's a pleasure and honor to stand behind that desk…will always get my thumb up for a start.
    All those who don't should find another job and flip burger.

  2. When I worked at a community college, I was once "accosted" by an older man who asked how to get to a certain classroom. I gave him what I thought were simple instructions as a right and a left turn to get to a different hallway to find the room. He was completely baffled. I took a different approach. I grabbed one of the building maps that were posted near every door. I showed him on the map where he was and where he was going, and used a yellow highlighter to highlight the route to the classroom. His face showed mild panic, and he said, "I don't know how to use this." It was then that I realized that this man had some sort of impairment to his ability to orient himself and navigate in space. I walked him to his classroom.

  3. Thanks for this very interesting video. I saw, that they did not exclude all guns in the game: looking at the map, I saw a gun: the street not at a right angle is the handle of the gun. And the other streets followed the outlines of a gun or pistol. Do other people see this gun too?

  4. This is a reflection of the pitiful state of western neuroscience. Anyone who is serious should read S. V. Savelyev.

  5. I felt the urge to applaud my monitor at the end of the video. Do I have some kind of spatial cognition impairment?

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    This nigha know he abein it up.

  7. I knew this guy, he knew left from right but would call me in the middle of the night because he was lost as a pedestrian. First thing I had to tell him to do is to tell him to go to the nearest corner and look at a house number to see if he was North or south of the main east West avenue and East or West of main street North and south. Some times he would walk two or three miles the wrong direction before he called me and would be discouraged at the 2 or three extra miles he would have to back track. This only happened after dark. The sun was gone so he got lost. Could I get him to buy a compass and carry it? Nope. Half the day it was not needed. He couldn't figure out Google maps of course but he could remember my phone number.

  8. You know this reminds me of how maps are made for tomahawk missiles. Except the missile has the map made from a 3d map referenced from a side looking multimode radar slaved to a ring laser gyro system. My dad was a cartographer in the Army Corp of Engineers while he was in WW2. He was stationed in Jenson. The town / base was named after the general that was the administrator. On his maps that he helped make the town was called Inchon. Yep, South Korea. MacArthur used some of his maps six years later.

  9. 31:58 Gentlemen, I give you Panels – The Planks of Tomorrow! Fully configurable, infinitely variable, safe. Aperture brand Panels will assist your test subjects every step of the way!

  10. So what are the effects of rf radiation on the stability of these cells?
    Does radio transmission 3G, 4G, 5G, microwave radiation have a short term or long term effect? Does such stimulie cause inability to recall the data or does it produce corrupted data for the brain to work with?

  11. Atomic Movement or Non – movement is governed by Allah's Will n Decision. Thus, the perfect mapping and matching of the Brain 's generation of signals.

  12. Allah Oft Perfect, the Cherisher of the Worlds, the Cherisher of Mankind Most Gracious Most Merciful.

  13. Why go to all that bother to get rid of monsters in a FPS game? Just run it with the -nomonsters flag. Problem solved!

  14. I notice that the lecturer uses the metric system to measure walking distance instead of yards and feet. The British Roman measuring system is more intelligible for everyday use of Yards, Feet and Inches. Meters, Centimeters being British have no real understanding of measurement because a foot being 12 inches is similar to ones foot and a Yard as three feet is readily understood as ones step in walking.

  15. Octagonal rooms mess me up quickly. I am also a ride share driver… I haven't been in octagional rooms since I started.

  16. 16,118 views right now and 56 comments. Only 56 comments!!! How can so many have so little to say?

    Sadly, most of the comments are about the video game mentioned for like five minutes or who this guy looks like. A few more comments were jerks saying rude things about the presenter. I can't believe how pitiful the comments section is and why some people even bother. Would any of these jerks come up and say those things to his face after the lecture? Scared little keyboard warriors… Modern day children don't grow up, they just get older. Let's move on from the stupidity.

    This was a great topic and an interesting presenter. I was sad when it was over as I could have listened longer. I could tell he was nervous. He obviously has great respect for the RI and the desk he stood behind. I fear great traditions like this will be lost in favor of some compilation of funny vines. Long live the RI and it's though provoking lectures!

    I always wondered how the brain navigated the world. Sometimes we have directions but no mental map, other times we have a map but no directions. It's amazing what has be learned by this and other researchers on this topic. The cells the fire at specific locations or boundaries are amazing discoveries. The connections with disease detection early on hits home as my grandfather has Alzheimers.

  17. With three spatial dimensions, the third dimension applies to the first two. If you have height and width then depth applies to both of them. The third unit (dimension) is the first two combined as per the numbers 1, 2, and 3 (3 being 1 plus 2). If we live in a fractoholographic reality running on quantum computations as a simulation, then the same fundamental trinary geometry is being used at all scales. Quantum computers use the 'zero' and the 'one' as well as the third unit which is the qubit (zero and one together undifferentiated). This would offer an explanation as to why Kant was correct about the brain knowing three dimensions before it intakes data. Reality could be a three-dimensional construct designed from trinary units. This would, of course, include the atom.

  18. Perhaps Kant is correct. Your DNA and biology play a part in how you perceive and react to the current conditions that surround you. It is okay to admit that.

  19. Great video thanks. I've seen a couple of videos on how human's make maps. Having spent a couple of years in the northern hemisphere , vs 60 odd down south, I've always wondered why the human brain can't translate the hemispheres properly. I mean east is in the same position and north, south and west relative to light cues. However at home in the dark in unfamiliar places I almost always know where northish is, around 10 – 15 degress NE or NW of Nth. Go to the northern hemisphere and I have no clue , even after two years, unless I can see the sun. Regularly head east by going west.

    I'd love to see what changes when I do that

  20. I had to click this just to check if the guy was real. From the thumbnail he looked like an animated character.

  21. I was wating for a talk about the construction of the world outlook and navigating reality… It's about mapping the territory, not the world =(

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