How Toxic Is the Inside of a Glow Stick? – Dear Blocko #28

Hey there! Welcome to another episode of dear blocko! This is the show where i answer your questions
about your world and my world! First question up hotdog man234 Gonzalez
#Dearblocko what happens if we touched the stuff in a glow stick? The short answer? Most of the time, not a whole lot. While glow sticks might seem like little vials
of toxic sludge that could turn you into a supervillain, the truth is a bit less dramatic. In smaller amounts, glow stick chemicals are
considered minimally toxic. If you get the insides of a glow stick on
your skin, you might be talking about some minor redness and irritation, but probably
not much else. According to the Illinois Poison Center, even
ingesting a mouthful of the stuff will likely only cause minor mouth or throat irritation. However, it gets a bit worse when you start
getting it in your eyes. Since your eyes are more sensitive, if any
of the fluid is squirted into them it can lead to eye injuries and chemical burns. Our second question comes from
Someone with the username Dorito Ice cream Gross They ask
#DearBlocko What would happen if the air was 100% Oxygen? Well, first off, the plants of the world would
probably be pretty unhappy. That’s because they need carbon dioxide
for the photosynthesis process, you know, their version of getting takeout. Granted, carbon dioxide only makes up such
a small portion of the air around you — 78 percent being nitrogen and 21 percent being
oxygen — but not having any CO2 at all would still put plants in quite the pickle. With only oxygen circling around, you could
also say goodbye to those humid days outside. That’s because humidity is all about the
amount of water vapor in the air, which is what makes it feel all wet and sticky. No, youtube, please don’t demonetize me for
that sentence. I’m just talking science here! No water, no humidity. But hey, chances are that that would be the
least of your worries since only having oxygen in the air would make it WAY easier for things
to catch on fire and burn. Trying to breathe straight up oxygen is also
dangerous for humans, so let’s just try and keep it around the 21 percent mark, okay? And now it’s time for questions about me
and my world! Sadia asks
Dear blocko, Anything new about the adventure to “New Jersey”
you talked about? Actually yes! We tried trekking through the land of “New
Jersey” but this strange smell overpowered us. Also every car kept trying to run us over
for some reason? Anyway, We had to turn around, but we’re
gonna go back better prepared and ready to meet the knowledgeable one. If the rumors are true, The Knowledgeable
One can answer ANY question. The next question for me! PQ asks Dear Blocko
My mom and I want to know, are you and circlia getting married? Haha, uh, nope! I don’t have any plans! Not yet! No plans to get married here! Not like i don’t want to. I do!I’m just saying i don’t have any
plans! Maybe some day, marriage. Someday. Marriage. But nothing is planned. NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Go back to fighting alien alpacas, Circlia,
please! Smooth Blocko, You totally nailed that. She doesn’t suspect a thing! So do you have any questions about your world
AND my world!? Let me know in the comment section below and
make sure you use the hashtag dear blocko so i can find it! Wanna watch even more dear blocko? You should probably check out the previous
one we did! How you go about treating an enlarged heart
largely depends on what the underlying causes are. Treatments can include medication to stop
the heart from growing any further As always, my name is blocko, this has been
life noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

100 thoughts on “How Toxic Is the Inside of a Glow Stick? – Dear Blocko #28

  1. #DearBlocko What would it be like if everyone on Earth was sent into the world of Dinotrux from the Netflix show?

  2. Glow sticks are healthy, I drank 13 and now I can levitate, go through walls and nobody can see me

  3. #Dear Blocko

    My world: I don't think humans should be taking Corona Virus serious it might be me but I don't think it's that harmful I know it's killed hundreds and infected thousands but I think where over reacting.

    Your world: Do you get symptoms of anything also is your world more Minecraft or Abstract

  4. I was chewing on a glow stick once and it popped in my mouth, I spat it out almost instantly and nothing happened-

    Happy to know I wouldn't of died either way

  5. #DearBlocko What would happen if all power in the world suddenly shut off for a week OwO if that’s taken then why are different people allergic to different things?

  6. When I was small with my little sister was playing with a glow stick it Brock and went on my hand and sis I came back my dad made my room glow blue and on my beds when it got on my hand it did not hurt btw I'm the little sister saying this

  7. #Dearblocko
    when I was 8 I was playing glowsticks in my school I was 3 Grade back then when I bend to much of the glowstick it got into my both eyes then I go to the rest room I washed my eyes then I puts soap and and I was still closing my eyes then when I got back at my desk I got a feeling that idk know

    Now I'm 7th grader 4 years passed by

  8. It's a peaceful night in 2020. Wait, it's not. Anyways and you forget about the outside world and wonder at 2AM… how toxic IS a glow stick?

  9. I remember ACCIDENTALLY breaking a glow stick and have the stuff go inside my mouth, it was the worst…

  10. When I was 6 I ate the whole glow stick even the plastic thinking I would turn to the hulk had to go to E.R

  11. It’s fine if your drink a little bit of glow stick juice it just feels weird in your mouth like electricity gross

  12. #dear life noggin pls no hate me but I sniped with withe the odd1sout s o uh is it ok for your first sub to edit 1 vid about shipped character

  13. One time there was a party and they did this thing with the glow stick nd we had to use the glasses nd i had my on but some how the glow stick got into my eye and it burned me so bad it hurt a lot

  14. Once when I was 8, my mother gave a glow stick to sleep with. It always bothered me how the ends don't glow (if you know what I mean not the plastic but inside), so I bit into it and it broke in my mouth. I got on my pjs and skin but had no reaction, and I was fine. My pjs still glow to this day and still not allowed glow sticks, never touched one since then lol.

  15. #dearblocko
    My mom told me that Without a brain you can die BUt what happens whenever you need to replace a brain like Brain surgery 😕 :If this is too yucky then here is another question: what is exactly the coronavirus aka cavid-19

  16. Bruh I was a small kid and I was too weak to crack those glowsticks so I bit them I opend one didnt know and my tongue glowed

  17. Oh no what happens if some glowstick juice gets into your eye cuz it happened to me now i have some yellow glowstick juice in mah eye oh wait oh sh-

  18. So when I was little I once had a glowstick that some kids cut in half and it made me cry mind u it was like my only thing to play with and I was 6 but I remember crying and made the mistake of trying to rub the tears out of my eyes while my hands were covered in glowstick juice

  19. Once i bit into a small glowstick ring when i was 7 and it spilled into my mouth, luckly we were close to home and my mouth was numb so my parents told me to wash my mouth out with baking soda and water, god i was safe.

  20. #dearbloco I am a YouTuber, can u tell ur fans to sub to me? And what’s chemicals are in toxic waste? Not the candy

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