How to solve problems in life – Train your brain to think different!

Hey I’m Mayling! welcome to my channel. a
place to make art and feel empowered. today I want to talk about how to solve
problems in life by training your brain to think different. I don’t know about
you guys but I feel like usually in most other scenarios looking at what other
people are doing and how they’re dealing with it can help you actually take
action that is good for you but I feel like during this whole pandemic we’ve
actually seen that the opposite is true for example look at supermarkets right
now what are people doing you’re going to shop you see all the aisles are wiped
out completely and what do you do you feel scared and you think I have to be
hoarding food right now as well let me get gather as much shit as I can
and you know figure out how to survive during this whole thing or old and young
people looking at others that don’t care what’s going on and continue to go to
the beach continue to travel or while we actually see a lot of people doing as
well is waiting for others to tell them what to do because usually like the
government will be telling us what to do but of course trump and it makes sense
that people are behaving in this way because as human beings we’re social
animals we want to fit in if you go back and think about like a caveman days if
you didn’t fit in with your tribe you would probably die but if we look at the
30 samples I just mentioned it’s actually not a good idea to fit in and
to do what like the herd is doing hoarding food because other people are
hoarding food or toilet paper or medicine sanitizer or whatever it is you
just created more problems for other people that are gonna find nothing when
they get to a supermarket like we’ve seen nurses doctors and older people
online expressing their frustration that they finally leave the house they
finally get a break from the hospital and they find nothing when they go to
the store so for me to be really fascinating that actually to think
differently and add differently than others in this
particular situation that we’re going through would I really help us survive
so now that we’ve talked about why it’s important that we start thinking
differently I want to share with you guys a couple of artworks that will
inspire you to look at the world in a new way and so we can begin to come up
with different ideas different solutions to solve all our problems so if you
watch some of my older videos you might know that I went to school in upstate
New York for like two and a half years when you first go into like
administration building an ethical college there’s a huge wall with a world
map but instead of looking like this you realize quickly that the map is actually
upside down and I don’t know about you guys but at that particular moment in
time I had never seen like a map displayed upside down eventually what
that map came to symbolize to me is just to look at the world differently because
if you think about it the world is like a rock flying through space turning and
turning and turning like when you look at the universe there is no up or down
like it’s vast space so how do we know of course there’s like a relationship of
like we as humans have decided this is called north
this is called south and like you know the North Pole and the South Pole and
the Magnetic whatever’s but in the greater scheme of the universe there is
no up and down we just came up with those things so that we can understand
each other when we talk about the geographic nature of our unit of our
world so if you apply to that idea to life in general nothing is set in stone
of course somebody with power long ago decided north america is going to be a
and South America is gonna be down and of course all the implications that go
along in like our social hierarchy and how we treat one another money and power
and politics etcetera etcetera but once again artists began to encourage us to
look at the world differently stop thinking of the limitations and the
designations that other people have given us because we can create our own
and interestingly enough when I was growing up in Latin America there was a
song called si an art thief what I sued if the North
was the south which actually had this idea over and over again of what if we
looked at the world differently it’s by Ricardo Arjona you’re welcome to
google it look at a translation but it was basically a very kind of political
and humorous song about what if the North was the south and he continues to
say well che Guevara would be flipping burgers at McDonald’s the hottest look
would be a short brown man that would be what everybody will be after again just
looking at the things that we’ve been given as normal or as expected or as
desirable those are just things that a random person came up with we can easily
come up with new ideas so I just wanted to share with you guys these ideas
because they inspired me to look at the world in ways that no one is encouraging
me to think about like I said during this covert pandemic nobody really knows
what’s going on nobody really knows like how to deal with it everybody’s just
kind of doing their best and I think eventually that’s gonna come down to
everyday people as well because many people have already lost their jobs lost
their savings lost their retirement funds and how are we in the short term
gonna survive so I think more and more we’re gonna as
have to come up with completely new ideas completely new solutions to
problems that we’ve never thought about in order to train your brain to think
differently I want to encourage you guys to start looking every day for two
things I want you to start looking for people that are are solving problems and
create a dove or unique ways and I also want you to do the opposite I want you
to look for problems and how people are solving them and how you could go about
solving it differently and in my in many ways more effective so let me just give
you an example this morning I finally it was brave enough to go to the
supermarket because I realized number one I don’t have bread and I’m up
addicted to bread and I need bread and number two I never got Lysol so since we
had to basically disinfect our entire lives
I had to brave the apocalyptic like world out there and you try to find some
nice one I go to the supermarket I make it to the soap aisle and it’s literally
almost entirely empty all the shelves are empty and all there is is like two
detergents fabric softener until I look down at the bottom shelf it was full
with tons of bottles of bleach everybody that’s going to the store including
myself wanting to get like so because Lysol is antibacterial disinfectant but
what is the component of life so that is actually disinfecting earth everything
is actually bleach so you actually wanted to hoard disinfectant be the best
most logical least expensive solution will be to get bleach and yet all the
bleach was sitting on the shelf everybody’s going for the lice probably
buying multiple bottles of Lysol when they could buy one bottle of bleach
and make multiple bottles of disinfectant solution of course then you
got to get home and like make your own solution you need like an empty bottle
needs it like the right measurements it’s just a little bit of more work but
that’s actually a better solution to the problem with me
in fact and then hoarding all the Lysol because the last was gonna be more
expensive everybody’s going for the lie so there’s
clearly no lie so when you go to the store or try to buy it online so that’s
what I mean about thinking differently actually makes more sense right now and
it’s not a secret that bleach is a disinfectant like we it is commonly
known but now let’s look at some examples of people that are actually
thinking differently and coming up with new solutions like right now I saw on
Twitter that a doctor came up with a new way of how to use a ventilator that can
actually help two people at once so that means whatever supply they have in the
hospital can now help double the people another example is I put I forget if it
was a nurse or a doctor but they were saying that they’re wasting a lot of
protective gear because they had to go in their room you don’t protect
themselves go in the room just to like change tubes or like plug one thing to
another so this nurse I think it was a nurse I’m
sorry if I’m wrong but this nurse came up with a way of like what if we put all
the tubes and all the machines in the hallway because if I don’t need to touch
the patient then I don’t need to waste protective gear another very interesting
thing that has stood out to me during this whole pandemic is this idea of
essential jobs in society it turns out that other than like medical and
healthcare workers which of course we can clearly see that they’re essential
it turns out that things like food workers cleaning logistics manufacturing
some of the lowest paying jobs in society are the most essential and that
includes teachers so moving forward as a society maybe we need to figure out a
way that these essential jobs can have higher pay because then that will
attract higher quality candidate to carry out these jobs and of course
secure things like sick pay we’re all depending on these people and right now
it’s so crazy that there are some of the lowest paying jobs in society and yet
they are essential they have been deemed essential I don’t see too many
executives like being called essential and that that to me is very interesting
how many of these jobs don’t require a college education and this young people
today have so many problems with all the debt that we are carrying and the
economy is going down so that they may be moving forward we need to figure out
in our society to change our mind and think differently and how about how we
don’t you need everybody to go to college like I said to me just been very
fascinating to look at all these kind of crazy thoughts and revelations that come
up during this time and use them to inspire us they look at the world
differently look at what things we’ve been told to think about or how we have
been told to think about them and see if it’s right or if it’s wrong or if
there’s another way possible and that’s really all I want to share
with you guys today I hope that you’re all doing okay at home I know it’s like
number one really boring to be home all the time I hope that you are staying
home please stay home we don’t know what lies for us in the days ahead and it’s
very scary that people are gonna start losing their jobs I’m already starting
to see people grieve for you know people that are dying on social media and
that’s gonna be happening more and more every day unfortunately and it’s really
important that we all start to like train our minds of how to solve our own
problems because we’re gonna be facing problems that we’ve never been told that
we have to face if whether there are emotional problems or like physical
problems of you don’t have a job and and you need to figure out how to feed your
family and that’s really all I have for you
guys today thank you for watching if you still are subscribe if you’d like to
continue talking about world domination and thank you for watching I’ll see you
in the next one

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  1. Agh, monkey see monkey do mentality, never made sense to me, don't fit in, let the others figure this out for themselves 😅

  2. I wondered also if your painting was upsidedown in the same way that the flag is upsidedown meaning that the country is in conflict or chaos

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