How to Handle Challenging Times | Dr. Pillai on How Civilization is Changing

This is an unusual video. Usually I do videos that will directly help
individuals to improve their life. And that has been the practice for me for
over 30 years. But now the Coronavirus edge changed me so
much as much as it just changed everybody else. It is the time that we have to look at what
is really happening to the entire world. Not just America, not just China or India,
but to the entire human race. We have to really look at the future. What is going to happen in the future? Not the future which is going to happen in
2030, but the immediate future. The immediate future is so uncertain that
the schools are not going to be opening informed because of the virus, and the airplanes are
not going to be flying because of again the virus, and it is going to kind of suffocate
human life. People can’t go to the hospitals because they
get infected, you know, it is very ironical. And the doctors are worried that they won’t
be having enough patience. So what is going to happen? And now what about politics? If we look at every area of our life there
is uncertainty of what is going to happen. Now let’s, let’s see what needs to happen
and what is desirable for us to happen. And it is not an easy question for anybody
to answer. So civilization has come this far, but there
is a major drawback with our civilization. At least I can talk about that, so that we
can all try to find if there is, there can be a solution. The one thing is our own orientation to materialism
tied to our own selfishness and ego. And that is being questioned now. There is not enough material resources. We cannot just go out and even work. They are afraid of being infected. And this is this can be a great opportunity
for people to turn to God, turn to understanding our own soul, our own consciousness, our own
life on Earth, which has not been our goal or which has not been our inquiry at all,
we never inquire what is life. This question has never been asked, because
we have been focusing all our attention on one thing and that is, how can we grow materially
and with the ultimate goal to satisfy our senses, and then get old and die, individually,
as well as nationally, globally, there is only one goal for humanity. And that goal is how to become materially
prosperous. How to get more material things on an individual
level, and also on the level of each country, globally, we have been forced to give priority
to materialism, and we don’t care about anything at all. And that structure is now collapsing because
of the virus. So what is going to happen? We’ll see. There will be a lot of unrest. I hope it doesn’t turn into violence. Because that’s the natural reaction of people,
when they don’t have enough things to satisfy their immediate needs, physical needs. And they get mad, and then they could become
violent. And no government would be able to control
that kind of thing unless it is a military government or a communist government; even
there you know it is there’s going to be very difficult to continue doing that. Now, there should be some kind of intervention
that has to happen. And that intervention should help humanity
to see a different model other than a model to satisfy their senses, to satisfy their
ego and look at a bigger goal. And that goal is to ask, What is life? It is no longer going to be a Philosopher’s
preoccupation to ask about what is soul or what is life, it is going to be the concern
of everyone. And I have a very strong feeling that we have
that opportunity. that opportunity never comes unless there
is a global crisis like this. And this global crisis, not just War, although
the war is a possibility to when situations get worse. And we are asked questions about what is life
what is death? What it is to be a human being? When so many people are dying in front of
us in huge numbers and we don’t still not look at to questions like what is life and
what is deaath, then we are not going to grow or to learn anything out of this pandemic
situation. I am sure that there is going to be that situation
going to arise as we go along. And one thing that worries me is it is not
going to be an easy transition into a new civilization. We have to begin right you know, from the
very beginning, where everybody becomes conscious of what is life and what is death. And it is just not a life of totally responsibility,
total sense satisfaction and development of science and technology to help us again to
that materialistic goal, but never taking us to a better reality. This is not the first time that we have a
civilization on this earth plane. The world, the earth plane has seen so many
civilization and it’s billions of years of existence. And not only that, this is not the earth plane
is not the only Earth here; there are so many earths in the galaxies. And why have we not preoccupied ourselves
with those and models in other galaxies? Why and how, why have we not asked the question? That is there a reality other than our ego
other than our, our senses? I think, in my opinion, I think, the universe,
God is creating the situation so that we will begin to ask this question. Jesus came to ask this question, the Buddha
came to ask this question, but then they kind of got misunderstood. He came, Jesus very clearly said that he came
to create the kingdom, on the earth plane, as it is in heaven. And how many Christians interpret Christianity
as a movement where to develop heaven on earth? And what is heaven on earth? He also said the kingdom is within, the kingdom
is within. So everybody has to transform themselves. He even said that you have to create Faith. You can move the mountain with faith; even
with a faith, as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains, where is faith now? How much faith we have? We have faith in one thing and that is building
and good home and satisfying all of our senses. And when it comes to the faith in God or a
universal energy, we don’t have faith in any of that. So Jesus failed, and almost all of them, all
religious leaders who wanted to do something to change the world have failed, including
the Buddha. The Buddha did not believe in God or soul,
but he believed in consciousness, you know and all this are illusions, what is the reality
is you can become a Buddha, you can become awakened. And what is the awakening? It’s emptiness, you are totally empty, everything
is empty. All these are illusions. And today we have an opportunity to bring
both together with quantum physics and bring in scientists, even like Einstein, although
he was not into quantum physics, but he did say that this world is an illusion. He said the past, present, and future is an
illusion. But he said it is a persistent illusion. You know if you just focus on this one concept
and then everybody agrees to the idea that this world is an illusion, we can all evolve,
and that evolution is worthwhile for us to do rather than you know just totally dedicating
ourselves to science and technology to manufacture atom bombs and missiles to go and kill people
around. The materialism has gotten us to a level where
in superpower is defined in terms of two things: one, the power to kill as many people as possible
on one hand, the power with the, number two, with what? With money. If you have money, you can do these things. And number three, there is one more aspect
that is to have enough resources to fulfill our material needs of money, food and sex. So, the higher life is what is needed, and
that can be given only by inquiring our own existence and civilization. So many people have asked, have reflected
on civilization. Freud did his own part. Civilization and discontent is one of the
very provocative essays that he wrote; they’re very inquired into the pleasure principles
of human beings. And then the society was created to control
the pleasure principles, you know. So, as a psychologist, psychiatrist, he looked
at it from his own point of view and he said, We are naturally pleasure oriented. So, what happens is we want to have that pleasure
satisfied. You know, if you look at a woman and then
you want to have to be with her. Man also does that this is quite natural,
he said, this is the natural principle that is we are born with. But then the society is which what he called
as reality principle. Hey, you are an old man, why are you looking
at the young girl and then you want to have her? And Freud saw some kind of conflict right
there. So our nature says something, our culture
say something. So nature and culture is in conflict. So what you have to do is you have to suppress
your natural feelings in preference over the culture, otherwise there won’t be any culture. So, Freud came up with this concept that this
is not civilization; we have really suppressed our natural instinct. And so everybody becomes psychotic at the
end. So, this was really not acceptable to Hitler
who was living at that time and then he asked Freud to behave, you know, don’t float ideas
like this. Now, the Freud’s idea is quite dangerous for
the society. But then he did not go beyond the pleasure
principle. Beyond the pleasure principle is the bliss
principle. But he arrived at a good stage in his inquiry,
that they’re seeking joy is something cannot be replaced by anything; the human nature
is that we all want joy. We don’t want unhappiness pain, and where
is the joy going to be? And that is going to define the new civilization,
which we need to create. We need joy, unending joy. And that unending enjoy is not going to be
coming through just satisfaction of your sense pleasures because you’re going to get sick
and you’re going to get old and you’re going to die. So when are you going to get unending joy? When we become deathless, when we don’t become,
you know, old, when there is no processing of pain by our body, mind. Is it possible to develop a body mind which
is pain free, which does not have death, which gives you liberation from all that is now
realities which keep us in sorrow and suffering. Yes there is. And that is to create a different mindset,
a different body. In other words, this body and this mind should
evolve. Human Evolution is the only answer for permanent
happiness, otherwise we are not going to change at all. You know, we think that we have progressed
in our evolution. We have not created a good civilization at
all. We think that we have moved from monarchy
to democracy. But this knows still in democracy Does everyone
have equal power or equal status? No. Only thing is we have changed the name from
a king to say, a president or a prime minister. But they are almost kings, you know, monarchs. There is inequality, there is inequality there
should be somebody who sits in the Oval Office and some other should be you know, how to
take care of the bathroom Okay, there is not going to be equality, there will always be
we are cheating ourselves by saying that we are all going to be equal, we are not equal
even in a democracy only in one sense everybody has only one vote. Other than that there is no equality. So, why only a spiritual solution is going
to create a new civilization. The only way is everybody should become spiritual. Is that possible? It is possible I want it to happen. But what needs to happen is there should be
education, there should be education. What kind of education? Education in consciousness. Consciousness based education is very important. People have to understand what is mind and
how do we look at the world, and how we are about how there is no present past and future. And when all these things are changed, when
you don’t see a past, present, future and live always in the present, then you have
one thing that comes to you infinite joy, Infinite compassion and there is no fight
at all. Now you open a CNN and you open and watch
it for a minute, a few minutes and then you go to Fox News and you see the fight between
the two political parties, you know and do they want to have two party system in the
United States has aggravated this the situation we are already in where
we are completely dichotomized. Either you are a Democrat or you are republican
and that tribal identity, it’s a tribal identity, and the tribal identity inheres tribal loyalty. Everybody, you know, consciously, unconsciously,
subconsciously collect you unconsciously favor, one or the other. You know, whether you’re a democrat or republican
and there is no objectivity and people don’t even ask the question if there is an objective
there is no objectivity because Karl Marx is to say that man I can’t think independent,
it is the society that is thinking through me. So you cannot have independent thinking. Because the orientation comes consciously,
subconsciously, unconsciously, collectively unconsciously. So we have to make some decisions so people
have to really become more in the future, if we want to really change the civilization
educate themselves. And the education is about, you know, to ask
who we are, and what are we doing. There are so many things in other galaxies,
and we are so engrossed in our own galaxy in our own selfish interests, of sense fulfillment
and not looking at the capability that we have to know, what is available for us, how
can we learn from people who already have an enlightened state of consciousness? And I think you know, it will take a long
time, you know, if we commit to time, if we don’t commit to time, there is no time. You know, our concept of time change, you
know, after Einstein came and looked at time as the fourth dimension and he challenged
Newton. and about No, nobody is given education on what what time is. And what mind is, if there is no time there
is no mind. There is no time, then there is no illusion. The delusion of time comes from the illusion
of the mind. Whereas the mind it is not an object it is
a process. And this process starts when you wake up in
the morning and when you go to sleep, remind disappears and the world disappears. So everything is dependent on the mind and
why we are we don’t have you know, we don’t educate people on mine, you know, there’s
a lot of TV shows, you know, putting garbage out, and then people the consumer or people
who look at this, they don’t they are engrossed in that they have become more goofier and
they all these are going to change now. The other day I was watching a video show
which said what is going to happen? Somebody asked a question if there is going
an earthquake in a downtown area of our modern cities all over the world, we have skyscrapers
and there is there is going to be an earthquake and all our financial centers are there. If there is an earthquake that will you know,
we will be in a different situation, similar to what we have now. And now this is even worse. Coronavirus is something that we are not able
to control. And people are criticizing Trump because every
day he is checking if he has been infected, you know, I saw it on the CNN how someone
was saying that he’s checking every day and the doctor comes and as I wish I could do
that for my family. When I just thought about these things, and
this man saying he’s checking whether he has Coronavirus, the doctor who is there, and
he says I want to be able to check for myself and my family every day. What are you going to do by checking and people? In US people’s mind is so screwed up. And they do not know what they are, what they
think and how, what they talk. And, and then is it useful to engage in this
kind of fight? And what if everybody looks at the world in
a different way? It is not just a philosophy. And I just told you that when you go to sleep,
the mind disappears and nothing happens. The world disappears. And this is the first lesson that the Guru
gives his disciple; when he goes to learn from a guru for enlightenment, which is a
better life, than the life centered on body and the mind and the Maya. And the guru says, There is no mind there
is no world. This is all illusion. And he says, how the student as the guru says,
you go to sleep, the mind goes to sleep. And then the world disappears when you wake
up in the morning, then the whole world comes back. So then, without the mind there is no world. Chitta matra is in Sanskrit, the term that
describes that Chitta means the mind Matra only the mind only exists. If this is the case, why not we put all our
resources in place. They help people to understand the mind. And then how the will how we are related to
the phenomenal world. And this is the first step. And then once you were able to know what the
mind is, and what is beyond the mind and how we beyond the mind is the super consciousness,
and how is that super consciousness going to give you complete fulfillment. And this is also the teaching of Jesus; when
somebody came and told his father is dead or his father is dead, I don’t remember the
context, He said, Let the dead bury the dead. Okay. Why do you make it a big deal? You know he is physically dead and you are
spiritually dead, let the dead bury the dead, deny thyself and follow me deny thyself, he
said, deny your mind and follow me. In order to understand the true meaning of
what these enlightened beings taught, and then how they fail, because again and again,
we come back to live life to fulfill the senses, and we need a lot of money to do that. And the very way people move to cities because
they can make more money, there’s, there’s better wine, there’s better, no food available. And so when we have a civilization based on
the mind, and that creates the conflict between the Republicans and the Democrats, Okay, they
have received they understand that so it’s certainly an illusion. And why do you worry about this illusion? You know, you have to really see that you
are in the moment. And then the other person will be and will
not be an enemy anymore. There will be infinite compassion. And together we create a world so that everybody
can evolve and to stop pain, suffering. And, after all, we are not the flesh and blood. The death of the body, there is one idea that
the death of the body is not the end of it. And then there’s this soul lives and this
was a game comes back with a memory of what it had learned in the previous birth and then
start another another lifetime. So you have to stop this an endless life and
death process. So we have to educate the common people about
what is life, what is mine, What is consciousness, what is to be living in the moment. And if we really make people to be happy,
you cannot materially make everybody happy. Everybody cannot become a Bill Gates or Jeff
Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, but everybody can be enlightened, can be happy and then they
dont need, you know, to become a billionaire in order to be happy, as long as you create
that kind of material inequality creates only more animosity and anger. And even those people who become extraordinarily
wealthy, from the point of view of enlightenment, they are ignorant. Just you know, providing, you know, service
to humanity is not religion at all. A true religion is transcendence, understanding
of who you are, and how you relate to the world, how we relate to God, how we relate
to the galaxy. And that really is more important how we are
not just flesh and blood, and the spirit leaving the body is not at the end of it. There are so many things. The other day I was reading a book where the
book was talking about the transplanted organs. Remember the the host, the original person’s
memories, I’ll put it simply now. There was a liver transplant and the person
who received the liver transplant started craving for alcohol craving for nicotine. Where did it come from? From the other person from whom, from whom
he had this organ transplant donor, the organ donor was an alcoholic, was a smoker and this
fellow gets that. Now, this is not what we have known before,
because the transplant did not happen before now we are happening but now we are studying
Oh my god. So, when you receive a blood transfusion these
are all happening too. Are we going to be worried about all these
things now, No. we are better things to worry about. And that is a total transformation from material
existence to a spiritual existence, from solid matter into light. So, the ultimate goal for humanity should
be to gain a body of light. We are already a body of light, which is not
that we are going to become, but then our consciousness is only focusing on the flesh
and blood and the material things. The flesh and blood is the orientation for
us, gives orientation for us, the senses are related to the flesh and blood and the mind. And when that is transcended, when you are
going to perceive through another mechanism, none of the mind none of the senses and that
is the answer and what do you perceive then? Do you perceive then, the light body, but
then our training in it, you know from day one onwards when we came into this planet
till we die is going to be, you know, making you to commit to only the perception of the
senses, and all our laws, society and you know, socializing everything is based on our
material reality. So, can we really become more enlightened,
more live now from a non mind and that gives you, you know, the idea of who really we are,
and if a society is going to be based on that, then it will be liberation, the inner will
be a liberation. I know everybody every Messiah who came here
was teaching this but everybody failed. And now we have possibility real possibility
when everything is being challenged by this Coronavirus. I honestly wish that we can really do that. And there was a there was one enlightened
being here who lived was very controversial. But then he was able to psychologize his consciousness
to look at the world differently. His name is Adi Da. Look at, listen to some of his videos. And he was in India and was getting trained
there and then he came and he developed his own system. And He always talks about his devotees don’t
look at the world, through your ego and you cannot do that. And he wanted the end of his life. You know, he, he really wanted there. Some of these people approached me with a
proposal to create a world government. And in that government, only egoless people
will be there. And they have no ego, then you will be full
of love. There is no judgment. There is only love, compassion. If there is no ego between the democrats and
the under republicans So, how will the government operate, it will operate based on love, based
on understanding of what, of the divinity of the other person, of yourself. And, and that is what he tried to visualize,
at least, you know, I knew it will take a long, long time to get people to that level
of seeing the non mind and are also living their own mind and seeing it as an illusion
but still a reality too. you know, I, you know, this is a very, you
know, intense topic. So, I can’t do justice for this, but at least
I want you to think have a possibility, even if it is not going to be happening to a country,
any country, at least on a personal level, there will be a liberation, you will be personally
able to liberate yourself from the body mind, from the census from the need to go and make
money. And then your mind is crowded with all the
time about the need to make more money so that your life will be you know, pleasant,
but you don’t need any of these things with all these things you can get like Steve Jobs,
he will pancreatic cancer and die with all the money he could not live. So if you can really focus on the thoughts
that I have just shared with you, there will be at least you Things The world doesn’t change,
at least there will be some kind of understanding of what life is on a personal level. And if everybody on a personal level starts
to ask question, then there will be a change. And I pray to God to the Almighty, not the
one God Christian, or Buddhist, whatever God, pray to all of them; they are real, all of
them are real. To help humanity to get to that level, there
should be a divine intervention. And I, I hope that the divine intervention
comes sooner rather than later. God bless!

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