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  1. I find the best way to fight impostor syndrome is by being amazing. And if you fucking rock you just never need to worry

  2. What about professional con-artists? Can they get the syndrome? or is it just about being unsure of whether you are an impostor? Maybe people can just commit to being a scammer like most successful people?

  3. Hello Socrastica friends. Awesome video. Really, this video needs a portuguese version. I needed send it to my friends and students

  4. Thank you. I needed to hear this. I am in my Business Statistics class and received an 83%. I struggled to get the 83% and it is just the beginning. I am not good at math and I have to get a B in all classes the Master's program. This spoke to me.

  5. Liliana, will you guys post this same video in "Socratica em Português"? I feel exactly the same way you talk about in this video, and I want to share to other people so they can understand me. This syndrom punched me so hard that even putted me in a state of depression, constantly charging myself for be not so good as I wanted to be (or, even so, the way that the others see me).
    Thank you guys for caring about this problem, unfortunately I guess that a lot of people fall into this fallacies and don't even know. Keep up with the videos, love it!

  6. Dear Socratica I believe we are all students in all time in our life and investor in our own life always, but some of us kept out of the society in bobbles to take advantage of and never had opportunity to become part of a team or something like that in such situations those people learn to stand alone and do things all alone it's not a syndrome but it's only way they have to do things or to be because every where and every time they have been betrayed by someone in society and take advantage of their works or idea, so tell me how such people can trust anyone, such people have lost their's trust in others and the only thing that matters to them it's just survival with honesty, honor and dignity and to be by themselves because they are tired of others behavior and the way they practicing with others life and take advantage of others and placing them as trash in the trashcans. It's all about to be real and head high in society regardless what others do or say, if you know someone have resepy to find a such team to be real and not slave for money, culture, religion, Governments,Nobel prize or something like that I believe there are many people can use that resepy my dear Socratica friend. I'm not saying I don't need those things but we don't have to be slave for it to be as we want it to be.
    With my respect and regards
    Mahmoud Mottaghipour
    Date:Tuesday 11 February 2020

  7. Socratica always help me to be a great student, also to learn english, lot of thanks. And thank you for existing =) =)

  8. You just made me cry… I felt someone is addressing my inner self and that too for the first time ever. I never knew I have a syndrome. Thank you so much.

  9. Okay …. I guess it's (mostly) solo artist + self fulfilling prophecy for me.
    But I knew that before. I'm trying to get out of this loop but it keeps getting worse.

  10. Fun fact. C programmers never experience Impostor Syndrome. Might have something to do with doing the actual work yourself.

  11. Hum, useful general info about imposter syndrome, perhaps a little to general.
    Frankly I got lost, I identified with the phenomenon of imposter syndrome, then got lost in the generalities.

  12. I guess I don't have Impostor Syndrome, just low self-esteem offset by positive compensation. Low self-esteem itself seems like a pretty good defense mechanism to keep one's life small enough that you can be in more control over your own destiny.

  13. I never thought I had this. I have friends with this. I think I may have this. Thanks for helping me think about this. Maybe I can combat the anxieties of feeling like I don't know what I'm talking about.

  14. Dear Socratica Friends – we hope you don't suffer from Impostor Syndrome. But if you do, you're NOT alone. It's very common among people who are working hard and trying to improve themselves! Here we talk about possible sources and possible solutions.
    If you'd like to see more of our Study Tips series, here is the playlist: http://bit.ly/StudyTipsPlaylist

  15. I'd say I'm a bit of the first and third. The first because one of the main reasons I hate giving talks at conferences is because of fear that I'll be asked a question that I — and they — feel like I really should know because of how badly it reflects of myself, but also as a "failure" on my advisor's part. If I fail, it makes me and him look bad so both of our reputations are on the line. I'm a bit of the third as well, though, and always have preferred doing things on my own because I've always felt that, if I can't do something on my own and gain proficiency out of my own initiative, then I have nothing to contribute when I finally do have to work in a group for something. I work solo as much as I possibly can so that when I work in a group, I'm not the one holding everyone back.
    While I try to be realistic about what I should know — I don't need to know absolutely everything on a subject — not knowing things that I feel like I'm supposed to know definitely holds me back a lot and causes lots of anxiety. I know no one is going to give me a hard time for not knowing much about Quantum Gravity, but suddenly being put on the spot with questions about something like circuits that I really should know as a PhD student but don't know is what always worries me.

  16. What a load of nonsense. More faux psychology problems for people to feel like victims.
    Lack of confidence, not a mental health issue.

  17. Exceptional coverage of his issue. Weirdly I learnt to quiet my stupid critic but overcompensating the other way – being just too relaxed…. not quite having enough healthy stress. The "counter productive" stuff you mentioned 😛

  18. I'm absolutely speechless by the fact that your english, portuguese and spanish sound astoundingly native! Could you give us a bit of your background related to how you mastered all these languages and, hell, even others? Keep up the awesome work!

  19. 3:08 it was psychologists and teachers who were telling parents that self esteem building (regardless of merit) was paramount. It was, and always is, the academics sitting in their house of cards built from unproven theories that push this stuff. Then, magically, when common sense that existed before prevails, we cast aspersions on the parent? Freakin academics…
    An engineer who must live in reality (i.e. not on a school campus).

  20. I'd rather work with 100s of people with this problem than the opposite, which I see all the time. College kids that took a class or saw a headline of an article and now believe they can solve all the problems of the word. The water filter in the refrigerator of their apartment hasn't been changed in years, but it's always a good time for them to tell the world how to live, or why the things built before them are bad (i.e. every student of a social science program).

  21. I bought 2 hoodies and two mugs to show my appreciation for this amazing video. Also a big fan of the Math series.
    Keep it up guys 🙂

  22. I never take notes of YouTube videos but this video made me pick a pen and paper. I didn't know if it's going to be this helpful. Thanks

  23. Thanks – I needed to hear this. I have been aware that I have it for a while, I didn't really know how to deal with it.

  24. Imposter Syndrome is a result of the gap between the confidence gained by skills/knowledge/understanding/experience our educational systems provide, and the pressure caused by the expectations of our teachers/employers/families.
    It's our educational systems inventing "mental disorders" to avoid culpability for providing piss-poor education. Victim blaming at it's finest; SICKENING.

  25. Hey Socratica,
    Can you explain this feeling. Whenever I study for my exams, the more I study, the less confident I get. It feels like the more goes in my brain, the more it feels like giving up.
    Love your videos, especially the Python tutorials.

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